Limitless Sword God Chapter 97

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The Troublesome Poison

There was a dazzling line up of items on the table, at least more than ten different types. There were bright smooth gems, magical wood emitting Qi, and different types of sparkling shiny threads….

All these things could be found in the list of ingredients Su Yun previously wrote.

“You… You went to buy all these ingredients for me?”

Su Yun tilted his head and asked in surprise.

“I am interested in everything about that medicinal pill I’ve talked to you about, so I bought these for you. You take these medical ingredients and, when you’re concocting the pill, just let me watch at the side, and that will do.”

Long Xian Li lightly said.

“If fairy wants to watch, it will definitely be allowed.” Su Yun laughed: “Never would I think that Fairy would actually immediately rush a thousand miles to gather all these ingredients for me, thank you!”

“There is no need for thanks. A thousand miles, in my eyes, is just a small issue, but it was because along the journey I met a few hooligans, and consumed some energy when dealing with them, that’s all!” Long Xian Li said.

“Fairy is strong, and has my respects!”

Su Yun laughed, feeling a bit of happiness. Before, he was feeling worried over obtaining these ingredients. Little did he expect that Long Xian Li would surprise him, and everything was settled.

He sorted out the items properly, and had to admit that Long Xian Li really did have skills. If it was Su Yun personally retrieving these ingredients, it would had taken at least a month.

“But, coming back, are all these items really ingredients for concocting pills?”

Long Xian Li suddenly asked: “I saw five silkworm threads, gold and jade leaves, and etc. I have never heard about these things to be of relevance to concocting pills, more like making cloth arrays…”

Su Yun heard this and jumped a little, but laughed it off and said : “You just have not seen its usage in concocting pills, that does not mean they cannot be used to cultivate pills, and what’s more, all these items are not just meant to cultivate pills. Most of these are assisting materials to help cultivate pills.”


Long Xian Li nodded her head, felt that it made sense.

She was suspicious before, but thinking about how Su Yun was knowledgeable towards medicinal pills, and the pills that he made were monstrous and multicolored, she left the suspicion at the back of her mind.

Suddenly, Long Xian Li face turned white, with her chest undulating slightly, pain flitting across her eyes, and body suddenly felt very light. She struggled to stand straight, almost falling. Looking again, her soft and supple lips was overflowing of dark red blood…

“What’s wrong with you?”

Su Yun was shocked, and immediately asked.

“Not a big deal.” Long Xian Li lightly breathed in a mouthful of air, and took out a panacea pill from her storage ring, and was going to swallow it.

But before the pill entered the mouth, it was snatched away by Su Yun.

“Su Yun…What are you doing?” Long Xian Li did not understand.

Su Yun shook his head: “Although this thousand poison pill dispels poison, it is actually counteracting poison with another poison. Frequent dosage of this pill would lead to it integrating with your poison wound, and it would leave behind poison arteries. When it really reacts, the consequences will be very dire and incurable!”

Long Xian Li long eyelashes trembled, and fear filled her eyes.

Su Yun then threw the thousand poison pill, and questioned her: “Where is your injury? Can you let me take a look?”

“Previously when I killed those hooligans, I did not suffer any wound!”

“I am talking about the place you were poisoned at!” Su Yun said: “Previously the Emptiness Spirit Pill that I gave you could control the poison in your body, but you had to ruin your luck, and cause the poison to act up. That is why this will happen. If you do not dispel the poison in your body quickly, sooner or later, your cultivation will be affected!”

Long Xian Li’s complexion turned white after hearing that. She heavily said: “Never before would I have thought that Senior Sister actually hated me to the bones, to actually use this poison on me. Immortal Sword Sect has been passed down for thousand of years, but it does not have any antidotes against poisons. Looks like I have to seek help from the powerhouses of Blossom Heart Valley!”

“Powerhouses from Blossom Heart Valley?” Su Yun opened wide his eyes and laughed. “Blossom Heart Valley only has a handful of powerhouse, but you are lucky to be standing in front of one now!”

“You know how to concoct pills, and know how to cure poison as well?”

“How would people who know how to concoct pills not know about its polar opposite? This doesn’t amount to much.” Su Yun laughed: “You painstakingly helped me to retrieve all these ingredients, so I should help treat you until you are well. In this way, there is no loss.”

Su Yun did not like to owe anybody, and, leaving aside the matter of Limitless Sword God, Long Xian Li brought herself across as someone who is honest and serious, with no false words.

Regarding Limitless Sword God, there was nothing else to attract attention to it. Since their current position was different, there was no need to mention anything.

At this moment in time, she knew that her own cultivation path was important, and Su Yun felt that he was not far from the sixth level of the Spirit Intermediate Disciple realm already. Moreover, Long Xian Li repeatedly hastened her travels to purchase the ingredients, resulting in the suppressed poison acting up again. In any case, he felt guilty.

One sentence from Su Yun led Long Xian Li’s eyes to dim: “So after this, you wish to cut off all ties with me?”

Hearing this, Su Yun was caught in a trance.

Did this sound like anything that the warm, simple, and elegant fairy would say?

Long Xian Li felt that something was off, and her cheeks turned slightly rosy. She lightly inhaled one breath, recovering her senses back to normal, and changed her facial expression rather quickly.


Su Yun was used to seeing this, laughed: “It is not cutting off ties, just helping out each other. All these ingredients are very important to me, and you managed to help me get them. I naturally want to return this favor to you, since we can be considered as friends, right?”

“Friends?” Long Xian Li thought for a moment before nodding her head.

“Then where are you injured at? Taking a look, since someone with your strength is barely able to take the pain, the poison must be really potent! We must not delay!”

Su Yun was serious.

Long Xian Li heard, went into deep thoughts and did not say a word.

Su Yun was slightly suspicious: “Fairy? Xian Li, what’s wrong? Where are you injured? Can I take a look?”

“Males and females have differences. You have good intentions, Xian Li knows, but regarding this… I think it is better to let it go.”

Long Xian Li wavered for a moment,

“If you’re not going to treat it, then what are you going to do? Leave it there?”

“In the coming few days I’ll go to Blossom Heart Valley to find some cure.”

“Ah, I know Blossom Heart Valley very well. Your cultivation is very strong. Honestly, other than those old elders, valley lord, and the Pill King, no one can cure your poison. Other than the valley lord, all of them are males. Isn’t it wrong if you went to find them too?”

Seems like the wound on fairy is more shady than it looks, I’d rather that I gain the advantage than those old geezers.

Su Yun thought.

If Long Xian Li knew of his ill-intentions, it would not be known if she would stab him to death.

But to say he was cunning was merely subsidiary. Su Yun still wanted to repay Long Xian Li for helping him buy the ingredients.

Long Xian Li was still hesitating.

Su Yun smiled. Without forcing her, he said: “Xian Li, it’s totally up to you whether you want to seek a cure or hide from medical treatments. Consider it carefully.”

After saying his piece, he started tidying up the ingredients on the table.

Long Xian Li stood one side in silence for a long time before she said something with her graceful voice.

“Su Yun, maybe… I’m too constrained!” she said lightly.

Su Yun lifted his head and looked at her.

He found Long Xian Li nibbling her lips, seemingly like she had made her decision.

“This poison my senior put in me sure is suffocating. As I’m chasing for my ultimate sword dao, with this poison in my body, I won’t be able to cultivate smoothly. Since you have a method, then please help me cure it.”

She sounded determined as though she went through a lot of thinking before coming to this decision.

Su Yun noticed and chuckled: “If you eat this thousand poison pill to treat the poison with poison, it may succeed. Then you can think of how to treat the side effects of this thousand poison pill later. If you’re worried about the man and woman problems, it’s better if I don’t treat them.  But just note, the thousand poison pill take a longer time to cure you, you might have to suffer for a bit.”

“It’s alright.” Long Xian Li sighed a fragrant breath and said, “It’s decided. Su Yun, just do it!”

Looks like she made her decision.

Su Yun nodded his head, did not reject, and walked over.

Long Xian Li walked towards the side of the ruined bed and extended her jaded hands, grasping her satin like clothes and gently pulling it downwards.

The satin like clothes draped down her flawless, smooth skin. That wonderful, curvy silhouette was etched into Su Yun’s eyes.

She was as beautiful as a jade, so delicate and elegant that she was practically a work of God. It might seem too much if there was something more on her, yet it felt like something would be missing if she was lacking anything.

In addition, she was noble and pure, and had a temperament that could not be intruded. Her disposition was as calm as the water. All these things could excite men’s desire to conquer her greatly.

If he could get this partner to cultivate with him, then, no matter how tough the journey was, he would still feel blissful.

Su Yun looked straight and felt remorseful. To be placed on par with this woman, only Hu Qian Mei’s fox charm can be comparable.

The white satin like clothes continued to slide down, and Su Yun could sensed his mind trembling even greater.

Could it be that the wound…

Long Xian Li took off the satin like clothes right above her right breast, and a small part of her bosom was exposed. Anyone who saw her pure white, smooth skin would lose their soul.

The lady remained calm and tranquil, but her face was blushing red. A tinge of panic flashed through her eyes, then a tinge of complexity. It was hard to know what she was thinking.

But the one thing that caught Su Yun’s eyes was a long scar just on top of her right breast and below her shoulder blade, caused by a long sword.

The scar was black. Even though the bleeding had stopped, the black scar stood out on her fair skin. It was unusually eye-catching.

“You…take a look at this poison… what poison is it?”

Long Xian Li trembling voice said.


Su Yun secretly swallowed some saliva, his voice going dry, feeling that his entire being was feeling weird.

He pinched his own body, and regained some of his senses.

What’s wrong with me? Why is my state of mind wavering? Long Xian Li believes in me, and in this way, if i harbor these kind of evil thoughts, how can I live up to her trust in me?

Moreover, Qing Er was still being bullied in the patriarch, how could I even think about such things?

Su Yun swallowed his breath hardly, and the fire in his eyes faded. Soon enough, he resumed clarity.

Long Xian Li quietly looked over, and, seeing how quickly he regained his composure, her own shyness went down by half. Quietly, admired Su Yun.

“Does it hurt here?”

Su Yun stretched out his hand, and gently pressed on the wound.

Long Xian Li’s tender body slightly trembled, as her pure white neck gave rise to a spot of rosy red, she lightly shook her head, and used a breath to reply: “It’s not the pain, there is just some numbness there.”


Su Yun frowned, thought for awhile. Suddenly, he inched his head forward, pressing close to the wound, and took a sniff.

The distance of his head was extremely close to her soft breasts, and was welcomed by a full fragrance of her sweet body scent. This intimacy would immediately cause someone to be extremely ashamed!

“What are you doing?”

Long Xian Li was taken aback. Face turning pale, her hand trembled, and a slender and snow white sword appeared, piercing towards Su Yun.

She was astonished, as there was no reaction at all….