My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 200

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Chapter 200 Father In Law Will Arrive

“Officer Ai, what’s up with you these several days, something on your mind?”

After arresting the several suspects of the school violence case, Ai Xiaoxue, who now has returned to the Criminal Investigation Unit, was asked by her peers.

“No, it’s nothing.” Ai Xiaoxue beckoned with her hand, picked up the teacup on the table and took a drink.

“Ah! That’s my cup of traditional Chinese medicine!” A female colleague next to her quickly shouted. But it was too late, Ai Xiaoxue has already drunk a mouthful.

“Pfft!” Tasting the bitter medicine, Ai Xiaoxue put down the cup and sprayed out the brownish-black liquid.

“Officer Ai, are you still saying this is nothing?” Her colleagues hurriedly said.

“Little Ai, if you’re feeling unwell why don’t you go home and take a rest for two days.” At this time, Captain Xie, who has just come out from his office and saw Ai Xiaoxue’s look, said.

“No need!” Ai Xiaoxue categorically refused, “I am fine, Captain Xie. I just had a breakthrough in the campus violence case, I had to follow them up.”

“Don’t get too tired.” Captain Xie, who knew about her special status, has no other choice but to kindly remind her.

“I understand, Captain Xie.”

Ai Xiaoxue suddenly said, “Captain Xie, I want to apply to investigate in Guangyuan Institute!”

This request from the female police officer somewhat surprised Captain Xie.

“If you want to go, bring Yao Ge and Li Ranhao with you.”

“No need, Captain Xie.” Ai Xiaoxue shook her head, “I can do it myself.”

With that, Ai Xiaoxue put her cap and walked out of the compound.

“I don’t know what happened to her, but since officer Ai return, she’s not like herself.”

The female police officer who has just been drinking the traditional Chinese medicine fearfully said, “This is an anti-miscarriage medicine, I don’t know what would be the effect on officer Ai since she did drink some of this.”

“Anti-miscarriage medicine?!” A few male colleagues laughed, “You have been pregnant for a month but still haven’t applied for a leave, you truly are a workaholic!”

Several colleagues began to make jokes, but Xie Jun tightly wrinkled his brows. He is quite familiar with Ai Xiaoxue’s character, She definitely came across a thorny matter, that’s why she became like this.

What could it be?

“I will definitely find you and then arrest you!” After walking out of the Criminal Investigation Unit building, Ai Xiaoxue clenched her fists. That devil-like man appeared in her mind.

He picked up her leg and took her first kiss.

“I, your old woman will make you pay the price!” Ai Xiaoxue stretched out her fist upward and loudly shouted at the sky.

“Achoo!” Sitting in the security office, Qin Chao could not help but sneeze. He rubbed his nose and mused, “Gee, I wonder which beauty is thinking about me.”

“Thinking about you?” The beautiful secretary Qin Ling who was sitting across from him burst out laughing, “More likely that she is cursing you.”

“How could it be!” Qin Chao waved his hand, “No beauty would want to curse me.”

“Humph! There is a line of women who want to curse you. They can be lined up from Sunan City to Dongchuan City!”  Qin Ling rolled her eyes and pointedly said.

“Em, that, that is impossible, hehe….” Qin Chao, who suddenly remembered Liao Shasha and the others, could not help but touch his nose, slightly embarrassed.

“Humph, anyway, going to Dongchuan City makes you somewhat glib.” Qin Ling opened the folder in her hand, extracted a couple of documents and handed them over to Qin Chao.

“Glib people are annoying, if not for director Su telling me to bring this over to you, I’m too lazy to come and see you.”

“Secretary Qin, don’t be so unfeeling like that.” Qin Chao smiled and took over the file, but not before his eyes swept over Qin Ling’s body.

“In Dongchuan City, I was always thinking about you.”

“Thinking about me to do what!” Qin Ling was not a little girl anymore, after working hard in the business world, her emotional experience was not small, “Don’t tell me your sweet words, go say it to your teacher Su.”

“Hehe….” Qin Chao turned over the file, thinking, No wonder she is director Su’s secretary, her mind is not ordinary. If I say those words to other girls, they would blush instead of angry.

Oh well, I’m just going to pretend as if nothing happened.

“There are two kinds of documents here.” Qin Ling pointed to the file and said, “The first one is the Senior Chairman Su Xianqin’s travel plan. Apparently, the Senior Chairman will return to Sunan City soon so you may need to make a mental preparation.”

“What mental preparation?” Qin Chao could not help but ask.

“Are you stupid?” Qin Ling rolled her eyes, “Such a simple issue yet you need to ask about it? See that, the file not only has Senior Director’s travel plan, it also has his data, including personal preference and the likes. Director Su wants you to study it so that you can curry his favor.”

“Curry his favor?” Qin Chao blinked his eyes, thinking, This is going to be very difficult.

“What, you don’t want to?” Qin Chao threw a mothball at him, “You know how many people who want to curry the Senior Chairman’s favor but do not have the opportunity to do so?”

“Ai, it’s not that I don’t want to.” Qin Chao sighed and said, “It is him who hate me very much.”

“Even so, he’s not going to kill you. Just study this and think of a way so that he stop hating you.” Qin Ling snappily said.

Ha! Not only he wants to kill me, if I am not a cultivator, I would have been killed by those two foreign bodyguards a long time ago.

This old man is not a good thing, he has a black heart. Of course, if his heart is not black, it is impossible for him to amass such a large fortune.

This is the so-called all businessmen are evil! This Su Xianqin is obviously a ruthless old fox.

Ahem, I shouldn’t be thinking bad about him, he is my future father-in-law after all.

Qin Chao was a bit embarrassed and wanted to lit up a cigarette to smoke to ease some of his emotional discomforts.

“No smoking!” Who knew, Qin Ling waved her hand, signaling Qin Chao to throw away his cigarette, “The Senior Chairman hates a smoker so you need to quit smoking!”

“Quit smoking?” Qin Chao raised his eyebrows, “Why? I am going to marry his daughter, not him.”

“Don’t ask so much nonsense.” Qin Ling stood up, walked to the front of him, bent over and took the cigarette from his hand.

When she bent down, her snow-white chest was partially exposed. Qin Chao forgot that his cigarette was taken away, his eyes looked straight ahead.

Feeling that she was being taken advantage by Qin Chao, Qin Ling picked up the folder and hit Qin Chao’s head with it.

“Don’t look!” She sternly said, “The Senior Chairman dislike people with a vulgar appearance like this.”

“What?” Qin Chao finally could not help but say, “Does he like a monk? His uncle, I am just going to be a monk then.”

“Huh?” Qin Ling very surprisedly looked at Qin Chao, “How did you know? The Senior Chairman do travel regularly with several monks, he is a Buddhist believer, you actually can start with this aspect. Yes, in order to please him, you can become a monk or something.”

“What the hell!” Qin Chao nearly jumped out of his chair, he angrily cried out, “Secretary Qin, are you kidding me. His uncle, if I become a monk, how I can marry teacher Su!”

“Look at you, you’re still too inexperienced.” Qin Ling covered her mouth, giggling, “You can be a monk first and then return to secular life later, okay?”

“What the….” Cold sweat poured out of Qin Chao’s head, “That’s crazy….Why would I need to be a monk in order to marry a wife?”

“If not, it would be difficult for you to marry the bride. Besides, you are doing this not for the wife, but to get the approval from your future father-in-law.” These words from Qin Ling made Qin Chao at a loss for words.

“Ai, it’s so hard to marry a wife these days.” Qin Chao helplessly looked at Qin Ling, and then suddenly said, “Otherwise, secretary Qin, why don’t you and I do it?”

“Pei!” Qin Ling’s face finally blushed a bit, and she gave Qin Chao a look, “You’re such a smooth talker now, no wonder teacher Su is scammed by you!”

“How could you say that!” Qin Chao immediately protested, “I and teacher Su perfectly suited to each other. Teacher Su admires my brilliant and amazing skill, and I like teacher Su’s beauty and kindheartedness. The two us are innocent playmates, a perfect match made in heaven!”

“Stop it, stop it, I am feeling sick already.” Qin Ling pretended as if she wanted to vomit, “Can you be a bit serious? Just look at the second document.”

“Hey, beautiful, I am just joking, okay.” Qin Chao opened the document and took a glance; His face immediately became very grave.

The second document was filled with some information about the Skeleton.

“See that?” Seeing Qin Chao’s face became serious, Qin Ling nodded, “Director Su said that this is an organization that should not be messed with, but she will investigate some relevant information.”

“Is there a news about the people behind this Skeleton?” Qin Chao asked

“No, we still don’t know who hired the Skeleton.” Qin Ling shook her head and then said to Qin Chao, “Director Su wants me to tell you that it doesn’t matter who is behind it. The important thing is how to prevent the Skeleton’s next attack.”

“Such a big organization….” Qin Chao pondered for a while, “If we want to be completely safe, we need to completely exterminate them….But, right now I do not have the clue, this organization is seemingly not in China.”

“Isn’t it written clearly in the document?” Qin Ling asked.

“No, this is just the record of the Skeleton’s assassination attempt, they have nearly 100 percent success rate. No one knows where they base is, it could be anywhere.”

“This can be tricky.” Qin Ling said, “But now, there are several powerful bodyguards in director Su and teacher Su’s side, so there should be no problem.

“If the Skeleton send a master here, killing them would be as easy as crushing an ant.” Qin Chao remembered when the Skeleton sent the werewolf and the vampire, and could not help but say, “Su Ji’s condition is better; She is strong and there is that baldy Fa Xiang who can help her. But Su Fei can be in danger.”

“What power does teacher Su has?” Qin Ling was puzzled, “But recently, she did have a monk by her side. Director Su said she wants to open a Buddhist class here, allowing the interested students to learn.”

“Su Fei really has a lot of ideas….” Qin Chao expressed his admiration.

“Well, that’s about it. I need to go back, I still have a bunch of work to do.” Qin Ling said and straightened her black uniform. But then, she suddenly remembered something and said to Qin Chao.

“By the way, recently there are some bullies who disturb our school at the entrance, why don’t you handle them.”

“No problem, leave them to me!”