My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 201

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Chapter 201 Qin Chao, I Offer You This Food

After taking off his trench coat, Qin Chao wore his security uniform of Guangyuan Institute.

This uniform was similar to his previous uniform, the only difference was that there was a Blue Shield mark on the left chest.

“Brother Qin, you’re back!”

“Good morning, Brother Qin!”

At the school entrance, the students who passed through the gate said hello to him.

Toward the boys, Qin Chao gave his nod, but toward the girls, he tried to strike up a conversation. Occasionally, when he saw the beauties, he would try to verbally molest them.

“Beauty, long time no see, you are even more beautiful now!”

“Hello, little girl, your chest have grown big, did you secretly drink milk?”

All of these girls, who were molested verbally by him, scolded him back.

“Brother Qin, hate!”

Sometimes, there were few shy girls who blushed as they walk.

This scene made all the other security guards envious, but they did not have the guts as big as Qin Chao. They knew that if they cracked such a joke, they would get slapped instead.

“Qin Chao? You’re back?” A girl who dressed to the nines went to the school gate. She was holding the hand of another young beauty. Both of them were beautiful, but there was a big difference between the two.

One was passionate like fire, the other as gentle as water.

“Big brother Qin Chao….” Seeing Qin Chao, the girl who was being pulled, emitted a flash of surprise. But this pleasant surprise look was quickly suppressed by reason and was replaced by calmness as she greeted Qin Chao.

“Young girl Hu, beautiful Fang, long time no see!” Qin Chao responded with a smile, “I haven’t seen the two of you for so long, yet the two of you are still so beautiful.”

“Of course, the two of us are beautiful, there is nothing to say otherwise.” Hu Lili (Remember her? The girl that Qin Chao saved in the first few chapters and was later known as a little Fox Demon) pulled Fang Wen (Hu Lili’s friend, a quiet and shy girl) and said, “Do we need you to say it to us? It is you, this guy, who disappears for two months and makes fun of us, sisters!”

“Huh?” Qin Chao touched his nose. He noticed that Hu Lili seemed to keep some resentment of him. “What’s the matter? It seems like your mood is not quite beautiful, what’s on your mind?”

“Nothing!” Hu Lili secretly thought I cannot tell you that, “It is our beautiful Fang Wen, she is finally thinking about someone. Unfortunately, that someone is very irresponsible, he ran away and be merry somewhere else.”

“Huh? Is that me?” Qin Chao pointed at his nose and could not help but ask.

“Is there anyone else?” Hu Luli was very aggressive, which reminded Qin Chao about his last night encounter with the beautiful policewoman.

Her name is Ai Xiaoxue.

Such a good name with an extremely good pair of legs….But, her character was too strong.

But if she was gentler, she would lose her character. Toward such a thorny poppy flower, Qin Chao has the urge to conquer her.

Ah, women….Aware of this desire, Qin Chao could not help but exclaim, They are like drugs.

After thinking about this, Qin Chao once again focused his gaze to the two beautiful young women’s bodies in front of him.

“What’s wrong, did the two beauties miss me?” Qin Chao smiled cheerfully and said, “A few days ago I went to Dongchuan City on a business trip and just got back.”

“Pei, I do not.” Hu Lili curled her lips and pushed her best friend to the front, “This comrade missed you so much that she cried several times thinking about you.”

“Lili!” Fang Wen’s face turned bright red. She grabbed her friend’s neck and angrily said, “You, this vixen! Who, who cried several times!”

Hearing that her heart’s secret was exposed to her big brother Qin Chao, Fang Wen wanted to find a hole to hide.

Ai, another shy girl who likes me….Qin Chao sighed. However, he thought that Fang Wen’s feeling toward him was deeper than Wu Xin’s.

“Okay, okay, I was wrong okay….Don’t make a scene here, we’ll be late for the class.” Hu Lili begged for mercy again and again. After creating a scene for a while, the two girls slowly stopped.

The fight of these two beautiful girls was very eye catching. Unfortunately, now it was early winter so people wore thick clothing, including the two of them. Fang Wen wore a blue scarf, which made her looked gentler.

Qin Chao’s heart was moved. If only this is summer….A fight between these two beautiful girls would be more glorious.

Isn’t it fashionable now to be nude or wear revealing clothes!

“Qin….Qin Cao….” When the two beauties were straightening their clothes, another beauty in a beige trench coat happily walked over and stood in front of Qin Chao.

“Qin Cao….Long time no see.”

Qin Cao? How could my name suddenly turn ugly? Qin Chao turned his head to look, My goodness! Isn’t this the Korean exchange student! Em, her name is….Han Enxi!

Another person was on Han Enxi’s tail, following her, the guy that Qin Chao previously kicked, Kim Woo.

“Hey, why is this guy here again?” Kim Woo said these words in Korean so Qin Chao did not understand.

And Han Enxi naturally would not translate.

“Yo, long time no see.” Qin Chao waved his hand and said to the girl.

“Also, my name is Qin Chao, not Qin Cao.” Qin Chao tried to correct her pronounce, “The name Qin Cao is not good to hear….”

“Em….Qin….Ca…Ao….” Han Enxi tried to pronounce diligently so that she can correctly call his name.

But the result of her effort made Qin Chao want to bang his head on the wall.

“No, no, no, it’s Qin Chao, not Qin Ca Ao!”


Qin Chao almost went crazy.

“Em….Just Call me Qin Cao….”

Qin Chao felt defeated, which was the first time for him to freely admit it.

The two beauties nearby burst out laughing. Only Kim Woo who did not understand what they were laughing at. (Cao is homonym to the word f*ck)

“Okay….” The young Korean beauty nodded her head. Her watery eyes were staring straight at Qin Chao as she said word by word, “I like you. I want to give you this food!”

“Huh?” Qin Chao was stunned. Am I that awesome? I just got back to school and already there is a Korean girl making a confession to me?

The eyes of some male students nearby were red with envy. They thought, D*mn, what’s so good about Qin Chao? He just know some Kung Fu and nothing more than a security guard, but how could such a beautiful girl confess to him!

This is so unfair, why wouldn’t she confess to me!

This is the aspiration of all these male students.

“Well look at this!” At this time, a very sweet voice filled with jealousy floated over, “Such a warm scene in this early morning….Qin Chao, this Korean beauty is confessing her feeling for you, you should take this opportunity.”

Qin Chao looked back and saw the beautiful face of Su Ji that can make people’s heart palpitate with excitement. But this time, the look on her face was exquisite, her two eyes were filled with a deep sense of jealousy.

“Martial sister, the devil path’s evil doer, all of them are so fickle in nature.” The handsome monk on her side, Fa Xiang, shook her repaired Buddhist staff and said, “Let martial brother help him go to the afterlife.”

“Martial brother!” Su Ji immediately became somewhat anxious, “What nonsense are you talking about! Haven’t we reached an agreement, if you want to continue to follow me, you can no longer put your hands on Qin Chao again! A monk cannot lie, did martial brother forget it?!”

“Amitabha….” Fa Xiang performed a Buddhist ritual, but blurted out, “Buddha said if I don’t enter hell, who will enter hell.”

Su Ji was speechless.

Seeing this monk, Qin Chao’s stomach filled with anger; He coldly said.

“Monk, if you want to fight, I, Qin Chao will accompany you! However, this is not the place to do it so let’s talk about it another time.

“Amitabha!” Fa Xiang spoke the Buddhist chant once again, “The donor, you are now at the peak of Divine Concentration stage. If this poor monk fights you now, it would mean that I am taking advantage of you. This poor monk will wait for you, evildoer; When you reach the Divine Ability stage, this poor monk will fight you.”

“A competitive monk aren’t you….” Qin Chao curled his lips.

The nearby people were confused, they thought, What Divine Ability? What evildoer?. Only Hu Lili who understood. Especially when that big monk showed up, she felt an inexplicable fear.

If my demonic power isn’t so weak that it’s negligible, I am afraid this monk will sense it and he would hit me with his staff.

“Qin Chao….” Feeling that she didn’t get the answer and seeing that Qin Chao was ignoring her, Han Enxi quickly summoned her courage to walk over and tug Qin Chao’s sleeve, “Please accept my request!”

“Yes, you should accept her.” Su Ji’s vinegar jar has overturned; She acidly said, “Falling in love with a Korean beauty; when you marry her you can emigrate to the Republic of Korea, wouldn’t that be nice?”

“What am I going to do in South Korea!” Qin Chao curled his lips, “It’s like eating mango in New Year.”

With that, in the presence of all, Qin Chao pulled Su Ji into his arms.

“Ah!” Su Ji issued a gasp but did not resist. She firmly and calmly leaned her head on his shoulder.

Everyone was surprised, thinking, What is Qin Chao trying to do?

“Young Korean Girl, you see, I already have a girlfriend. It’s your gym teacher, Miss Su Ji.

“What?” Hu Lili and Fang Wen widened their eyes, staring at the two of them with surprise. In their imagination, teacher Su Ji will slap Qin Chao in the face and then call him pervert.

But that scene did not appear. This teacher Su Ji who was known in school as being unassailable unexpectedly looked happy in Qin Chao’s bosom.

Did, did Qin Chao really win teacher’s Su Ji’s heart?

This news was equal to the explosion of an atomic bomb above the Guangyuan Institute.

The surrounding male passersby froze in place as if they were struck by lightning. Not only the beautiful Korean girl Han Enxi has fallen for Qin Chao, even their dream lover, teacher Su Ji was taken by him.

My God, this is simply a nightmare….

Several boys could not help but cry, they covered their face and ran away.

Some of the bolder one directly rushed over and loudly shouted, wanting a duel with Qin Chao.

“F*ck me….” Looking at the somewhat dense crowd in front of him, Qin Chao could not help but touch his nose and say to Su Ji, who wore a very happy face in his arms.

“I seem to have poked a hornet’s nest….” With that, he turned his head and gave Su Ji a glance, “Little girl, tell me, have you turned into a queen bee?”

“Bah, you’re the hornet here!” The girl could not help but charmingly roll her eyes, which very much enjoyed by Qin Chao.

“Very well, looks like I have no other choice.” Qin Chao tightly hugged Su Ji, faced the crowd in front of him and loudly declared.

“Everyone listen up! From now on, your teacher Su, the beautiful Su Ji, is my, this father’s woman!”