My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 202

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Chapter 202 Little Fox Demon

The eyes of the people that were looking at Qin Chao were filled with anger, jealousy, sorrow and envy. In short, all of these look converged at his body as if he was the focus of many spotlights.

“The classes are going to begin, aren’t you going to go to the classrooms? Is there a party here?”

Just as the people seemed to be stuck in time, a cold voice suddenly flew out.

“Ah! The principal is here!”

“Go, go, go….”

The students were immediately in disarray, fleeing in panic.

Qin Chao turned to take a look and, sure enough, saw a silver Mercedes-Benz parked outside the gate; It was Su Fei’s ride. Jiang Dong, the fighter butler has now been completely reduced into a driver.

Coming along with Su Fei were the two professional foreign bodyguards, Inuit and Carter. When these two brothers looked at Qin Chao standing at the gate, their eyes emitted a flash of murderous intention, yet it was accompanied by a deep sense of fear.

When they fought against Qin Chao that day at the Hospital, Qin Chao was like the time-traveling Terminator, the two of them were beaten miserably by him. If not for Su Fei’s timely appearance, these two brothers might have been walking together in hell.

In their minds, Qin Chao’s strength has gone beyond what was considered human.

“Morning, boss Su!” Toward his boss and possible future sister-in-law, Qin Chao naturally gave her a friendly greeting.

Who knew, Su Fei only cast him a sidelong glance with an expressionless face, seemingly indifference toward him.

“Teacher Su, the class is about to begin, don’t lead the students to gather here at the entrance, it’s a bad example for them.”

Su Fei paid attention only to her sister.

“Ah, okay!” Su Ji also noticed that her sister was somewhat unusual, thinking that, Perhaps there are many things that upset her recently, that’s why sister is in a bad mood.

Su Ji gave Qin Chao a meaningful look, meaning that she wanted him to help coax her sister, and then took her martial brother to walk toward the classroom building.

“Please consider my request!” Han Enxi was not going to give up just yet. She earnestly said to Qin Chao and then went back inside the school area with her classmate, Kim Woo.

“Next time, if you disappear without saying anything again, you’re dead!” After giving Qin Chao a stare, Hu Lili left together with Fang Wen.

The previously lively school entrance has now become deserted, leaving only Qin Chao, principal Su Fei and the two professional bodyguards.

“You are not allowed to molest schoolgirls at work.” Su Fei coldly looked at Qin Chao, “Next time I find it, I’ll cut your wage.”

With that, she turned her head and walked toward the school along with the two bodyguards.

F*ck me, who did I annoy this time!

Qin Chao touched his nose, looking at the back of the disappearing beauties.

When Hu Lili and Fang Wen were walking toward the classroom, Hu Lili suddenly patted her forehead and loudly said.

“Oh, no! The mascara that I just bought fell in the cosmetic shop!”

“My God!” Fang Wen charmingly scolded, “You, this vixen, how could you always forget your things!”

“Hehe, sorry, sorry.” Hu Lili clasped her hands together and said, “My mind is muddled. Wenwen, you go ahead, don’t forget to shout when my name is being called, okay! I will be right back.”

With that, Hu Lili ran back with excitement.

Because the gate was already closed, Hu Lili turned to an avenue, intending to go outside by jumping over the wall.

Guangyuan Institute was very big and this avenue was very long. Moreover, some elderly people in the vicinity liked to go here to do morning exercise in its small garden.

Because, behind Guangyuan Institute, there was a residential area.

Many Universities were like this, they were attached to the residential areas. Recently, Guanyuan Institute was not calm. Many students, when walking down this avenue, were robbed of their money by some bullies.

Not only they forcefully took the students money, these bullies would also hit them. Thus, the students filed their complaints to Guangyuan Institute, forcing them to increase the security measure. For this reason, the school specifically transferred some of the Blue Shield security guards to guard around the school area.

However, during this time of day, most of the guards have yet to come to work. And the elderly people doing morning exercise have gone back to their houses, the entire avenue was very quiet.

The wind blew the yellow leaves, emitting the swishing sound. Those leaves continued to fall to the ground, heralding the coming of winter.

“So quiet….” Hu Lili said in a low voice. Although this young girl was fierce, she was, after all, a girl. This kind of environment made her somewhat afraid.

The only difference was, Hu Lili was not an ordinary girl. She is a fox demon. Although her tails were only two, she was far more powerful than the average person.

Especially since her mother has taught her some spells, making Hu Lili increasingly felt as if she has become a monster, which was truly a magical thing to her.

She felt that the distance between Qin Chao’s world and her was getting closer and closer. It made her very happy and thus, used all her efforts to learn the spells.

But her mother told her that, she was currently a two-tailed fox spirit, therefore, she can only learn the spells because of her fox instinct. Only when she became a four-tailed fox spirit will she be able to learn the real spells.

Even so, Hu Lili has been very satisfied.

“After absorbing Qin Chao’s devil essence, mom can become a nine-tailed fox spirit. The future of the Demon Beast Sect rests on your shoulders.”

Her mother’s words floated into her ears, which made Hu Lili sad. Her crescent eyebrows were pressed together, filling her face with melancholy. Why being a fox demon I must harm other people? If everyone were good to each other like me and Fang Wen, wouldn’t that be good?

Hu Lili did not understand, she also did not want to know. As long as I practice hard and become a nine-tailed fox spirit, I will be able to help mom take her revenge!

As for the thing about Qin Chao, she absolutely did not want to do that. Not only Qin Chao is not my enemy, he also saved me once. This harming a benefactor thing can only be done by a white-eyed wolf(TL: an ingrate).

Moreover, on the television, there are many stories about a little fox that was saved and then repaid the debt of gratitude with her body….

Thinking of this, even if Hu Lili has a big heart, she cannot help but be shy. Why am I thinking about this everyday!

“Stop, don’t move!” When Hu Lili was letting her imagination run wild, two shadows suddenly leaped up from the side. One of them was holding a dagger, pointing at her.

Hu Lili was startled, thinking, Bad, I come across a robbery!

These people are too dedicated, why would they come out this early in the morning?

Hu Lili looked at the two men in front of her with her big beautiful eyes. The two of them seemed similar in age as her. But they looked very fierce as they somewhat evilly stared at her.

“Take out all of your money!” The man holding the knife viciously said.

“Brother, this little girl is so beautiful, I almost could not help myself.” The other man licked his lips, his eyes emitted a flash of obscene light.

In his eyes, the young beauty in front of him seemed to have stripped, waiting for him to enjoy.

“I’ll give you my money, but don’t follow your urge.” Seeing his eyes, Hu Lili was somewhat scared and cannot help but say, “I have two hundred yuan, you can take it.”

Hu Lili thought, Going against them is not worth it. Just consider as spending money to ward off disaster. Money can be earned but not life.

“Hehe, this is not just about the money now.” But the man did not want to let go of this beautiful female student. He rubbed his hands together and slowly walked over, “Come, little girl, nobody is here. Be merry with this uncle.”

With that, he was going to carry Hu Lili on his shoulder.

“Ah!” Hu Lili screamed loudly. Her voice seemed to be filled with a strange magic, that man’s previously lewd face suddenly went dull, glassy-eyed and motionless.

“Liangzi, what’s wrong with you?” The man holding the knife was startled and hurriedly pulled his brother to take a look. It as if the man was being hypnotized, his eyes were cloudy and his mouth was drooling, giggling incessantly.

“Phew, that was scary.” Hu Lili patted her small chest and happily said, “Fortunately, I have learned the Fox Charm Technique, otherwise, today I’d be miserable.”

“You, what did you do to my brother!” That dagger holding man went panic, feeling a burst of coldness, he quickly cried out.

“Ai, what are you shouting about!” Hu Lili rolled her eyes, “You bring other people as on offering!”

“What, what do you mean?” That knife holding man felt something was wrong and he stepped back two steps.

“It means nothing.” Hu Lili grinned and charmingly laughed, “Aren’t the two of you want to be merry? I’ll let you two be merry then.”

With that, she suddenly rang her fingers, bringing that man’s attention to her hand.

Following her hand, the man’s eyes fell on Hu Lili’s eyes.

That beautiful eyes seemed to turn into a pool of deep water, enveloping him.

The scene before him changed, those dead leaves on the trees above him suddenly turned green. The man was taken aback, he suddenly found himself not in the vicinity of Guangyuan Institute but in a deep secluded forest.

That beautiful girl has disappeared. In addition to the trees, there was nothing else around him.

He panicked and started to run, trying to escape from this forest. But this forest seemed huge, after running for half a day, he found that he still cannot see the edge of the forest.

“Where, where am I?” He panicked and his legs weakened, his body cannot help but tremble.

Where, where the hell is this? I was just about to grab a girl, why it suddenly turn into this? Could, could this be a nightmare?

“Young master….” At this time, a sweet voice suddenly came from behind him. Unconsciously looking back, he saw a beautiful woman with a delicate face standing behind him.

“Young master, are you looking for this servant….?” That woman’s clothes suddenly slowly faded, revealing her white skin.

That man looked silly. However, the beautiful woman was like a jade and unwittingly, his lower abdomen began to feel hot. He could not help but walk forward and pulled that woman into his arms.

“Young master….Make love to this servant….” That woman moaned in a low voice. That man finally could not stand it anymore. He began to roar like a beast and rolled together with that beauty.

Hu Lili looked at the man in front of her in disgust. He was facing the tree, tracing his arms around it and continuing to tear his clothes.

“Ugly human….” Her voice suddenly turned cold and she subconsciously opened her small cherry mouth.