My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 204

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Chapter 204 Those Who Want To Kill Me Are Dead

Liu Ye gave his order, those punks carrying steel bar, pipes and the likes behind him immediately rushed over menacingly toward the school entrance.

“Who dares to come near!” Zhang Li pulled the other two or three security guards carrying rubber stick to stand in front of them. But they were too few, the opposite party has at least thirty people, the gap in numbers was pretty large.

In Guangyuan Institute, the security guards on duty were mostly elderly and disabled. Their able-bodied persons were only these two-three people.

“Hahaha!” Liu Ye suddenly laughed, “You guys are so funny! You think each of you is Jet Li? You think several of you can defeat more than thirty people of us?”

With that, he waved his hand, “Break apart these several people’s bones first, I’d like to see how hard their bones are!”

With these words, those thugs immediately surrounded the several security guards.

“Wait!” At this time, Qin Chao finally could not stand anymore, this Liu Ye is too crazy. Does he want to attack people in broad daylight?

“Who do you think you are?” His momentum being interrupted, Liu Yi’s face looked ugly, “I see that you want to be the first to get broken bones. Fine, let me, Liu Ye, help you.”

“Hehe….” Qin Chao suddenly chuckled, sucked his cigarette twice and then threw it to the ground and snuffed it. “I just want to tell you, I am Qin Chao.”

“You are Qin Chao?” Liu Ye’s eyes immediately shrunk like a cat’s eyes, firmly staring at Qin Chao. After a long time, he suddenly burst into laughter.

“Hahaha!” Liu Ye laughed his head off, his cigarette trembled. “I thought what kind of monster this Qin Chao is. Now I know he’s nothing more than a gigolo, hahaha!”

Those gangsters behind him burst out laughing along with him. Qin Chao faintly smiled.

“What, do you guys know me?”

“Of course, how could we not!” Liu Ye suddenly smiled and coldly said, “Your great name master Qin, have spread far and wide. In Sunan City, you dare to hit young master Fang, Fang Hua. In Dongchuan City, you fraternize with Murong Jiang, being in an intimate relationship with him.”

Liu Ye said and suddenly gave Qin Chao a thumbs up. He then pointed at Qin Chao and said, “But remember, no matter how cool you are in Dongchuan City, in Sunan City, especially in this Dong street, I, Liu Ye, is in charge here. A dragon has to coil and a tiger has to lie.”

“Oh?” Hearing these words, Qin Chao could not help but raised his eyebrows and calmly asked, “Then I would like to know what is Liu Ye’s instruction?”

“Hehe, you’re smart enough to know your limits.” Liu Ye thought that Qin Chao has yielded under his authoritarian power and suddenly said in complacent, “Master Si has chosen your name, he wants your two legs.”

“What if I don’t give them to him?” Qin Chao’s eyes flashed a hint of murderous look, but he quickly hid it.

“If not legs, then you have to give your life.” Liu Ye’s eyes also emitted a murderous look, “Accept your fate. In Sunan City, no one dares to defy master Si’s command. Honestly, you can live this long even after you beat young master Fang is already a big luck.”

“A lot of people want to take my life.” Qin Chao sneered, “However, all of them are dead.”

“F*ck, an arrogant idiot!” Liu Ye finally could not help but curse, “Now I want you to see who’s in charge in this Sunan City!”

He waved his hand, those thugs immediately rushed over.

“Brother Qin, be careful!” Zhang Li was startled. He carried his rubber stick and ran forward, wanting to block these people for Qin Chao.

“Since this is me, you just need to watch the show from the sideline.” Qin Chao waved his hand, Zhang Li suddenly felt an invisible force pulling his waist, returning him back to his original position.

“This, this is….” Zhang Li was secretly astonished. He had seen this trick performed by the dance leader Sun (See chapter 66). Master Qin has this trick now, humph, these punks are dead.

Actually, to deal with these small fries, Qin Chao was too lazy to use his thought ability. When a gangster carrying a screwdriver rushed at him, Qin Chao punched his belly, making him vomit his bile out.

Then he picked this defenseless man up against his shoulder and threw him out toward the several punks.

“Ouch!” That guy was like a huge hidden weapon, spinning in midair.

Like in a bowling game, the several thugs at the front were knocked down to the ground.

Moreover, the collisions were not light, the few thugs felt as if they were hit by a speeding car, crushing their bones. They laid on the ground, unable to stand up.

With a simple effort, Qin Chao has effectively knocked out five or six people.

“Everyone be careful!” Liu Ye’s face suddenly changed. He thought that Qin Chao’s good relation with Murong Jiang relied on selling his ass. He did not expect that the guy actually knew Kung Fu.

“Throw bricks at him, kill this bast*rd!” A somewhat clever small fry immediately raised a brick in his hand and threw it at Qin Chao.

There were three or four people who did not carry steel pipe, screwdriver or the likes, but each of them carried two bricks. Now it looked like it will come in handy.

Suddenly, seven or eight bricks came whistling at Qin Chao.

But Qin Chao just wielded his fists, smashing those bricks into pieces.

These few thugs went silly, F*ck me, breaking bricks in mid air, what kind of Kung Fu is this!

“Get down for me!” Another thug rushed out from the crowd. He was holding a small dagger, lunging at Qin Chao’s waist.

Qin Chao stood there, letting that dagger approach his waist.

A clear and crisp sound was heard, once again the crowd went silly. That thug has used all his strength to stab Qin Chao, but the dagger in his hand unexpectedly broke into two parts.

“You, you….” That thug collapsed to the ground, unable to believe what just happened. The waist is one of the softest parts of human body and a dagger is a sharp object. However, the dagger was abruptly broke….

Did, did he practice hard Qigong?

“Since you guys want my legs.” Qin Chao took out his ASP stick from his spatial ring and swung it at that thug’s leg.

“Crack!” A loud sound was heard. Without a doubt, that thug’s leg was broken. Ignoring his panic, he wailed and rolled to the side, covering his leg.

“Then I will return your courtesy….”

With that, Qin Chao walked toward that group of thugs.

“Attack! Attack him!” Liu Ye was scared, but after wall, he was a man who has seen the world. He gathered his courage and cried out, “We have so many people, I can’t believe we cannot deal with him! Whoever can kill this guy, I, Liu Ye, will award him 100 thousand yuan!”

He used the tactic of bravery under the reward.

After shouting these words, those gangsters eyes turned red, they rushed over to Qin Chao, carrying their respective weapon.

A devil-like sneer hung on the corner of Qin Chao’s mouth. The ASP stick in his hand was like a black lightning, with each flash, a human leg was broken. In the midst of crisp and screaming sound, the man rolled down to the ground.

At the beginning, those thugs were very vigorous. But when the first ten men lied down on the ground, fear began to spread like a plague, spreading in the air like an airborne virus.

Each of these bullies was pale and timid, too afraid to come near Qin Chao even for half a step.

But Qin Chao leisurely strolled toward them, flinging the stick in his hand, continued to crack their legs off.

When the first fifteen people went down, the fear finally overcame their reasons. With weird cries, they discarded all the things in their hands and scattered in panic.

And Liu Ye, who was initially surrounded by a crowd, has now become a lone commander.

He actually wanted to run along with them. However, he found that his legs have turned soft. His men wailed on the ground near him. Their painful screams deeply stimulated Liu Ye’s heart.

He had seen some ruthless people but never seen this level of ruthless. The legs of many people surrounding him were all broken, there was nothing left to help him.

Liu Ye suddenly understood why all the underworld people in Dongchuan City were willing to call Qin Chao master Qin. It turned out he did not rely on his ass to climb up the ladder but on his strength.

“You’re here to take my two legs, right?” Qin Chao smiled and walked toward Liu Ye. Liu Ye’s heart spooked; With a thud, his ass fell on the ground. He did not care that his mink coat has turned dirty.

“Ai….” Qin Chao squatted down in front of Liu Ye, reached out his hand to pat him on the shoulder, and then said. “Liu Ye, what’s wrong with you? Aren’t you the big boss in this street? How could you just casually find a place to sit? Huh? Why are you sweating? Is it too hot?”

Qin Chao said while playing with his ASP stick and then swept Liu Ye’s pale face with his peripheral vision and said, “I have to return the courtesy.”

“You dare to hit me?” Liu Ye’s whole body trembled, but he gathered his courage and said, “I am master Si’s men. If you hit me, even if you’re Murong Jiang’s brother, you will die a horrible….”

“I told you.“ Qin Chao suddenly swung his ASP stick, knocking off Liu Ye’s left leg.

“Aah!” Liu Ye has never met with this kind of crime. The pain made his cold sweat poured down like a river and his body twitched in agony.

“Those who want to kill me, are all dead.” After breaking one of Liu Ye’s legs, Qin Chao looked at him with a smile, “Since your master Si want to play with me, then I want you to pass my words to him, I, your father, will play with him till the end.”

With that, Qin Chao lifted his ASP stick, intending to break Liu Ye’s other leg.

At this time, a somewhat familiar voice suddenly flew out from the side.

“Hold on! Stop!” Qin Chao cast a sideway glance and saw a beautiful uniformed policewoman came running at him. Her thighs were very attractive as she ran, filled with vitality and charm.

This was the female police officer that he encountered last night, who also had a conflict with him.

Unexpectedly, this female police officer appeared in Guangyuan Institute. It seems like she will take me to the police station this time.

Ai Xiaoxue was surprised, when she just arrived in Guangyuan Institute, she found many people lying on the ground, wounded. The yesterday’s pervert in a trench coat was holding an ASP stick, planning to break a man’s leg.

Without thinking, she immediately pulled out her gun, pointed it at Qin Chao and exclaimed.

“Police comrade, help me!” Liu Ye was desperate for a savior and cried out.

But Qin Chao ignored her and continued to swing his ASP stick. The stick in his hand mercilessly fell on top of Liu Ye’s leg.