My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 205

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Chapter 205 Must Arrest You

“Crack!” The crisp sound of broken bone was heard and Liu Ye’s screaming voice immediately pierced into the sky. He held his other leg, constantly trembling.

Liu Ye was filled with fear and pain, Qin Chao seemed to have become a nightmare, hovering inside his head. The man was too ruthless, when he said he want to break his legs, he really did it. Even when the police arrived, he did not hesitate.

“How dare you!” Ai Xiaoxue was furious, her whole body trembled in anger and the muzzle shook, “Do you think we, the police, won’t do our job?”

“This is just a self-defense.” Qin Chao put away the stick in his left hand, clapped his hands, and stood up. He pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up.

“Self-defense?” Ai Xiaoxue said with a sneer, “What proves that you did this in self-defense?”

“Yes, he, he did not have any evidence!” Even though he was unable to get up, Liu Ye still made a false accusation, “Police comrade, we just come here to find a friend. But this security, he, he wanted to collect money from us. We did not comply, as a result, he made us like these.”

Ai Xiaoxue swept him with a glance. She recognized him as Liu Bo, the gangster boss in Dong Street that was known as Liu Ye. She did not believe a single word that he said. However, Ai Xiaoxue personally saw Qin Chao broke his leg with her own eyes. Therefore, no matter what, she cannot forgive that presumptuous fellow.

“We can prove it!” Chen Yinyang, who was hiding on the side, suddenly came forward. He pointed to the camera on top of the school gate, “This thing is always on, so there’s a record for all of the things that happened just now.”

“Good, comrade Yingyang, that’s impressive.” Qin Chao could not help but praise.

And when Liu Ye looked up and saw the camera, his face suddenly turned white.

“Your action can still be classified as excessive self-defense!” Ai Xiaoxue will always find a reason, “So, no matter what, today, you’re going back with me to the police station!”

“Yes, yes, police comrade, you cannot let this guy off!” Liu Ye immediately exclaimed, “You see, he broke all of our legs. He is definitely a vicious recidivist! Police comrade….”

Qin Chao suddenly cast a sideway glance at Liu Ye in the eye. With just this one look, Liu Ye felt as if the grim reaper’s scythe hovered above his neck.

That cold murderous look immediately shut his mouth off.

He believed that if he said another word, the guy in front of him was more likely to kill him.

“You, this guy!” Ai Xiaoxue can also see this scene; She re-aimed his pistol at Qin Chao again, “Do you want to ignore the police?”

“Don’t get so high and mighty here.” Qin Chao spewed out a smoke ring, “I did not do anything.”

“In short, come with me back to the police station!” Ai Xiaoxue did not care about Qin Chao’s background or anything he said. When this girl’s temper came up, nothing can change her mind (Originally: three trains cannot pull her back).

At this time, the police and ambulance siren sound rang in everybody’s ears. It seemed like someone had alerted the police about this fight and also called the ambulance.

“This time, you could not escape.” Ai Xiaoxue triumphantly said to Qin Chao.

“I didn’t break the law, why should I run away?” Qin Chao looked at Ai Xiaoxue with a very strange look, “Police comrade, you cannot talk nonsense.”

“Humph!” Seeing Qin Chao gave no sign of trying to resist, Ai Xiaoxue put away her pistol, took out her handcuffs and then walked over to Qin Chao.

With two clean pop sound, the handcuffs cuffed Qin Chao’s wrists.

“What are you doing!” Zhang Li immediately screamed and ran forward, “Brother Qin  does not break any law, what gives you the right to arrest him!”

“Yes, yes!” The other security guards came forward and gathered around the beautiful policewoman.

When Qin Chao was not here, they were bullied by thugs almost every day. When Qin Chao finally came, they got back their backbone. But the police actually want to take him away. That was too outrageous, they would not accept it.

“I am just taking him back to the police station for an investigation.” Ai Xiaoxue coldly swept these securities with a glance and began to pull Qin Chao away with her.

But the security guards immediately surrounded her, blocking her path.

“What are you guys doing?” Ai Xiaoxue was surprised, she did not think that these security guards would stop her.

“You cannot take brother Qin Chao away!” Zhang Li took the lead and shouted out.

“Yes, you cannot take him away!” The rest of the security guards shouted together.

“You guys are hindering the police investigation!” Looking at the people in front of her, she had the urge to take them all down. Of course, that was only in her mind.

“What rights do you have to be able to arrest brother Qin, if you cannot tell us clearly, we won’t let you take him away!” Zhang Li started to shout, prompting the other security guards to echo his words.

“Yes, we won’t let you take him away!”

Seeing Ai Xiaoxue being surrounded by the security guards, Liu Ye wanted to slip away. Unfortunately, his own men were miserable and his legs were already broken. He cannot even crawl away from here.

“What is happening here?” Just as the two sides were in a deadlocked, Su Fei and Qin Ling came out along with several bodyguards.

When she got the news, she immediately rushed here. Unexpectedly she saw such a chaotic situation.Qin Chao, troubles always follow him everywhere….It seems like wherever he goes, there will be no peace in that place.

Just yesterday he made a disturbance in the hospital, and today again in school. What a troublesome guy….

“Su Fei, over here!” Ai Xiaoxue actually recognized this beautiful female boss; Seeing Su Fei came, her eyes immediately lit up.

“Xiaoxue?” Su Fei was somewhat surprised too, it seemed like the two were indeed old acquaintances. “You guys….What are doing here?”

Su Fei took a glance at Qin Chao’s wrists and saw the shining handcuffs.

This guy, how could he get into Ai Xiaoxue’s path.

Toward her old classmate Ai Xiaoxue, Su Fei remembered how stubborn this girl was. When they were still in school, Ai Xiaoxue would often adopt a confrontational posture against the teacher. Some boys in the class who admired or liked her, even if they have good backgrounds, they still cannot reach her desired conditions; So, she refused all of them.

At that time, in the class, the students gave Ai Xiaoxue a nickname, the little witch.

In their school, no matter what boy, they were all afraid to provoke this girl. She remembered when a boy took advantage to pull Ai Xiaoxue’s hand while she did not pay attention. That boy was directly kicked in his lower part and had to be hospitalized for three months.

She estimated that….Only Qin Chao who would dare to do such a thing.

“Your security guards are delaying my work, I have to take him back to the police station now for an investigation.” Seeing her old classmate, Ai Xiaoxue was less polite, “Su Fei, tell your security guards to cooperate with my work.”

“Everyone spread out.” Su Fei secretly thought: You want to put the blame on other people? You’re the one who insists on arresting Qin Chao, that’s why it became like this.

However, the other people is her old classmate, who is also a police. She had to wave her hand to let the security guards disperse.

But, when their boss has spoken, the security guards were hesitant.

“No!” Zhang Li shook his head and shouted out loud, “Even if our boss is here, we still want an explanation, otherwise, we can’t let the police take away brother Qin! Everyone, don’t forget, who came to help us when we’re bullied!”

“That’s right!” This time, Chen Yinyang pinched his waist and loudly said, “Everyone, don’t let other people think that us, security guards are easy to be bullied!”

“Yes, you can’t take Qin Cao away!”

The security guards quickly made a concerted effort to surround Ai Xiaoxue.

Su Fei’s face turned somewhat ugly, her men actually did not listen to her. This made the beautiful boss somewhat lost her face.

“Ahem….” Seeing that Su Fei was unhappy, Qin Chao suddenly coughed twice and said to the security guards, “Everyone, you guys can disperse, I believe the police comrade will not wrongly accuse a good person.”

Qin Chao spoke, these security guards immediately dispersed.

Su Fei was a bit depressed, her own subordinates actually did not listen to her command. But with one sentence from Qin Chao, these people immediately scattered.

In ancient times, an officer who surpass his master’s prestige and power – even if that officer has performed many meritorious services – would often be executed, cast aside, or taken down. What can I do, should I fire him? Not to mention Su Ji….Perhaps, even I don’t want it to happen.

As long as he is willing, I can even give this whole school to him….

But if I do that, not to mention that Qin Chao, who is a man with a strong ego, would definitely refuse it, father would never allow it.

Qin Chao, Qin Chao, you have to live up to expectations; Father will soon come to Sunan….

Su Fei has many hidden grievances. But, Qin Chao was oblivious to all of that. He was still waving farewell to Zhang Li and the others like they were in an airport and he was about to go overseas.

“Come with me!” Seeing the crowd has dispersed, Ai Xiaoxue’s heart calmed down. As long as I can get this guy to the police station, anything will do.

At this time, a police car and an ambulance parked at the front of the school entrance. The people lying on the ground were being carried into the ambulance.

When Xie Jun got out of the police car and saw Qin Chao was handcuffed by Ai Xiaoxue, he could not help but ask.

“What is happening here? Is there a large gang fight?”

“These people were beaten by this guy.” Ai Xiaoxue pulled Qin Chao’s arm and walked toward her captain and then said, “I want to take him back to the police station, I think he must have been involved in a case!”

“Nonsense, how can you just arrest people thoughtlessly like that!” Xie Jun could not help but reprimand his subordinate who always made him worry.

“He hurt so many people, why can’t I arrest him!” Ai Xiaoxue showed no politeness toward her immediate superior.

However, Xie Jun also knew her temper and did not take it to heart. He said.

“Since you insist, then let’s bring him back to the police station first.” Xie Jun said and went back to the police car.

“Come on!” Ai Xiaoxue triumphantly pulled Qin Chao away, escorting him to the police car.

“Alas, one day in Sunan City and I already become a prisoner.” Qin Chao helplessly shrugged his shoulders.

“Don’t worry, I will find someone to get you out.” Su Fei said. “Moreover, even if I do not care, Su Ji, that girl, will not let you get arrested.”

“Then please do so, boss Su!” Qin Chao winked at Su Fei as if nothing happened to him. His cheerful manner made it look as if the one who was caught was not him, but other random people.

“Stop smiling!” Seeing his look, Ai Xiaoxue could not help but angry. She lifted her foot and kicked Qin Chao’s calf.

Who knew, her foot seemed to kick an iron pillar, she felt as if her big toe has cracked.

This d*mn security, what’s with his calf, it’s so d*mn hard!

“Don’t kick randomly like that, you could hurt yourself.” Qin Chao reminded Ai Xiaoxue with a good intention, but this only made Ai Xiaoxue even angrier.

“Sooner or later, you will know how fierce this old woman is!” Finally, she could not help but shout.