My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 206

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Chapter 206 Extremely Dangerous Criminal

But things were not as simple as Qin Chao thought. At the police station, several people hurriedly asked and recorded his statement. Then, they said he disturbed the social order and must be put into the detention center for more than ten days.

“Great attorney Huang, what do you mean by this!”

Su Ji wanted to slam the phone to the ground because she heard that her former classmate, Huang Tianliang said that things were difficult and he was unable to free Qin Chao.

“Beautiful Su, don’t be angry.” Huang Tianliang said on the phone, “This case is not simple. It’s like someone deliberately want to put Qin Chao into jail by any means. I am just a lawyer, I don’t have that much influence to get people out of the jail.”

“In your opinion, what should we do then?” Su Ji also knew that this was not the time to throw her temper, so she tried to calm down and said.

“People with that kind of influence, is none other than your father, Su Xianqin.” Huang Tianliang cautioned, “As long as he go into action, the people in the police station will not fail to give him face. At that time, it would be a breeze to get Qin Chao out of there.”

“That won’t do.” Su Ji sighed, her heart turned cold, “This approach is definitely not going to work. Find another one.”

“Then there’s only one way left.” Huang Tianliang thought for a moment and then said.

“What way?”

“Prison break.” Huang Tianliang’s let out amazing words.

“Prison break?” Su Ji’s brows immediately jumped and she could not help but scold, “D*mn you, Huang Tianliang, do you think this girl is a Jianghu (rivers and lakes) bandit!”

“Big miss, I have no other way.” Huang Tianliang cried on the phone, “I am just a lawyer, not the Director of the National Police Department. No matter how you embarrass me, I still can’t get your old lover out of jail!”

“Huang Tianliang, you go to h*ll!” Su Ji was furious and she threw the phone on the sofa.

“Sister, you don’t have to be angry.” Su Ji sat down and comforted her younger sister, “Tomorrow, I will ask deputy director Li for a dinner. I will ask him why they put people in the detention center for no reason.”

“No, you can’t, big Miss.” The nearby Jiang Dong immediately cautioned, “Although the senior Director and deputy director Li have a good relationship, you are not familiar with him. This Qin Chao incident, there must be a pressure from someone above. Even if deputy director Li agree, it may still not work out.”

“I’ll try to work something out.” Su Fei nodded her head, lost in thought. Su Ji secretly thought, Even if you talk to Li Fumin, it is impossible for him to agree. Because Qin Chao once scared his second son Li Chao….

Perhaps, the one who put Qin Chao directly into the detention center was this second son, the big deputy secretary Li.

“In short, we can’t let this go like that.” Su Ji suddenly stood up and said, “Dad is coming back. If he knows that Qin Chao is in jail, then it’s finished.”

“Since the beginning, the chance that dad would accept Qin Chao is already low….” On the side, Su Fei could not help but quip.

“Sister!” Su Ji was depressed and shouted at her own sister.

The young girl thought that her sister hated Qin Chao. But unknown to her, Su Fei was actually just jealous.

“Martial sister, we might as well do the prison break.” Sitting on the side with eyes closed and chanting Buddhist scripture, Fa Xiang suddenly opened his eyes and said, “While Qin Chao is in prison, this poor monk cannot watch his move, which makes this poor monk feel unease. If this big devil goes nuts, I am afraid there would be a bloodbath.”

“Martial brother….” Su Ji was depressed, “I told you, Qin Chao is not like that. Although he practices the Devil cultivation, his natural disposition is excellent. Otherwise, how could your martial sister fancy him? Do you think I am blind?”

“Martial sister, this poor monk feel that you are being blinded by his devil power.” Fa Xiang clasped his palms together and said, “Martial sister, try to put more effort in cultivation, soon, you will definitely break the spell of that devil head.”

“What are you guys talking about….” Su Fei and Jiang Dong who were listening from the side, unable to comprehend the meaning of the conversation. Therefore, Su Fei cannot help but say, “What devil head? What devil spell?”

“Don’t listen to him!” Su Ji curled her lips, “My martial brother always talk mysteriously like that.”

Su Fei cast Fa Xiang a glance and said no more. From the beginning, their Su Family has always been involved with the monks from the Baotai temple. This was her father’s thing so she did not feel good to continue to ask.

Actually, there was something wrong with her sister, as a young woman, to go learn the Buddhist doctrine in the temple.

“Martial sister, actually you don’t have to worry too much.” Fa Xiang suddenly said, “With his skill, do you worry that he would be bullied in the detention center? The law can only shackle ordinary people, but could not imprison people like you or this poor monk.”

Su Ji understood what Fa Xiang tried to say to her. She nodded her head and silently sat on the sofa.

Bad guy….I hope you’re alright…. Su Ji was still a bit worried and could not help but secretly say.

At this time, Qin Chao was sent to the detention center for violent criminals by two officers.

“Newcomer, take care of him.” One of the officers locked the gate and said to these criminals.

Being in jail was a new experience for him. The air was slightly moist and the room was a bit dark. There was a row of bunks in front of him. Some of the violent criminals were eyeing at him.

But unlike these violent criminals, Qin Chao was cuffed. His hands and feet were locked in chains.

“This man is extremely dangerous so we need to add a security measure.” An officer explained and locked the other end of the chains at the iron gate.

“Hehe, we don’t have a newcomer for a long time.” Sitting at the best sleeping place, a man with one ear opened his big mouth and smiled, “Kid, how did you get in here?”

“Me?” Qin Chao said with a smile, “It’s nothing, just breaking the legs of the man named Liu Ye.”

As soon as he said that, the pupils of these violent criminals immediately tightened.

“You’re the man that was personally named by master Si!” Even in prison, that one ear still got some news from the outside. He looked at Qin Chao and clenched his fists.

“Perhaps, I am not quite sure either.” Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders. He stretched out his hand and, from his previously invisible spatial ring, took a cigarette, put it in his mouth, and lit it up.

Whenever he moved his hands, the sound from chain friction was heard.

“A newcomer with a cigarette!” Seeing this, that one ear suddenly sneered, “Give us your cigarette and your ring!” support the translator – read this on subudai11

“Sorry, it’s not possible.” Qin Chao leaned against the iron door and turned a deaf ear.

“I think you have a death wish.” One ear emitted a murderous look, In any case, this guy is being named by master Si. If I kill him, perhaps master Si will be happy and free me from jail.

“Another one who wants me dead.” Qin Chao helplessly shrugged his shoulders, “I am already tired of hearing this same thing again.”

“D*mn, still acting like a pretentious pr*ck!” To curry a favor with his boss, a violent criminal immediately rushed forward, wanting to give Qin Chao a lesson.

Just as he arrived in front of Qin Chao, Qin Chao was even faster than him, kicking him on the kneecap.

“Krak!” That violent criminal screamed and lied on the ground.

That kick directly broke his kneecap.

“Good boy, ruthless aren’t you.” One ear narrowed his eyes, “Brothers, attack him together. If we kill this boy, master Si will be happy and perhaps will free us.”

These words from one ear were like a shot of stimulant, making these violent criminals excited. These guys immediately got down from their beds and slowly walked toward Qin Chao.

“Wait a minute, I want to ask a question.” Qin Chao suddenly said, “Do you guys know a man named Liu Chuan (The Ntrd youth at the beginning of the novel)? He once being detained here.”

“Liu Chuan!” One ear’s eyes turned red, “How could we not know him! He was the one who bit off my ear! It seems like you’re his friend. This is good, this father is worrying that I could not find him for revenge!”

“Very well, since everyone wants to play, then let’s get it on.”

Qin Chao creaked his joints and showed an evil smile to these people.

The violent criminal cell immediately let out pitiful screams, one after the other.

The two officers outside were smoking. One of them said.

“This kid has been named by master Si, this time he might be miserable.”

“For sure.” The other man nodded, “But we can’t let him die. If he dies, we’re going to be disciplined.”.

As the two people continued to smoke, the screaming from the inside gradually became small.

They gave each other a glance, walked to the cell, opened its door and went inside.

“What are you guys doing!” The first officer who passed through the gate immediately shouted, “I say….”

He abruptly swallowed back his second part of the sentence.

He saw Qin Chao sat on the bed, unharmed, leisurely smoking a cigarette. All the other violent criminals in this cell lied all over the floor.

These people’s legs have been broken. And the most frightening thing happened to one ear. His last ear has been ripped off.

He lied on the ground unable to cry out in pain anymore, half of his face was bloody.

The chains on Qin Chao’s hands and feet have been broken into several sections, scattered on the ground.

“Help, help me….” Seeing the two officers came in, that no ear weakly said.

“Quick, quickly save them!” The two officers were frightened. So many people have been hurt, meaning, they have to bear the responsibility.

Qin Chao was not just a dangerous criminal, he was an extremely dangerous criminal!

The officers have no choice but to locked Qin Chao in chains again and then threw him into the solitary confinement cell.

Qin Chao also did not care. Finding a quiet place, he began to practice his cultivation method. Recently, he felt that his body’s strength has reached a bottleneck and will soon break through.

After this breakthrough, he will enter the Foundation Building stage (Lvl 4). From then on, he can learn how to cast spells and would no longer have to be oppressed by that d*mn monk.

“Chen Si….” In this small closed room, Qin Chao slowly muttered, “After I get out, I will slowly get even with you….”

“Hihi….” At this time, the dark closed room suddenly lit up, as if someone had lit an incandescent light. A tall and charming beautiful woman in a guard uniform enchantingly stood opposite of him, watching him with a smile.

“I did not expect, our great young master Qin Chao would have such a day.”

That female guard held out her hand and stroked Qin Chao’s face.

At this time, Qin Chao’s hands and feet were locked in shackles and he was kept inside the solitary confinement room.

“Rosy?” Qin Chao opened his eyes and looked at the enchanting beauty in front of him, “You came here to make fun of me?”