My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 207

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Chapter 207 Conquering The Devil Woman

“Why do I feel these words are so unfeeling….?”

Rosy held Qin Chao’s face, and pasted her soft boneless body at Qin Chao’s chest, “In Hell, Renjia is always being surrounded by ugly devils. Every day they will try to pull me into bed with them. So, Renjiaalways thinks of you, Qin Chao as the most gentle.”

“Stop joking.” Qin Chao gave her a supercilious look, “If you have something to say just say it.”

“Don’t be so disinterested in Renjia.” Rosy touched Qin Chao’s face and her somewhat cold lips kissed his neck, “Renjia brought something for you.”

With that, she pulled out a rare book from her chest and put it into Qin Chao’s spatial ring, “These Nine Secret Clutches and Nine Secret Summoning technique are for you.”

“How could you suddenly be so kind today?” Feeling strange, Qin Chao could not help but ask.

Renjia has always been this kind.” Rosy looked at Qin Chao with a look of a woman who has suffered injustice, seemingly blaming him.

“Is there a kind devil?” Qin Chao glanced at her her with a supercilious look, “If it weren’t for my soul, would you still be willing to help me?”

“Don’t say that.” Rosy floated into the air, twisted her extremely slender waist and immediately sat on Qin Chao’s shoulder.

Rosy did not seem to have any weight, very light. But her soft hip could not help but anger Qin Chao. Moreover, a burst of teenage girl’s body fragrance came out of her body, which constantly stimulated Qin Chao’s desire.

In the end, she is a devil. Her seductiveness attracts people to do crimes.

But I am already in jail, what crime can I commit here?

“Just tell me your main business.” Qin Chao began to meditate using his Diamond Sutra, trying to calm himself down.

“Hihi, don’t repress your desire, it will make you even more uncomfortable.” Rosy held Qin Chao’s head with her hands and patted his head with her chest.

This double softness attack gave Qin Chao a burst of vertigo.

He could not help read the Diamond Sutra aloud, letting the Buddhist force to calm himself.

“Okay, okay. I actually came here to tell you something.” Rosy said, her body gently floated down in front of Qin Chao. Facing him, she said, “Your body’s spiritual power has reached a bottleneck and tonight you could enter the Foundation Building level. But because what you practice is the devil path, this period might be a bit frightening.”

“What period?” Hearing this, Qin Chao could not help but wonder. Su Ji once told him about this Foundation Building stage. That is, this Foundation Building is the true watershed moment of the cultivators.

As long as you can defeat the devil in your heart and break through the Foundation Building, you can start practicing magical spells.

“Because you are a devil path cultivator, your inner devil is different than the other cultivators.” Rosy looked at Qin Chao with a smile, “Other people only need to defeat their inner devils, but you, you have to conquer your inner devil.”

“What do you mean?” Qin Chao faintly realized that things may not be good.

“It means, tonight you may thoroughly change into a devil.” As if describing a very exciting thing, Rosy said, “Now all you have to do is to pray that this steel cage is strong enough. Otherwise, if you rush out of here, you may begin a killing spree!”

“What?” Qin Chao was startled and somewhat looked at Rosy with a puzzled look.

“I am going to be a devil? That’s impossible, I am clearly wide awake.”

“Hihi, do you want to make a bet?” Rosy looked at him with confidence, “Whether that is true or not, we’ll just need to wait for a moment….It should come soon….”

Just as Rosy finished, Qin Chao suddenly felt something changed in him. His body’s true qi, which originally in a tranquil state, instantly rose up.

This true qi no longer listened to Qin Chao’s will, it frantically moved inside his body.

At this moment, Qin Chao’s eyes became a bit red. Some scenes began to emerge in his mind, constantly hovering and rotating.

“I am sorry….You will find someone better than me….”

Yang Shanshan dragged her suitcase, sat inside the Nissan and then sped away by their fatty class leader.

Then, a beautiful figure appeared in front of him.

Su Ji came running at him, her beautiful face was filled with panic.

“Qin Chao, help me….” Su Ji was wearing a pair of high heels, how fast can she run? Behind her, a shadow suddenly rushed down from the sky and, in the blink of an eye, arrived at her back.

“Su Ji!” Qin Chao’s eyes were now red, he wanted to rush to save his girlfriend, only to find as if his body was tightly shackled, cannot even move for half a step.

That figure gradually revealed itself. He has the vampire wings. That guy stretched out his sharp claws and, with a flash of bloody light, pierced her heart.

That claws pierced right through her chest, revealing the sharp fingertips. The blood splashed on the floor like a blooming flower.

“Su Ji!” Qin Chao roared. He tried to exert his strength, only to hear a burst of ‘crash-bang’ sound. He found himself chained there, unable to move.

“D*mn it!” Qin Chao wanted to break the chain but found that his true qi seemed to be locked up and could not come out.

At this time, all the girls that he knew, as if coming out from a smoke, appeared one by one in front of him.

Wu Xin, Liao Shasha, Yu Lu, Su Fei….

That vampire laughed and, in front of Qin Chao, killed those girls with his red claws.

“Unclef*cker!” Qin Chao felt like he was going to explode; his eyes became completely red and his body sent out a burst of black light.

At that moment, Qin Chao’s body entered his devil state. His hair was red, his eyes were red (Author: Not green; TL: In his usual devil state, his eyes are green), and his face and hands were covered with black scales)

“Roar!” He roared and his body immediately broke those shackles; His whole body has entered the ‘revenge’ state.

Those vampire wings constantly hovered in front of him. Qin Chao wildly sent out his palms toward that vampire.

In this closely confined room,  many palm prints suddenly appeared in succession on its hard steel walls.

In order to prevent the prisoners from fleeing, these enclosed walls were made from thick metal walls. Now, they were ‘beaten and battered.’ Besides the palm prints, there were also many scratch marks.

At this point, Qin Chao has lost his consciousness. If he pulled out his Evil King sword, it was highly likely that he can cut through this confinement room and run outside to begin the slaughter.

“Go on, vent out….” Rosy changed into a black smoke, hovering in mid-air watching the madness of Qin Chao, “I hope after you thoroughly vent out your desire, you will become more powerful….”

When she was ready to return to hell, from below, Qin Chao seemed to perceive her presence.

The Yinyang Bell suddenly floated out of Qin Chao’s body, floating in the middle of this closely confined room and then suddenly turned into a big black bell. This big black bell then vibrated, sending out a strong impact.

Rosy shrieked, the force of the impact shook her down from the air, forcing her to return to her original form, a beautiful devil woman.

This solitary confinement room was very small so when she came down, she fell into Qin Chao’s bosom.

“Since you want him to vent his desire, then help him completely vent it.” That floating Yinyang Bell floated out a human voice, the voice of Luo De, that Devil God.

“Luo De?” Rosy struggled in panic in Qin Chao’s arms. That fellow has lost his mind; His eyes were completely red. When he sniffed Rosy’s body fragrance, he let out a couple of weird laughs.

“No!” Rosy stretched out her palm and struck Qin Chao’s chest. But the Yinyang bell above her shook, emitting a heavy buzzing sound. Rosy felt as if her palm hit an iron plate and went numb.

As an artifact weapon, Yinyang bell has resisted the attack targeted at Qin Chao.

“Luo De, you’re despicable!” Rosy cannot help furrowed her beautiful brows and curse.

“Thank you for the praise, I am flattered.” That Yinyang bell emitted an evil laugh, “On the despicable level, how can I compare to you, a devil? Just enjoy it, hahaha.”

Qin Chao was like a wild beast. His desire was only to kill the men and to conquer the women. Especially since this devil body’s fragrance has excited his beastly desire.

But Rosy apparently did not want to be taken advantage by Qin Chao just like that. Her body constantly emitted out black awns, impacting Qin Chao’s body.

However, relying entirely on the Yinyang bell and the Diamond Sutra, Qin Chao’s body was rock solid, able to withstand all of Rosy’s black awns attack. He held out his hands, grabbed Rosy’s coat and pulled it hard.

The black coat on the female devil’s upper body was brutally torn by Qin Chao.

Her two sleeves were directly ripped off, exposing her snow-white arms. If she did not have the power to protect herself, perhaps all of her clothes would have been torn.

Rosy, the fearless devil woman, finally panicked.

“Qin Chao, wake up!” The devil woman tried to pull Qin Chao’s sanity back, but Qin Chao has gone completely crazy and simply cannot hear her voice.

Seeing the other’s clothes haven’t been torn, he became somewhat impatient. He held her waist with one hand and stretched out his other hand toward her chest.

“Netherworld Tentacles!” Rosy finally unleashed her dark spell. In this closely confined room, black tentacles climbed up from below and wound around Qin Chao’s body.

The devil woman’s power was still quite strong, which by virtue of Qin Chao’s current ability, making Qin Chao unable to break free.

“D*mn Qin Chao.” Seeing that Qin Chao was finally dragged to the wall by those tentacles, Rosy finally breathed a sigh of relief, patted her chest and said, “Almost being taken advantage by you. Ahem, Renjiawon’t accompany you to play anymore, just play with that old man Luo De.”

With that, without any hesitation, Rosy immediately turned into a black smoke and flew out from this solitary cell.

As she flew outside, Rosy still has some panic in her heart. Luckily, that dark spell works….If Qin Chao was really able to force himself on me….Then what will become of me?

It was very common for the client to have sex with the devil, every female devil had done it….But Rosy was an exception. Because her identity was very special, extremely special….

“This girl actually managed to escape….” Luo De somewhat regretfully said, “It seems like you don’t have this good fortune today. However, I will still guard you here, lest you create a big disturbance.”

The Zombie (Chinese vampire) King was about to born, Luo De has felt it too. Now the powers that be in the cultivation world have arrived in Sunan City. If this kid creates such a big disturbance in this prison, it would attract those forces, which would not be good for him….

Thinking of this, Luo De sent out his strength through the Yinyang bell to create a black enchantment in this solitary confinement cell, so that no matter how crazy Qin Chao vent his desire, it would still be confined inside the cell.