My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 209

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Chapter 209 Is It Qin Chao?

“Su Ji!” Su Fei’s anger went through the roof, “You and this guy are trying to anger me, aren’t you? What’s so good about being cold blooded, is that how you manage your boyfriend? No wonder he got so bad! Humph, sooner or later he will go outside and sleep around, see if you’re still going to excessively support him!”

“He won’t dare, sister.” The young girl smilingly held Qin Chao’s arm, and said to her sister, “Qin Chao, you won’t, won’t you? In Dongchuan City, you absolutely did not screw around with other girls, right?”

“Em?” Qin Chao touched his nose, the shadows of Liao Shasha, Yu Lu, and Wu Xin unconsciously drifted into his mind. Incidentally, the shadow of the pretty Kunoichi also floated in. Oh my, not only I screw around with other girls, I seem to pick a lot of them.

“Your eyes are not right!” Su Ji immediately exclaimed, “You’re good Qin Chao, you really are cunning!”

“How, how could it possible!” Qin Chao quickly soothed this wild girl with a gentle smile, put his arm around her delicate body and said, “In my heart, there is only you, no second person in there.”

But there are the third, the fourth, the fifth….

Qin Chao felt that he was so evil.

“Well then, let me ask you a question!” Su Ji put on a serious face and asked, “I want you to answer me honestly.”

“Okay, ask away.” Qin Chao thought in his heart, Just ask; counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir (different situations call for different action); I am Qin Chao, who am I afraid of?

“Tell me, do you like the fragrance of a home flower or a wild flower?” Su Ji’s big beautiful eyes rolled and she immediately threw out a problem that made people scratch the back of their heads.

“Do you even need to ask!” Qin Chao confidently patted his own chest and said, “Of course, it’s the home flower! Who could be better than my own Su Ji!”

“Good!” Su Ji immediately Su Ji immediately exploded like fried kitten’s hair, “You did smell the wild flower, otherwise, how do you know they don’t have my fragrance! Qin Chao, you, this beast, I, this old mother will perish together with you.”

What the….Where’s the logic in this….

Qin Chao was dumbfounded, and can only tightly hug Su Ji in his arms, letting this young girl desperately pounded his chest.

“You see that!” Su Fei coldly snorted, “This is the result of you unable to discipline him. If it’s my husband, he would definitely not dare to act sloppily outside!”

“I don’t believe it!” The young girl in Qin Chao’s embrace curled her lips, “Sister, you’re just saying something pleasant to hear. Qin Chao, this person, who can control him!”

“Humph, I can!” Not to be outdone, Su Fei cried, “I, your sister, can even manage a big company, let alone a husband!”

“My sister!” Su Ji playfully laughed, “Managing a company and managing a husband are entirely two different concepts!”

“What two concepts, in the final analysis, they’re all the same!” Su Fei’s eyes shone, “Basically, there’s only one way!”

“What way? Sister, tell me about it?” Hearing the decisiveness in her sister’s answer, Su Ji could not help but curious.

“A sweet jujube in one hand and a big stick in the other hand!” Su Fei confidently said, “All men are cheap. If you treat them good a bit, they will climb all over you. So, when appropriate, give them a stick, hit them, and let them know who is the master!”

“Of course, blindly giving them a stick will not work! Because men belong to donkey family. Sometimes, if you hit them too much, they would think that you are horrible and thus want to run away from you. At this time, you have to give them some sweetness.”

“For example, do something sweet for them, let them know how good you are. Compared to the other women, you can make them warm and happy. Thus, this alternating tension and relaxation can make men, when they want to play around outside, unable to perform even if they want to.”

Cold sweat poured down Qin Chao’s back, This Su Fei is too out of it! What’s with this sweet jujube in one hand and a big stick in the other hand! You might as well do with a cucumber!

Em, that came out wrong….

“Wow!” Su Ji cannot help but say,”Sister, I did not expect you to research so much about men!”

“Screw you, how could you say like that about your sister!” Su Fei’s face blushed and angrily said, “This is just an analysis from how I manage the company.”

“Yes, yes, yes, sister is a genius!” Su Ji’s pretty face smiled and said, “Sister, do you want to have a taste of love? How about this, I, your sister, will help you find a boyfriend, what do you think?”

“Boy, boyfriend?” Su Fei suddenly glanced at Qin Chao from the mirror and her beautiful face turned a deeper shade of red. She became somewhat flustered and said, “I don’t need that kind of thing.”

Holy cr*p, what is that kind of thing! Qin Chao wanted to protest, but this was a sentimental conversation between sisters, it would not be good for him to chime in.

Jiang Dong was smart, with a blank stare, he concentrated on driving. He tried to pretend that he was a piece of wood. Em, a piece of wood that can drive.

“How can you say that!” Su Ji freed herself from Qin Chao’s arms and leaned forward, her curling upward buttocks cocked in a very attractive angle.

Her body moved forward and leaned over to her sister’s side; She laughed, “Sister has such an extensive research on men; Don’t lie to your younger sister. Tell me, do you fancy a man and thus want to make a move on him?”

“Don’t, don’t talk nonsense!” Being asked by her sister, Su Fei went a bit panic; She avoided Su Ji’s eyes and said, “I have so many things to do every day, how could I have the time to see a man?”

“You’re right….” Su Ji sucked her thumb and thought for a moment; Soon, her eyes lit up, and she said, “I understand, sister, the man that you fancy certainly often appear at your side. Yes, familiarity breeds fondness, that’s right.”

If Su Ji put on a pair of black-rimmed glasses, perhaps this girl will morph into a female version of Conan.

Cold sweat dripped down from Su Fei’s forehead. Her sister was so smart that she was able to correctly deduce what’s in her heart.

“Hey, sister, if you don’t talk, then you agree with me!” Su Ji understood her sister’s temperament. She noticed that Su Fei’s eyes dodged to the side but did not refute her; She immediately knew that she has guessed right.

“Screw you, if you talk nonsense again, I will throw you and Qin Chao out of the car!” Su Fei calmed herself down and tried to threaten.

“Hey, hey, this has nothing to do with me….” Qin Chao expressed his grievance of unfair treatment.

“You two are an adulterous couple; In the critical time, the two of you would naturally face the hardship together!” Su Fei wanted to shift away from the topic, but her extremely bright younger sister would have none of that.

“That’s not right, sister, you’re hiding something from me.” Su Ji humphed, “Let me guess who that person is! Qin Chao, you also have to guess.”

Adulterous couple indeed, in this time, she wanted to pull Qin Chao with her.

“Who exactly….Can steal my frigid-like sister’s heart….” Su Ji murmured. Su Fei did not know whether to laugh or cry. Is there any sister like mine?

“Oh! Oh! I’ve got it!” Su Ji, like discovering a new world, screamed out. Her eyes suddenly swept to the side toward Jiang Dong, “ Jiang Dong, it’s you isn’t it!”

“Squeak!” The Mercedes immediately crooked, almost ran off the road and hit the nearby tree.

“Second, second miss….” Cold sweat poured down Jiang Dong’s head; His face went pale, “You can’t say such nonsense like this, if master knows, he will send someone to shoot me.”

This is preposterous, I am a butler, how could I be with big miss! This, this is incompatible with the principle of a butler.

Su Fei also showed some awkwardness on her face, “Su Ji, you say too much nonsense. Jiang Dong has been with us for so many years, haven’t you understand him yet? If he is interested in women, he would have long had ideas toward us.”

“Squeak!” The car rocked a bit, almost ran off the road for the second time.

“Big, big miss!” Jiang Dong wanted to cry, “Why do you say that I am not interested in women….I, I just want to be a good butler. Besides, I already have a wife, okay, but she is in our home.”

“Oooh!” The two girls nodded, “You finally say it. For so many years, the two of us have tried to break your mouth, now you finally told us the truth.”

Jiang Dong sweated out cold sweat, These two witches….

Qin Chao also poured out waterfall-like cold sweat, These two sisters are definitely not ordinary goods.

“Looks like it’s not Jiang Dong.” Su Ji was lost in thought, her mind began to launch many mental associations.

“I think….Men who have been in contact with sister are very few….” Su Ji said; her pretty little face looked up and she asked her sister, “Sister, tell me, are you a lily (Chinese slang for lesbian)? Do you like women….?”

“Pei!” Su Fei wanted to pick up a phone and hit her sister’s smiling face, “How could you say that to your sister? If I were a lily, I would’ve done it with you a long time ago!”

“Hihi, Renjia is just saying.” The young girl twisted her devil-like body and secretly asked, “Sis, what do you think about my martial brother, do you like him?”

“What?” Su Fei’s froze. What does this have to do with your monk martial brother?

“You see, although my martial brother is a monk, he is tall, handsome, and very responsible. More importantly, he is still a virgin.”

“Poof….” Su Fei was just opening her cup of morning hot milk and taking a sip. But these words from Su Ji could not help but make her spurt it out.

But Su Ji somewhat excitedly pulled her sister’s arm and said.

“Sis, how about this; I will persuade him to return to the secular life and marry you. Since he is a monk, father would certainly not oppose!”

“Su Ji!” Su Fei wanted to splash the milk on her sister’s face, “If you talk nonsense again, I will really throw you out! I don’t have any thought about your martial brother, stop guessing, ok?”

“How is that possible….” Su Ji was unconvinced; Curling her lips, she said, “My martial brother is an outstanding person, how could you not see that….This is so strange; Sister, are you sure you’re not a frigid or a lily?”

“I am your sister….” Su Fei was so angry she almost lost her strength to speak.

“Of course I know that you are my sister!” Su Ji immediately nodded, “That’s why I care about your life events! Sister, you almost 25 and soon will reach 30; If you don’t look now it would be too late.”

“My head hurts….” Su Fei pressed her own forehead, not wanting to talk.

“No, no, this guy certainly exists….” Su Ji believed in her guts. She saw the man’s face in the mirror; Her eyes tightened and she suddenly asked.

“It wouldn’t be Qin Chao, right?”