My Beautiful Teacher Chapter 211

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Chapter 211 Long Belle’s Bar

Finally, after Su Fei’s outburst of anger, the car went quiet. Su Ji and Qin Chao were like two little kids who did something wrong, sitting quietly in the back without so much as a whimper.

Soon, the car arrived at Qin Chao’s neighborhood.

“Get out!” Su Fei bluntly told him, it seemed like Qin Chao really made her angry.

In fact, Su Fei did not know what she was angry about. Was it because Qin Chao lied to her, or….The fact that the lie swayed her mind.

Qin Chao is eventually going to be my brother-in-law, what am I still fantasizing about….I already am an adult, and I have years of battling in the business world. How did Qin Chao’s pretend words almost made me collapse on all front!

Qin Chao, this guy, is too hateful. He actually used my feelings for him to make fun of me. I absolutely cannot forgive this! Humph, this time, I have to punish him!

But I also have to reflect. I must alienate this guy, I must forget him….He, he is good for nothing, why should I worry about him? Only Su Ji that girl, who has eyes but cannot see, has a liking for Qin Chao, this guy!

Right, I must have been lonely for too long so I was easy to be moved by men. Humph, I must be able to correct this feeling. Who am I? I am Su Fei!!

In Sunan City, there can be someone who doesn’t know who the mayor is, but none who doesn’t know me, Su Fei, the boss Su!

After indulging herself in flights of fancy, Su Fei got herself into a calm state.

Qin Chao dejectedly touched his nose and opened the door.

“Qin Chao, remember to think about this girl!” Su Ji winked at Qin Chao, the girl seemed to show a gloating smile.

His uncle! What kind of girlfriend is this, siding with the enemy!

With a bitter face, Qin Chao waved goodbye to Su Ji.

The silver Mercedes-Benz did not stay a moment longer, immediately restarted and left him in the dust.

“This time, the joke went too far.” Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders sitting on the stairs at the bottom. He did not want to just go home, some things needed to be done first.

After thinking about it, Qin Chao took out his mobile phone. His local phone has a superb battery, not being recharged for almost four days, it still has two bars of electricity.

Qin Chao looked for a number and made a call.

“I ask you again one last time, do you want to follow boss Murong or not!”

At a disco in Dongchuan City. The usually very lively place has only a few people left. A dozen of sturdy men in black surrounded the four or five people at the center.

Wherein, Murong Jiang was like a proud King, sitting on one side of the bar, coldly watching everything in front of him.

His right-hand man, A Li was asking the owner of the disco.

“Your master, Zhong Liangguo has already fallen a long time ago, when are you going to change your allegiance.”

“Humph!” However, the disco’s owner, a young man was unyielding. “If you have the skill, then just kill me. But if you want me to give the disco to you, that is absolutely impossible!”

“D*mn, so stubborn, do you think I won’t chop you to death!” A Li became somewhat irritated; He waved his knife and angrily scolded, “I have given you a face, don’t be too stupid to refuse it!”

Who knew, that young man tightened his eyes, stretched out his neck and said, “Come on, do it.”

“F*ck me, not afraid of death aren’t you!” A Li also knew that the talk was going nowhere; he lifted the knife in his hand high, “Fine, I, this father, grant you your wish.”

“Wait a minute!” When that knife was about to fall, Murong Jiang stretched out his hand and lightly said, “No need to shed blood here, it will just hurt everyone’s feelings. A Li, go talk with boss Wang again, see if you can add a suitable condition.”

“Look at our boss Murong!” A Li put away the knife and said to boss Wang, “Look at how magnanimous he is. If you follow such a boss, how could he ever mistreat you? Right now, the entire underworld in Dongchuan City is already at the hands of boss Murong. How long do you, boss Wang, think you can survive without Zhong Liangguo’s backing?”

“Humph, cut the crap. I still cannot agree to it.” Boss Wang bit his teeth, did not relent.

“F*ck me, do you think boss Murong does not dare to kill you?” A Li glared at him and angrily said, “If you provoke boss Murong into anger, you will suffer things that are more terrible than death!”

Just as A Li finished his words, his wise and brilliant boss Murong got a phone call.

The just now an arrogant man, suddenly respectfully and flatteringly said, “Master Qin! Oh, it’s so rare to receive a phone call from you, master Qin. I know master Qin has a very busy schedule, but you actually still think about me, I am really honored.”

His men widened their eyes, thinking, Who is boss talking to? But when they heard the two words, Master Qin, everything suddenly became clear.

“Master Qin, is there something you want me to do? Just say it, no need to be so polite with me! As long as master Qin say it, I, Murong Jiang, will walk through the fire and swim through the water!”

“Ooh, master Qin want to inquire about someone….What? Chen Si? This guy is powerful, he is the number one gangster in Sunan City. His influence is so large that the entire Northern area has to give him three times the face. However, he is the adopted son of Long Tianzheng from the Tianlong group. This Long Tianzheng also has a daughter, called Long Belle.”

“This Long Belle is only twenty years old, and still in school. But I heard that she is also a big sister in the underworld.”

“I will help master Qin ask about her, please wait, master Qin, I will get back to you in a minute.”

With that, Murong Jiang hung up the phone. He swept that boss Wang at a glance. When the latter heard the two words, Master Qin, his body began to shiver.

In Dongchuan City, you can refuse to be afraid to Murong Jiang. However, you actually have no alternative but to be afraid of Qin Chao. This fellow was like a devil who climbed up from hell, stirring up masses of dark clouds in Dongchuan City.

Unknowingly, his heart was filled with fear, and he could not keep up any longer.

“I, I give up.” This boss Wang finally raised the white flag, “From now on, I will follow you boss Murong as your subordinate….”

“Very good.” Murong Jiang nodded, “However, you do not follow me, but follow master Qin, understand?”

“I understand, I understand!” Boss Wang secretly thought, That’s what I mean in the first place.

Back to Sunan City. After sitting on the stair for so long until his buttocks went cold, Qin Chao finally received the call from Murong Jiang.

“Good, I got it. Thanks.”

He put away his phone and stood up. He still wore the security guard uniform, which seemed inappropriate at the place he wanted to go. Qin Chao went back home and changed it to his usual outfit, the black trench coat, and then walked out.

Although the temperature outside was cold, Qin Chao was a cultivator. So, this cold wind was nothing to him. The true qi inside his body constantly circulated, warming him up. Basically, the cold winter felt like the summer heat.

“Long Belle, huh, very good….” Qin Chao’s mouth hung a smile. He went to his Lexus, which was brought here by the school security. He sat in the car and slowly went toward the busy downtown area.

Su Xianqin was about to arrive; At this crucial time, it would not be good for him to stir up trouble for the Su Family. If Chen Si suddenly dies at his home, it would be hard for him to clean his hands.

Therefore, he wanted to target somewhere else to deal with this matter. Long Tianzhen has a daughter named Long Belle. If he can handle this young girl, she can definitely restrain Chen Si’s men.

How to handle her? Of course….Hehe, if necessary, he can use his manly charm.

Qin Chao soon drove the car into the downtown area. According to Murong Jiang’s information, this Long Belle often appeared in a Pub called Man Yao Bar.

Of course, this Pub is also one of Tianlong group’s enterprises.

It was said that Long Tianzheng has a great expectation for his daughter, sending her to an elite education since childhood and looking for a variety of tutors for her class.

However, he let his adopted son handle the underworld. It seemed like Long Tianzheng did not want his daughter to live in such a foul environment.

But there are words that say, A dragon will give birth a dragon, a phoenix will give birth a phoenix, the son of a rat can drill a hole. This Long Belle was not well-behaved since childhood. Those tutors who were invited to her house, most of them were beaten out by her.

In Long Tianzheng’s mansion, people can often see a little girl in a floral skirt, with a knife in her hand, chasing away the foreign tutors through the yard.

Growing up, this girl became even more violent. Hiding her identity, she entered the underworld. Using her own skill, she took several little brothers under her wings and even chopped four bosses in the neighborhood. Finally, she became that big sister.

When everyone heard that Long Tianzheng was looking for his fail-to-live-up-to-expectation daughter, they finally knew about her big miss status.

Now, the entire underworld in Sunan City prostrated themselves in admiration toward her. She is indeed her father’s daughter, Long Belle seemed to have inherited her father’s legacy.

Especially since she has the leader of the underworld as her adopted brother, who dares to wrong her esteemed self?

It is also said that Chen Si really loved his sister, and would almost always grant her request.

Good, I will start with Long Belle. Since Chen Si dared to f*ck with my brothers while I am gone, I will take this opportunity to deal his sister.

Qin Chao wanted to end this. Soon, he arrived in front of the lively Pub entrance.

A large black sign hung on this Pub, the two characters Man Yao were written in an exaggerated manner.

Qin Chao got out of the car, locked the door and walked toward the entrance.

Who knew, the two big fellows at the door put out a hand to stop him.

“Sorry.” One of the big fellows coldly said, “This is a gay bar, you can’t go in.”

“Oh?” Qin Chao secretly stunned, Holy sh*t, this is the legendary gay bar, I finally go to such a place. “Why can’t I go in?”

“Less nonsense!” Another man has a short temper; He angrily said, “If I say you can’t go in, then you cannot f*cking go in. What’s with the nonsense.”

“Hehe….” Qin Chao did not leave, just standing there. He took out a cigarette, put it in his mouth, and lit it up.

“Quickly leave, don’t just stand here.” The big fellow coldly said.

“Actually, I like men too; Can I go in now?” Qin Chao raised his head and looked at the two big fellows in front of him with a playful smile.

“Really?” The two have some doubts, “However, you don’t have a partner.”

It suddenly dawned on Qin Chao, No wonder they stop me from entering. It turns out, to enter this place, I have to come with a companion.

“F*ck!” Qin Chao suddenly threw the cigarette butt to the ground, grabbed the big fellow’s collar in front of him and put him against the wall and then furiously said.

“I, your father, just have a f*cking break up, where could I get a companion? Or do you want me to f*ck you first!”