Undefeated God of War Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Mad Bull Ah Mo Li

“Tang Tian, come and spar with me!”

A thunderous voice came from the gates of the school, waking up Tang Tian, who was taking a rest under the scorching sun at the training grounds.

Practise class was coming to an end. After correcting a few of the students’ mistakes, Tang Tian realized the students did not have the heart to practise fundamental martial arts, and could not care about it either, thus, he found a place where the sun shined, and slept.

“So irritating!” Tang Tian muttered before he went back to sleep.

“Tang Tian! You are a coward, quick, come out and spar with me!” the thunderous voice roared through the training grounds once again.

The students who were practicing fundamental martial arts, all gave Tang Tian a weird stare.

Could senior Tang Tian have gotten himself into some sort of trouble?

There was only one person, a tall and sturdy man, that crashed into the training grounds like a bull. He kept cursing, darting his eyes around, looking for something or someone.

The students jumped in fear. With such audacity, he dared to barge into the training grounds. Yet the moment some of the students noticed the symbol marked on the man, they could not help but cry out in alarm.

“The Beast Academy!”

All the new students’ expressions changed.

The Beast Academy held a much higher ranking in Star Wind City of being the third best academy, compared to Andrew Academy which held the tenth position.

It was no surprise that the colour drained from the students’ faces. The Beast Academy had always been in competition with Andrew Academy. Though they were not considered enemies, they were definitely not allies. Furthermore, what caused the teachers at Andrew Academy to be embarrassed was that Andrew Academy declined this year and the Beast Academy managed to soar with flying colours.

They managed to produce several top-notch students, and they were all highly ranked.

The Beast Academy excelled in combat training. Within its academy, if there was a fight that broke out, the academy would not stop it from happening, instead, they encouraged such behaviours. Therefore, the students they fostered were all brave and strong. Ordinary academy students would seem much weaker when sparring with them.

The students from the Beast Academy dared to barge into Andrew Academy, it was too ridiculous!

“Haha, Tang Tian, I finally caught you! Come, don’t make me wait, let’s spar and I shall give you a taste of Ah Mo Li’s fist!” The man’s thunderous laugh roared through the training grounds.

“Ah Mo Li, that mad bull!” Someone in the crowd gasped.

“Who is Ah Mo Li? Is he very famous?” a new student asked curiously.

Swallowing his saliva, the new student feared Ah Mo Li, yet he could not stop staring at him and said: “He’s a second year student at the Beast Academy, with the bearing of a barbarian, he has outstanding body features. He has a penchant for fighting and is considered one of the top fighters in the Beast Academy. Senior Tang Tian has gotten himself into serious trouble this time!”

“Is he that strong?”

“He is ranked seventh in the entire Beast Academy.” the student stated.

Everyone gasped.

He was ranked seventh in the entire Beast Academy!

Only the top ten in Andrew Academy were good enough to spar with him, and that did not include Tang Tian.

“Shit!” Someone blurted subconsciously.

Many of them could not bear to watch this scene, getting trampled on by students from an opposing school was too humiliating .

Yet they still wanted to witness the entire humiliating scene!

Quite a few of the students were regretting, why did they have to attend the day’s class?

Ah Mo Li towered over, and blocked out all the sun shining on Tang Tian. The loud voices made Tang Tian’s temples hurt. He knew his attempts to sleep were dashed, wiped away the saliva that Ah Mo Li spat out, massaged his forehead and grudgingly sat up.

He raised up both hands and lazily said, “I surrender. I admit my loss.”

The originally sympathetic looks on the faces of some of the students instantly froze.

One girl could not help but mock: “Senior Tang Tian, someone is stepping all over you. You didn’t even try to resist and you are already surrendering to them?”

“Yes! Being unable to fight back is one thing, but if you don’t even try, are you still a man?!” Another girl said furiously.

Once the two girls started ridiculing Tang Tian, the others started as well. The discussions in the training grounds roared through. The students were young and vigorous, Tang Tian’s decision to surrender immediately to the enemy school’s students was being looked down upon.

“What has it got to do with all of you if I surrender?” Tang Tian asked.

Everyone stopped.

But a series of scoldings then exploded.

“Oh my goodness! Why does our school have such a person? This is so embarrassing!”

“He is not a man! What does Qian Hui lady see in him? Obviously, she is like a flower on a pile of shit!”

“I will not come for the next practise lesson! I am disgusted by this rascal! Darn, how dare he surrender to that bastard from the Beast Academy!”

“Ah Mo Li, just let me go, I surrender.” Tang Tian ignored all the glares he was getting from the students and looked at Ah Mo Li with innocence and utmost sincerity.

Ah Mo Li glared, and held on to Tang Tian’s collar and pulled him up to shout: “Come on, Fundamental Tang, let’s spar one round! Five years of fundamental martial arts, what a stubborn martial artist you are, you must be creating a new type of martial arts! Fundamental Tang! I have see through you! You can’t lie to me!”

Fundamental Tang…

Each time Tang Tian heard this name, he frowned. Even though I only know fundamental martial arts, this name… was too…

It was too oppressive!

“I have never met someone as persistent and dense as him.” Tang Tian thought.

Ah Mo Li continued spitting out saliva as he said, “Come, Fundamental Tang, let me witness what new martial dao you have created from all your training with different foundations! With regards to Miss Qian Hui, only the winner has the qualifications to be in favor of Miss Qian Hui! Come on, Fundamental Tang….”

….To dare say out Qian Hui’s name….

You, this stupid cow, is Qian Hui a name that you can so freely take in your mouth?!

This tool definitely secretly covets lustfully for Qian Hui!


Tang Tian opened his eyes widely, murderous intent rising from his face, “pa!”, his right hand looked exactly like a spirit serpent, suddenly wrapping around Ah Mo Li’s arm, that was the Fist Art’s Fundamental Technique[Twining]. As fast as sparks appearing between flints, Tang Tian’s left hand had already grabbed Ah Mo Li’s waist, utilising the Concealed Weapon Art’s Fundamental Technique [Grab].

“He!” Tang Tian snarled, firmly grabbing and lifting Ah Mo Li’s enormous body above his head, suddenly throwing him down.

“Stupid cow, to actually go as far to use Qian Hui’s name! You’re dead!”

Ah Mo Li once chanced upon Tang Tian brawling with another person as he passed by Andrew Academy. After that, his hands were desperately itching for a fight with him, and without a word, rushed down to fight with Tang Tian.

But he could tell that Tang Tian only practised different fundamental martial arts, and therefore only used his fundamental arts to contend with Tang Tian.

Deliberately binding both of his hands, Ah Mo Li was being pummeled by Tang Tian.

Not only was Ah Mo Li not angry, he was also getting sturdier. Unexpectedly there were still people who were stronger than him in their fundamental techniques.

Very quickly, he sourced for Tang Tian’s whereabouts, Three Partitions Mountain Range, and went to fight him. But it was the first time that he came straight to Andrew Academy.

He was always utterly defeated by Tang Tian.

Ah Mo Li was persistent in battling Tang Tian, and the more he fought, the more often it got, and the more times it happened, he realised Tang Tian’s achilles’ heel.

Like a sandbag, Ah Mo Li flew out. Seemingly, as he was about to fall on the floor heavily, Ah Mo Li flipped up with maneuverability not fit for his body and landed safely.

Excitement like no other built up in Ah Mo Li’s cow eyes, he spat ,”You’re truly worthy of being called ‘Perfect Fundamentals Tang’. Perfect control of power, perfect fundamental martial arts form, perfect strength! Really makes people excited! Come Fundamental Tang, let’s fight a big match!”

Tang Tian was too lazy to bullshit with him, and he knew that if he did not defeat the beast in front of him, then he would never have peace.

He completely ignored the other students on the training grounds.

Power in his legs abruptly raised, as his whole body flew forward like an arrow released from the bow, towards Ah Mo Li. In the split second that his leg touched the floor, he twisted his waist and released a punch, Fundamental Fist Art’s [Cross]!

With a shine in Ah Mo Li’s eyes, he similarly twisted his waist and released a punch, the exact same [Cross]!

Two fists, colliding uglily.


The surrounding air exploded as every inch of their fists collided, leaving the surrounding students gasping in surprise.

Two shadows unsteadily retreated three steps.

Those students who were boiling with emotions just then, stood there like statues, and all the surrounding sounds stopped as they stood there blankly staring at the field.

The outcome was equal…

Their punches were actually equally matched…

How could this be… how could this be!

Beast Academy… Mad Bull Ah Mo Li… ranked seventh… equally matched…

Ah Mo Li’s eyes grew brighter, he knew that when the punches collided, he was at the losing end.

If it were a contest based purely on strength, he would definitely be a notch above Tang Tian, but as both punches collided, they were unexpectedly evenly matched.

This shows that, Tang Tian’s [Cross] was far more substantial than his own!

As expected, he was worthy of the title Perfect Fundamentals Tang…

At this moment, Tang Tian was like a cheetah, with a concentrated and vicious look. Although he usually looked like a slacker, whenever he started fighting, he was completely concentrated with only one thought in mind, to completely thrash the opponent!


The intense exchange of punches and kicks was never-ending.

The entire training grounds was fully absorbed by this intense battle. Ah Mo Li had a built stature like no others, with energetic muscles like a robust bison. Tang Tian on the other hand who practised five years of different fundamental martial arts, had every muscle on his body trained till perfection, a tall, well shaped and toned stature; brimming full of energy.

Training with fundamental martial techniques was not a very dazzling approach, where every move was really simple. But in these two’s hands, they were full of destructive force.

Every hit of Ah Mo Li was firm and ferocious, with destructive intent.

On the other hand, Tang Tian’s hits were unbeatably nimble and simple, power only erupting at the last second.

As both sides fought intensely with each punch landing, the students around watching turned from shock to pale white. The surprising strength and speed, the precision of utilizing the techniques. Though there was not a bit of delight, it was filled with clear intensity.

If any of them were faced with such a fierce attack, they would be beaten so much earlier! The new students that had just joined the academy, stared foolishly.

Could this really be someone who plainly learned multiple fundamental martial techniques?

Yet Tang Tian was oblivious of everyone’s stares and only focused on the crazy cow in front of him.

Ah Mo Li’s mastery of the fundamental martial techniques were higher ranked than others, and the difference in strength was not just by a small amount. Yet this did not make Tang Tian falter, even with Ah Mo Li’s higher rank of cultivation. As long as he spent more time on mastering the fundamental martial techniques, he could overcome any barriers.

To purely diligently practise fundamental martial skill techniques for five years, while being surpassed by people who spent much less time practising, would lead many people to be discouraged.

Yet Tang Tian was not even slightly discouraged, he kept believing in his own techniques, and yet this mad bull tried to pick a fight using Qian Hui!

Dumb cow, You’re dead!