Undefeated God of War Chapter 349

Chapter 349 – The Old Man of the Ye Family

“Eh, aren’t you Elder Ye? How was it? How’s the wounds on Sixth Brother Ye?” A clan elder ridiculed.

Another clan elder continued: “Old Ye, it seems your luck is not that good, to actually encounter such a black colored dark horse, did you not go and pray to the gods recently?”

“Pray? Who can he pray to? He is Clan Elder Ye, why should he pray? Don’t look down on your Clan Elder Ye!”


Ye Jiu turned a deaf ear to all the remarks, his face remaining calm, but the fists hidden in his sleeves were clenched to the point of whiteness. Going past a long hallway, he reached the door of a meditation room. Above it hung a bamboo curtain, and without saying a word he kneeled down.

Half an hour passed.

An old voice sounded out from the meditation room: “Come in.”

Ye Jiu released his breath and stood up. He stumbled, for he had kneeled too long and his legs had gotten numb. But he did not bother massaging his kneecaps. He pushed open the bamboo curtains and entered.

Inside the meditation room, an old man sat down cross legged with his eyes closed, the faint smell of sandalwood lingering in the air.

The old man did not bother opening his eyes, and said indifferently: “You came to find me, something must have happened, speak.”

Ye Jiu accounted the entire situation to him.

The Old man did not have the least bit of fluctuation in emotion: “Then what do you want to ask?”

Ye Jiu bit his lips, and lowered his head and spoke: “This grandnephew did not bother looking at those people, and the only worry is the Empress.”

The old man did not say a word, as though he did not hear anything, and so Ye Jiu just kneeled there, quietly waiting.

After a long while, the old man then opened his mouth: “Don’t worry about the Empress, as long as you do not harm Crane’s life, anything else is fine.”

“What about injuring?” Ye Jiu tried to probe deeper.

“Injuring is fine.” The old man sighed: “This involves something that happened a few years ago. When Hou Yi Tian had not ascended to become the empress yet, she obstructed the marriage between Crane’s father and her sister with all her might. Crane’s father died when he was very young, and definitely had something to do with Hou Yi Tian watching it happen without doing anything. Crane’s relation with Hou Yi Tian is very rigid and is so strong that she has no way out. If you were to beat some sense into Crane, not only will Hou Yi Tian not be angry with you, she would actually be happy.”

Ye Jiu’s face immediately expressed joy. When the Empress suddenly made a move, it was like putting a knife at his throat, and the reason why he could not do anything was because he did not know what her bottom line was.

“But, think clearly. Hou Yi Tian does not have a heir, and the only descendant is Crane. So he has the possibility of replacing her. If you beat Crane, she will naturally be happy. But, if he truly becomes the master of Sagittarius Constellation, then you would have made an enemy.” The old man said indifferently.

Ye Jiu was alarmed. He was shocked by his Great Uncle words. That Crane was actually the sole heir to the Empress. His face struggled with some hesitation, but quickly made a decision: “The Ye Family is unlike the past anymore, if we suffer a setback now, not only will it injure our strength, but the feelings of our people will be disorganized, so there is no need to speak about the future!”

Ye Jiu words were sonorous, and filled with grief: “The current Ye Family, other than me, there is no one else. In the young generation, only Zhao Ge could endure the training, but he is an un-filial son and a lone wolf, ignoring all other affairs. The Ye family is now currently relying on it’s old name, and the only thing this grandnephew can do is to bitterly hold on. If we were to suffer this defeat, and the Ye name is termed as weak, than under the heavens, how can we maintain our position?”

Thinking about all the suffering and setbacks the past few years, Ye Jiu’s tears all started to flow.

A light sigh sounded above his head.

“I know that all of you blame it on me.”

“This Great Nephew does not dare to!” Ye Jiu could not hold it back any longer, and cried out loudly, prostrating at his Great Uncle.

“The dignified saint domain is also a prison that’s tied and locked by one self. The things inside are not something you can think of.” The old man slowly opened his eyes.

Coincidentally, Ye Jiu raised his head, and saw his Great Uncle’s eyes. It was as though he was struck by lightning. It was the first time for him to see his Great Uncle’s eyes, and it was like a pair of glass golden snake eyes.

“Ask Zhao Ge to come here, I will guide him for a month.” The old man said calmly.

Ye Jiu was startled, and his face was immediately filled with uncontrollable excitement: “Thank you Great Uncle! Thank you Great Uncle!”

“Go then.” The old man once again closed his eyes.

Ye Jiu bowed down, and then retreated from the meditation room.

“Hahahaha, Elder Ye, what exquisite idea did you receive from the old man of your family…” An elder smiled as he saw Ye Jiu, his face full of mockery.

But his words came to a stop abruptly.

Without any warning, the head of the elder in front of Ye Jiu, suddenly exploded out like a watermelon.

Ye Jiu was shocked to the point where all colors were drained from his face, then reacted after a while, becoming extremely excited. It was his Great Uncle!

The other elders then reacted. All of their faces void of color, they stood in their positions, not daring to move an inch, fearing that they would meet with the misfortune. All the few elders who mocked Ye Jiu before were shivering like sieves, their faces as white as paper.

Ye Jiu swept a disdainful look across everyone and walked out of the courtyard with his head held high.

He knew that this matter would sweep like a wind, and spread across the entire Honorable Martial Group. He did not know what happened last time, but only knew that when his great master made his move, he caused the Ye Family’s unstable position to immediately become stable. And the people who originally wanted to hit them when they were down, kept quiet out of fear.

The crisis of the Ye family was relieved, but Ye Jiu did not want it to end just like that.

He wanted the others to see him as who he was, but his Great Uncle’s reminders were right. To offend Crane, who was a successor, for the sake of Tang Tian and his friends, was not worth it. But, he also needed to show his strength. His Great Uncle’s words were short, but sent a lot of message.

He thought for a while, and an idea formed in his mind.


Ya Ya brought along a huge group of mechanical beasts, whistling up and down around the desert. By the time it rushed back the last time, the war was already over, and Ya Ya who was soaring with killing intent was extremely unhappy. So it brought its group of little brothers, and went to the desert to strut around.

But the desert was already Tang Tian’s territory, so who dared to go there to create a ruckus? And after everyone knew that Ya Ya was their master’s pet, Ya Ya and its friends all became tyrants of the desert. Upon seeing the huge group rushing over, everyone would hide.

Ya Ya felt wronged, could it’s Swallowing Light Steel Fist only be used to dig?

But looking out, other than sand, there was only sand, and not even one enemy figure could be seen.

The only thing that made Ya Ya feel interested was that the desert was big, and the feeling of bringing it’s gang around was extremely exhilarating.

Ya Ya made a big goal for itself, and that was before the Master came out of closed door cultivation, it would run the entire desert. When the master came out, he would definitely catch Ya Ya to go and continue digging, and thinking about it caused Ya Ya to be pressed for time.

“Yi yi ya ya!”

Ya Ya who stood atop the bronze goat horn, pointed out with its little finger.

Rumble rumble!

A few hundred mechanical beast formed a rampaging tide, and the sound of the rampage was rather alarming.

Suddenly, the bronze squirrel behind Ya Ya started making weird noises, breathing in with its little nose, it’s gem eyes suddenly lit up. It jumped to Ya Ya’s side, nudged Ya Ya, and when Ya Ya turned it’s head, it pointed out its little hand and directed the army to the right.

Ya Ya was quickly excited!

The entire mechanical beast army rumbled onward, in the direction that the bronze squirrel pointed out.

After awhile they arrived in front of a sand dune. It did not look weird, as it could be easily found in the desert. Ya Ya looked suspiciously at the bronze squirrel, but it maintained a blurry expression, Pa, it raised its right hand, quickly pointed downwards to beneath the sand.

“Yi ya!”

Ya Ya immediately sent the order, causing all the mechanical beast to start digging.

Time to digging comparison, the sand dune was dug so quickly that in an hour, the entire sand dune was gone, and beneath exposed a gigantic hole. The large stone steps formed an entrance, and the length of every huge rock was roughly over 30 m. On the stone wall of the entrance, there were words.

Ya Ya stared at the writings for half a day but could not recognize it.

Ya Ya who was slightly angry yet excited, decided to investigate. The entrance was deep and the inside could not be seen, making it look very mysterious.

Were there treasures hidden within?

Spirit nuclei started popping up inside Ya Ya’s head, it licked its lips. Every one of them looked extremely appetizing.

After thinking for a while, Ya Ya climbed back to the bronze mountain goat to report, and then Ya Ya made the mechanic beasts to take the lead.

What was more suitable than a mechanical beast to investigate the route?

Ya Ya was extremely happy.

Rumble rumble, the mechanical beasts all slowly walked into the cave entrance. The front mechanical beasts switched on their lights, brightening up the cave.

What was surprising was that there were no traps along the way. The cave entrance led to a straight passage, that had no ending. Ya Ya’s big army walked in the front without feeling congested, the passageway was about 60m wide and the height was around 30m.

They continued to advance forward in the wide and smooth passage.

After being pampered so much, Ya Ya did not know what fear was, and it’s eyes continued to release light as it looked eagerly at the walls.

Why were there no traps, why were there no traps?

Rumble rumble.

The sound continued to echo in the spacious passage.


Tang Tian came out of the recruit barracks, feeling happy all over his body. Not only did he not feel tired at all, but he felt that his body was filled with never ending energy. Twisting his fists and kicking his legs, he felt extremely restless.

I cannot stop anymore…

He did not bother, after coming out of the pit of falling rocks, as he walked, he would continue testing his movements.

He had already forgotten why he had entered the Pit of Falling Rocks.

He only felt that living was a joyous thing, the initial feeling of being repressed was swept away completely. His body was extremely obedient, releasing techniques was a feeling of enjoyment. As long as his mind thought of the technique, his hands and feet could easily release them out.

Why not find someone to fight?

That thought made him excited, Ling Xu? Crane? Hey, why not both!

He excitedly went out of the recruit barracks, he had already forgotten about the bitter thoughts of how to handle Ye Zhao Ge. He just wanted to find Ling Xu and Crane to fight.

He immediately jumped after seeing them together.

Crane’s expression was solemn: “Ya Ya is gone.”

Tang Tian was startled: “Gone?”

“Only it came back.” Crane pointed at the bronze mountain goat.

Tang Tian quickly forgot about fighting, and immediately asked the bronze mountain goat: “Where’s Ya Ya? Why are you the only one back?”

“It’s not a person.” Ling Xu commented.

The eyes of the bronze mountain goat flashed a hint of light, turned and started running.

Upon seeing that, without saying a word, Tang Tian, Ling Xu, Crane, and Huo Ma Er followed along.