Undefeated God of War Chapter 350

Chapter 350 – Season Fields Waterway

“What is this place?” Tang Tian gasped, as he looked at the gigantic stone cave in front of him.

Crane, who was sharp, noticed the writings on the wall and recognized them. Crane replied: “This is an ancient waterway called the Season Fields Waterway. I have heard of this waterway before, but I didn’t expect it to be here.”

“Ancient waterway!”

Tang Tian was stunned. The rest were also excited, looking around excitedly.

“So grand!” Huo Ma Er exclaimed, she was a true born Lupus Constellation person, but had never heard of the name Season Fields Waterway: “Where does this waterway go to?”

Crane shook his head: “I am not not too sure. I don’t even recall where I saw it from.”


All of them suddenly jumped up in shock from the noise, but it was Tang Tian who slapped his forehead, his face annoyed: “Aiya, I forgot about my constellation map! I heard that it was created by a grand-master, let me check!”

Tang Tian took out the constellation map and read it. After a while, he shouted out excitedly: “Found it!”

Tang Tian read out each word.

“Season Fields Waterway, an ancient and famous waterway that connects the Southern and Northern Sky. It appeared roughly 5000 years ago and was once the most popular rage of the time. Hailed as the [Energy Flowing Waterway], and was in fact a constellation secret river. Saint Season Fields found and completed exploring the waterway, and called it the Season Fields Waterway. It’s position will change every 500 years, and will always link the Southern Sky Constellations to the Northern Sky Constellations, and is thus hailed as the [South to North Secret Bridge].”

“That also means, this waterway leads to the Northern Sky’s 19 continents?” Crane deduced.

“That’s what it wrote on the map.” Tang Tian pointed to the constellation map.

“What does Energy Flowing Waterway mean?” Ling Xu found something of interest to him.

“A lot of energy?” Tang Tian was unsure too.

Just as everyone was discussing, a rumbling sound suddenly echoed out from deep within the cave, as though an army was heading towards them. Everyone stopped talking and turned their heads.

Very quickly, the army appeared in front of everyone, with Ya Ya leading at the front.

Ya Ya’s entire body was covered in grime, and upon seeing Tang Tian, it’s eyes lit up, and started whimpering with all it’s might, squeaking and waving it’s arms in mid air, pouncing towards Tang Tian.

Suddenly a grey figure flashed in front of them.

A powerful and vicious side kick, shot out like a clasp knife, accurately hitting Ya Ya.


Ya Ya’s body was smashed into the wall, creating a hole of it’s shape, the expression on it’s face froze.

Tang Tian seemed to have awoke from a dream, and immediately apologize: “Sorry, I reacted a bit too fast…”

Ling Xu and Crane jumped at the scene, it was too fast! Only after Ya Ya crashed into the wall were they able to react. Since when did his movements actually become so fast?

The two of them looked at each other, seeing the shock in the other person’s eyes, they realized that the pervert seemed to have become stronger again!

Tang Tian feigned concern and ran over to the wall to pull Ya Ya out, his fingers pulling on Ya Ya’s leg, and applied some pressure. Luckily it was not injured, oh, just that there was a lot of dust…. He lifted Ya Ya out from the wall and patted it, as though he was holding a broom covered in dust.

Inside the dust cloud, Ya Ya was being patted like a meat patty, its expression sluggish.

“Hey, next time, don’t do all these kinds of dangerous things alone.”

Tang Tian acted deeply concerned and advised, as Ya Ya saw stars revolving.

Ling Xu glanced at the army of mechanical beasts and asked: “Are there dangers ahead?”

The mechanic beasts all looked spaced out, many of them had wounds on their bodies, and looked to be shocked. Ling Xu remembered that Ya Ya’s mechanical beast army had around 200-300, but there was only 60 to 70 remaining, could there really be dangers deeper in?

Ling Xu was eager to enter to find out, as the more dangerous it was, the more excited he became.

And it was a famous waterway from history, who knew what treasures were kept inside.

“Let’s wait for Jing Hao to come out, and then we can all go in and take a look.” Crane suddenly suggested.

Ling Xu did not disagree, he respected Jing Hao a lot. Tang Tian also nodded his head: “Ok!”

Big Brother Jing Hao had suffered the heaviest injuries out of everyone, and had not came out from closed door cultivation. He had actually disobeyed his Teacher’s orders, and ran over to help them, causing Tang Tian to be extremely touched.

“Leave Tang Yi stationed here.” Bing’s voice came out.

He had completed his various tasks and followed along, and seeing the ancient waterway, he could not help but be surprised.

Everyone agreed with Bing’s suggestion, a historic ruins place like that, would usually indicate treasures and wealth. Who knew how many people would want to get their hands on it.

After everything that had happened, Tang Tian had also forgotten about him wanting to fight with Crane and Ling Xu.

Before separating, bad news caused everyone’s face color to become black.

“The starry door to Delphinus Constellation is closed, and other than the starry door to Corvus Constellation, all the other starry doors to the different constellations have all closed, and even the other starry doors to Corvus Constellation have been closed. There were no warnings or reminders, and we did not receive any other news.” Huo Ma Er spoke while trembling, she could not imagine how authoritative and powerful must a person be to wish to close so many starry doors.

“Humph, those wretched people, I will spear them to death sooner or later.” Ling Xu was pissed off.

“I’ll go and find out who did it.” Bing said and disappeared, Tang Tian knew that Bing went to find Bell.

“Such a big pocket, to be able to do that.” Crane said solemnly: “The enemy wants us to be trapped in here.”

After a short while, Bing rushed back with a black face: “It was Ye Jiu. The Ye Family has a saint domain old man, who suddenly came out and killed a clan elder of Honorable Martial Group who ridiculed the Ye Family. Honorable Martial Group’s course of direction quickly changed, and all of them are now supporting the Ye Family. Ye Jiu had personally sent out messages to the authoritative figures of the individual constellations, and requested them to close the starry doors that connects to Lupus Constellation.”

The eyes of everyone started to blaze from anger, especially Huo Ma Er, who started scolding: “He wants to suffocate us to death!”

Lupus Constellation already did not have many starry doors connecting to other constellations, and if they were all sealed, then Lupus Constellation would become a cage.

“He is just putting on a show for us.” Crane understood how the members of aristocratic families and strong powerhouses act, and said: “He is using the time that we are establishing our power, to make us worry, so pressure is the best method now. The Ye family has a saint, we are in trouble now. Saint domain experts are extremely powerful, and are not someone the constellations of Northern Sky can disobey.”

Saint domain expert!

These words were like magic from a nightmare, pressuring heavily on their hearts.

No one could have imagined that the Ye family would have a saint, was that inside information from the aristocratic families?

While everyone was in a gloomy mood, Tang Tian was not in the least bit concerned, and simply replied: “So what if he is a saint? Does he have four legs? Relax everyone, saints earn as much as a few hundred thousand star coins a minute, why would they waste their precious time on people such like us? We might not be able to fight a saint, but if Ye Jiu thinks that we would bow our heads and cower in fear because of this, and he can act superior, than he is wrong.”

Everyone’s gaze landed on Tang Tian, all of their expression calming down. Thinking about it, although Tang Tian’s words were crude, but he was right, how could a saint waste his time on them?

Ling Xu secretly set a goal, to become even stronger, and spear the old saint to death!

Crane started to think calmly, a saint domain expert should not be so vulgar, not everyone was in love with star coins like Tang Tian….

Bing sighed, stupidity was not without its advantages….

Seeing that everyone was calmed by him, he became proud: “Also, don’t we have the Seasons Field Waterway? Since it creates a passageway to the Northern Sky Constellations, than the other side must definitely be one of their constellations. He he, tell me, Ye Jiu would definitely want to flaunt himself for sealing us up and defeating us, and if we suddenly appear in the Northern Sky, won’t he be terrified? Aiya, I can’t wait to see his expression! Hahahaha!”

Everyone started to feel eager.

“At the same time, get rid of his arrogance!” Ling Xu licked his lips, his eyes filled with killing intent.

“It’s best to lure Ye Zhao Ge here.” Crane said coldly: “We can set an ambush.”

“Good idea!” Tang Tian’s eyes lit up: “We will gang up on him again, and must definitely kill him this time.”

Ya Ya who was swaying around gradually woke up from the sound of them discussing, and hearing the battle plans, it’s blood started to boil once again, raising the two small fists, it squeaked loudly: “Yi yi ya ya!”

No one bothered about it.

Ye Jiu was feeling satisfied at the moment, completely different from when he was defeated. He could feel the envious and respectful glares from the other clan elders, as the decline of the Ye Family was swept away, and their air had changed.

All of this was done just by a move from his Great Uncle.

His Great Uncle had done that to remind the Honorable Martial Group, that he had not died yet.

Overnight, Ye Jiu became arrogant, and the Ye residence became bustling with activities. His next moved, caused his name to spread far and wide. In the eyes of the higher ups, they felt that it would make matters worse due to the empress, but with Ye Jiu’s handling of affairs, the Empress actually did not make any move.

No killing and no injuring, that was the difficult part.

His flexible means of doing things changed how the higher ups viewed him, and if there were no accidents, by the year end, he would definitely have a promotion. If he had another promotion, that meant that he would finally be free from the middle rank elders, and step into the Higher ranks. At that time, with the support of his great uncle, he believed that the Ye family would once again be at its peak.

To ordinary people eyes, the Ye Family’s authority was increased. To be able to close so many constellation starry doors, the power of the Ye Family was extremely terrifying.

The Ye Family that had kept quiet for so many years, had its vitality completely radiating after Ye Jiu’s big money move.

That was the first time Ye Jiu felt how strong the saint domains really were.

He was burning with passion, he finally realized how naive and stupid he was. Whether Zhao Ge was a lone wolf or not, did not matter, as long as he stepped into the saint domain, he would become the symbol of protection for the Ye Family. Ye Zhao Ge did not need to take any action, his existence would already instill fear into their enemies.

No matter what, I must make Zhao Ge enter the saint domain!

Ye Jiu had decided to make it his own goal.

The matter about Tang Tian and the rest was flung to the back of his brain, to him, the matter had already been concluded.

What he did not know, was how terrifying the next opponent the Ye Family would provoke was.