Undefeated God of War Chapter 351

Chapter 351 – 10,000 Blood Meridians Awakening Plan

Jing Hao looked at Tang Tian, somewhat apologetic: “I can only completely recover in around 3 months, and I am unable to follow all of you to Seasons Field Waterway. You all have to be careful. Don’t worry too much about Lupus Constellation, as long as there is a breath left in me, it will definitely not land in anyone else’s hands.”

The later half of his sentence was spoken with a serious tone. Tang Tian knew, Big Brother Jing Hao who was a person to keep true to his promises. When he said these words, it meant that he would never go back on it.

“Then I will leave it up to you, Brother Jing Hao!” Tang Tian smiled, showing his pure white teeth. Although Jing Hao’s face was still pale, but his aura and qi was not the least bit depressed. The lost did not cause him to lose confidence, and that was what made Tang Tian happy.

He was genuinely concerned for Jing Hao.

Jing Hao watched as Tang Tian and the group left, somewhat stumped. He actually also knew how the elders thought, but he knew himself, his talents for martial techniques, far exceeded his leading talents.

Master must definitely be disappointed.

Jing Hao’s heart surged a sense of loss, but very quickly the determination in his eyes came back. Breaking through realms had caused his mental state to become more tenacious.

I’m not clever, flexible, stubborn, or obstinate. That should be because my capabilities are not enough, but this is me, and this is my morals, no matter how stupid.

He raised his head, the sense of loss swept away from his eyes, his closed lips showing rock hard determination.

Jing Hao did not say anything, and went back to his room. Thinking about the fight with Ye Zhao Ge, his mind aflame, his entire body filled with wild fighting spirit.

His mind was filled with all the details of the battle.

He had already opened that door, and was entering a much more vast world.

The operation to the waterway did not have many people participating, with only Tang Tian, Ling Xu, Crane, Ya Ya and it’s companions going. The main task was to find out the condition of the ancient waterway, and see if it was still open.

Under Bing’s guidance, the entrance of the waterway had a rather big scale bronze base. Of course, it naturally could not be compared to the bronze base in Three Spirits City, but as an encampment for the Lupus Army, it was sufficient. The poverty of Lupus Constellation was clearly visible, and to gather the required bronze took a large effort.

With Jing Hao overseeing the place, adding Ah Mo Li, Han Bing Ning and the rest, Tang Yi and the Lupus Army, the Lupus Constellation was definitely safe, so Tang Tian and his group were not worried.

Lupus Constellation was sealed, but that did not affect the citizens much. Since always, Lupus Constellation had very minimal communication with the outside worlds, and only a few places were reached by the caravans and traders. The locals were already used to such a life, and their reliance on the outside world was very minimal.

All this did not influence Tang Tian much, as he was very much the tyrant. Following the increase in intimacy between them and the Mo Family, their profits also increased steadily.

The exhaustion of resources for the war against Ye Zhao Ge was much less than what Tang Tian planned. Tang Tian currently held a total of 10 billion star coins.

Tang Tian was rich and overbearing, and with one breath, he gave a large order to Old Man Fei, for an entire 2 billion worth of Ancient Wolf Blood meridians awakening medicine. Old Man Fei was overjoyed, he had recently just brought in a few old friends, and did not expect that he could get them to work so soon.

The current Lupus Constellation was completely in Tang Tian’s hands, so he naturally did not spare on the awakening medicine. With the Awaken Blood Spring, the manufacturing cost of awakening medicine only required 2000 star coins, where Old Man Fei originally quoted it for 5000 star coins as the selling price.

2000 star coins for one, with 2 billion, it was exactly 1 million portions, and the blood meridians experts who were hired in by Old Man Fei were completely starstruck by Tang Tian’s big check.

They did not expect at all, that all of this actually started from Tang Tian. Hearing it from Bing, Tang Yi hoped that he could continue leading the Lupus Army. Tang Tian was extremely touched, Tang Yi was not willing to let go of the Lupus Army, that was true loyalty! Tang Yi had gave his life for Tang Tian for a few times, and he had remembered it.

Since Tang Yi had that wish, then let me help him!

Tang Tian despised Bing’s self-interest.

The Lupus people had suffered plenty, they were tenacious by character, and complied well to orders, so they were good bandits, and were actually good soldier material as well, but Bing did not see that. The reason was simple, the Lupus Race was too weak.

Don’t you hate weak people, and see them as cannon fodder?

1 million portions of awakening medicine, and that meant 1 million people, there were bound to be a few outstanding talents. If there were 500 out of the 1 million, that was 5 out of 10,000, 5 out of every 10,000, there were bound to be good warriors!
Old Man Fei’s and his subordinates were efficient, to them, the awakening medicine was too easy.

In a short time, they had completed 100 thousand portions.

When Tang Tian passed the 100 thousand portions of awakening medicine to Tang Yi, he told him that there were 900 thousand more coming. Tang Yi did not bow down, which was extremely rare, for he did not know what to say. Tang Tian started putting on an act and patted Tang Yi, telling him something about doing his best, don’t throw the godlike young man’s face, then Tang Tian shook his sleeves and left.

When Tang Tian left, Bing then slipped over.

Bing then told Tang Yi, that everyone needed one blood sample each, to be able to use one awakening medicine, and asked Huo Ma Er to help Tang Yi. Bing knew more than Tang Tian, the efficiency of getting Tang Yi to recruit a 100 thousand people, was definitely slower than him bringing the army to kill a 100 thousand people.

For the blood specimen, Bing was always concerned about the Heavenly Martial Werewolf blood meridian. Old Man Fei had said before, 30 thousand blood samples, could achieve a complete 80% Heavenly Martial Werewolf blood meridian. 100 thousand blood samples, could roughly obtain a 90% pure Heavenly Martial Werewolf blood meridian.

Bing had also asked Old Man Fei, for a 80% Heavenly Martial Werewolf blood meridian, 300 to 500 million was already a kind price, and if the purity rate was 90%, 5 billion was the lowest price!

That was not only not losing, but also fiercely making a huge amount, allowing Bing to be extremely happy.

Huo Ma Er was stunned by Tang Tian’s large supply of money, but more so excited. She was very clear, 100 thousand portions of awakening medicine, and what that meant for the Lupus Race!

When Huo Ma Er announced the plan of the 100 thousand awakening medicines, the entire Lupus Constellation went into an uproar!

In the entire Heaven’s Road, no one cared about Lupus Constellation being sealed, and even Ye Jiu’s actions were ignored by everyone. At the moment, all of Heaven’s Road was attracted to something else.

A breakout had happened in a meeting between a commerce trade of Leo Constellation and an elder of Honorable Martial Group, and no one thought that the elder would actually sneak into Leo Constellation alone and kill the traitor’s entire family.

The vile matter caused an uproar in Leo Constellation, and Lion King Lei Ang flew into a rage, and threatened the Honorable Martial Group to hand over the man in three days time.

Honorable Martial Group maintained their silence the entire time.

The Lion King who had an unyielding and warlike personality did not hesitate to begin summoning a large force, and in one night, the entire situation became extremely tense.

One was the biggest power of Heaven’s Road, the other was the strongest constellation, the confrontation between the two tyrants, threw a shadow across the entire Heaven’s Road.

Everyone knew that the battle could not be avoided. The friction between the two overlords, the Lion King who was aggressive, and in his robust time had long been unable to tolerate Honorable Martial Group’s continuous infiltration, and the Honorable Martial Group also hated how the powerful Lion King acted. What made them disgusted was that Lion King continued to influence the surrounding constellations, secretly rejecting Honorable Martial Group, and that had already reached the foundation of the Group.

The war between the two overlords was inevitable.

No one thought that the fight would arrive so quickly. Thinking over the situation again, it should have been expected.

Everyone was worried, once the fight erupted, it would probably affect the entire Heaven’s Road. At that time, no one could escape it.

What was even more worrying to everyone was that Heaven’s Road had enjoyed peace for too long.


Seasons Field Waterway.

Tang Tian and the group had already arrived to where Ya Ya had last reached. Seeing that the place was filled with the wreckage of the mechanic beasts, everyone’s faces congealed. Ya Ya had lost ⅔ of its mechanical beasts the last time.

In front of them, many bright lights floated inside the vast passageway, like a slice of the blue ocean.

All of the bright lights were regiments of pure energy. They were like balls of spirits, floating in the air, sometimes coming together and separating apart.

“As expected of being hailed as the energy flowing waterway.” Crane praised: “I have never seen such a condensation of energy before. All these balls of energy, when converged together, are very dangerous.”

“It feels a bit like energy cracks.” Tang Tian stretched his neck, trying to look further in.

“Don’t dilly dally, quickly tell us how to go in? “Ling Xu was impatient.

Crane reminded: “We need to separate the balls of energy. Be careful not to use True Power, and only pure force.”

Tang Tian gasped, his face shocked as he pointed: “All of them needs to be smashed?”

The number of balls in front of them were endless, like a large river.

“That’s right.” Crane explained: “If they were to erupt, our bones will cease to exist. After smashing them, they will not be dangerous, and might even be useful for us.”

“Useful?” Tang Tian’s eyes lit up.

“You will know later.” Crane decided not to spoil the mystery, and pulled out an ordinary looking steel sword.

Ling Xu, seeing that, also took out an ordinary steel spear.

Tang Tian used his bare fists.

“Let’s begin.” Before the words disappeared, Crane’s figure was gone.

“I knew you would do that.” Ling Xu snorted, he and Crane kept pace to pace.

“Wa wa wa, I’m the first!”

Tang Tian pulled past them, and was the first to rush in. Pa Pa Pa, the consecutive sounds of explosions sounded out, and the surrounding blue balls around him all exploded, transforming into a blue mist.

His movements were so fast that they could not be captured.

Ling Xu snorted, the steel spear in his hands trembled, and the ball in front of him crumbled like a wall. He could currently unleash 200 thrusts in a second. Without using True Power, he could lightly thrust out about a 100 spears, and 100 balls all crumbled at the same time, which was extremely spectacular.

Every stride he took, the rain of spears would blossom once, and the light walls would all crumble down in a large heap.

That was the Striding Spear Thrust.

Crane was like a big black crane, his figure extremely agile, the steel sword in his hand was like a pliable and tough bamboo, with extreme might, his sword techniques followed his wrists, releasing out. The steel sword would change rapidly in a small area, as fast as lightning.

The sword would follow the body, like a Crane dancing and was extremely agile. Without a thread of True Power, The Heavenly Crane Sword Principle still lingered in his sword techniques, and was performed to saturation.

But out of the three, Tang Tian was still the fastest, and his fighting style, was even more special.