Undefeated God of War Chapter 352

Chapter 352 – Crane Crystal Pellet

The efficiency of the three of them was extremely fast.

Needless to say about Ling Xu’s Pointed Sea Spears, one move and he could brandish out a rain of spears. Crane’s steel sword was also very fast as the sword would follow the body.Every sword, had minimal movement, like the Crane’s beak catching and feeding, it was as fast as lightning.

Compared to the two of them, Tang Tian was not inferior at all. His moves were extremely fast, and his changing of moves was also strangely fast, but comparing the releasing of his moves to theirs, he did not have too much dominance.

But he still rushed to the front.

Normally, there would be a time delay between catching and attacking. Experts would usually try to shorten that time delay as much as possible, and the experts who could react quickly would not allow their opponents to realize that time delay.

But Tang Tian did not even have the time gap.

He did not need to stop at all, even a trace of it, his movements and attacks were extremely fluid, completing all his desired movements in one breath. His movements were concise, without any flashy movements, along with some unconventional movements. He could somehow predict and understand the balls ahead of time, and all of his movements were consecutively done to hit multiple targets, cutting down a lot of time.

Adding that Tang Tian was not slow in attacking, his efficiency was naturally surprising.

Crane was shocked.

He had merged his enlightenment on the wind into his [Heavenly Crane Sword Principle], causing it to become extremely fast, where same level opponents would not be able to be his match.

Crane’s sword techniques had attained another level, and gradually became stronger. Out of the few, he was the most low key, because he was quiet and did not enjoy fighting, while Tang Tian and Ling Xu who enjoyed being in the limelight and enjoyed fighting, he was always in the shadows. But only three people were able to leave injuries on Ye Zhao Ge, one was Tang Tian, another was Bing, and the third was Crane.

Ling Xu was competitive in nature, and always wanted to win, he used all his strength to fight, and did not think about conserving strength.

Crane could see clearly Tang Tian’s style of offense, and it immediately attracted him. It was an extremely weird style, for it was the first time Crane was seeing it. Tang Tian at times left a few light balls behind, but would use a weird movement after that, pulling all of them in and destroying them like pulling a net of fishes. He could not see if it was intentional or accidental.

That was why Tang Tian’s offensive style looked to be special, and if his pace just staggered a bit, Tang Tian would look like a drunk. His route of advancement was completely at random, sometimes swaying to the left, sometimes to the right, sometimes idling at the center, sometimes rolling backwards then crawling in front, it was completely unreadable.

Crane thought for a while, then understood that it was intuition.

If he was being intentional, then it was extremely graceful. As though he was playing chess, which pays attention to intelligence, but with Tang Tian’s IQ……

Alright, seems like this beast-like intuition is suitable for this lunatic young man.

But, that was truly a fearsome intuition!

Crane’s heart was constantly surprised. He was calm in nature, and was always doubtful regarding intuition. But for intuition to be so strong, he felt afraid of it.

It was a type of capricious mule headedness type of strong!

Tang Tian did not notice Crane secretly analyzing him, as he was too immersed in the excitement. His frightening intuition, allowed his body to instinctively release the movements and react quickly, and the feeling was extremely wonderful. He felt that he had all the power in his body, and was extremely soft, extremely obedient, it was almost to the degree that he could execute any high difficulty movements.

His movements were smoothly increasing, and gradually he began to comprehend his movements even further.

The excited state intuition and extreme calm state intuition, were completely different from each other. The excited state intuition, was more onto the control of his own body, while the extreme calm state intuition, focused more on the clarity of the surroundings.

Tang Tian was immersed in the wonderful states.

After an unknown period of time, the road in front of them suddenly opened up into a wide clearing. Tang Tian immediately got out from the wonderful state, as he turned back to look, and saw behind him a straight passageway.

He had already went through the entire passage, and no more light balls could be seen, as all of them had been turned into a blue mist.

Tang Tian was was still reminiscing the feeling from just now, ‘PA’, a light ball suddenly exploded, and Ling Xu came out from the middle of the blue light. Tang Tian quickly reacted, bent his back backwards and laughed out loud: “Hahahaha! Little Xu Xu, I won again!”

On the bronze mountain goat, Ya Ya stood by the side, hands on it’s waist, puffing out its chest, it had a glorious look on its face. It turned its face to look at the sluggish bronze squirrel. Ya Ya jumped to its side, grabbed onto its tail and shook it with all its might, rallying and screaming for Tang Tian.

The pitiful squirrel, was pulled around by Ya Ya like a little boat in a storm on the open sea, it’s face was full of shock, unaware of what was going on.

When Ling Xu rushed out of the blue light and saw Tang Tian, his face was immediately unhappy. And adding on Tang Tian’s pleased shouts, his face became as black as a pot.

Crane also finished, and smiled: “Seems like I am third place.”

Tang Tian strutted around for awhile, then thinking about what Crane said, he immediately asked: “Little Crane, didn’t you say something about a surprise?”

Little Crane…

Crane’s smile froze on his face, and forced out a laugh: “Ah ha, that’s right that’s right.”

Although Ling Xu still had a black face, but his eyes had a glint to it, he was extremely curious to Crane’s “Surprise”, as Crane was not someone who bragged.

Crane took out a silver Red-crowned Crane Lantern, it was a small cup lantern that resembled a red-crowned crane, and was extremely realistic.

The eyes of the red-crowned crane suddenly lit up, the scarlet light made it look like it came alive.


Tang Tian and Ling Xu’s eyes were open wide, both of them not blinking.

Suddenly the blue lights all surged towards the Red-crowned Crane Lantern, and flew into the mouth. The blue light was continually sucked up by the Red-crowned Crane Lantern’s mouth, but compared to the entire passageway of blue light, it was just a little.

Tang Tian’s face was shocked: “Eh, it can suck in the energy!”

Ling Xu who was angry from the personal assault earlier, sneered and snorted: “Idiot, such a simple thing, who can’t tell?”

“Then what is the person who lost to an idiot called?” Tang Tian laughed: “Not even worth being an idiot.”

Ling Xu was enraged, he leaped up and pointed his steel spear to Tang Tian: “Come then, let us men fight it out instead of talking!”

Crane cut in with a sentence: “Hey, you guys can keep fighting, there will be enough time for it, but the Red-crowned Crane Lantern needs a bit more time.”

In the end the battle did not happen.

To be chided by Crane, Tang Tian felt that fighting would be too silly. Alright, alright, Little Xu Xu cannot see this point. People with bad brains really leave the rest helpless, this godlike young man will give in to him.

Tang Tian had eyes filled with sympathy, allowing Ling Xu to walk away in anger.

Tang Tian went to Crane’s side, and asked: “Hey Crane, what’s this? I never seen you take this out before.”

Crane explained: “It is called the Red-crowned Crane Lantern, and is a silver rank treasure from Heavenly Crane Constellation. My father used it when he was young, so the sect leader kept it for me. It’s utility is very simple, and it can absorb energy, so if there is sufficient energy, it can condense the energy into a Crane Crystal Pellet. But I have never seen it before, I heard that in the past, the Heavenly Crane Constellation could condense a Crane Crystal Pellet every 5 years, but now that it had decline for too long, the energy is too thin.”

“Can the Crane Crystal Pellet be eaten?” Tang Tian was already drooling.

“Yes.” Crane could not help but show a smile: “But it’s biggest effect, is that it is able to help you train your True Power.”

“Train True Power!” Ling Xu and Tang Tian both gasped at the same time.

To the two of them, the most difficult thing to improve was their True Power. Tang Tian was currently using the training clothes made by imitating the Ancient Energy Room by Sai Lei, but the progress of training True Power, made the two of them unhappy. The consumption of star rocks of the training clothes was extremely terrifying, and if not for Tang Tian who was considered a small tyrant now, he would not be able to use the training clothes.

On Heaven’s Road, treasures that could be used to train True Power were in the hands of the big powers.

“Yes.” Crane smiled: “But don’t harbor too much hope, it has been with me for so many years, but I have never seen it produce out a Crane Crystal Pellet. The Sect had records that wrote that, and my mother had said that it truly did condense before, so I just brought it with me.”

“How is it compared to the training clothes?” Tang Tian immediately asked.

“I heard that it can be immediately consumed.” Crane was unsure: “I have never used it before, so I cannot say for certain. It is because I see that the energy is so dense here, so if I didn’t use it, it would be a pity. Lucky for us that we found the Seasons Field Waterway, if not, this lantern would forever be left to collect dust.”

A place with such dense energy, was truly a rare natural resource.

Why was the Northern Sky Constellations stronger than the Southern Sky Constellations? Why was the Polar Domain Constellations stronger than the Northern Sky Constellations? Why were strong martial experts willing to go to a higher rank constellation? Why were the 12 Ecliptic Palaces the axis of Heaven’s road?

Everything all boiled down to the simplest reason, that was energy.

Energy was the source of True Power, and True Power was the foundation and core of True Power.

The energy in the Northern Sky Constellations were much denser than Southern Sky constellations, and the speed of training was even higher while training in dense and rich energy constellations, so martial artists can become even stronger. But the strong martial artists who were ambitious, were all willing to go to even higher ranked constellations, to seek for even faster progress.

With the attention of the Crane Crystal Pellet, Ling Xu and Tang Tian were finally living in harmony, both of them drooling over the Red-crowned Crane Lantern.

After watching for a while, the three of them got bored, and they started sitting down to meditate.

Time slowly crawled.

When Tang Tian opened his eyes, Crane and Ling Xu were nervously watching the lantern.

Tang Tian immediately turned to look and was surprised, as the blue light in the passageway had become extremely thin. Compared to the previously dense blue mist, the current mist was extremely thin, and he could see further into the passageway.

The Red-crowned Crane Lantern also seemed to have changed, the pure white body, had it’s eyes dyed blood red.

Suddenly a loud and clear crane cry sounded out in their minds.

The three of them shuddered.

The Red-crowned Crane suddenly opened its beak, and spat out three soybean sized crystal beads. The luster on the Red-crowned Crane’s body quickly dimmed down, and the eyes quickly became silver again, like when Crane took it out.

Their gazes were completely attracted to the Crane Crystal Pellets. The Crane Crystal Pellets released a palpitating energy undulation, it was not strong, but caused their hearts to beat hard.

“One pellet per person.” Crane did not bullshit, and took one pellet.

Ling Xu and Tang Tian also took one each.

The three of them looked at each other, and threw the Crane Crystal Pellet into their mouths at the same time.