Undefeated God of War Chapter 355

Chapter 355 – Ultimate Seventh Level

Pa Pa!

The Void Dark Flames and Ice Blue Heart on his dantian crumbled at the same time and disappeared.

Tang Tian’s mind was shocked, the Void Dark Flames and Ice Blue Heart in his dantian originated from his blood meridians, and he had a close connection to them. Only to see the 36 rays of spiraling energy suddenly rushing to his dantian without him controlling them.

The dantian was like a lake, and the 36 rays of spiraling energy were swimming inside the dantian.

Tang Tian did not understand, but he had a question, and that was the ascension of level. Only by forming a new layer of dantian, could he step into the next domain.

The eighth level!

How could he form the the eighth level of dantian?

Tang Tian calmed himself down and started to think. His mental cultivation techniques were too chaotic, because the energy in his body was too complicated. But as of now, all the energy in his body was swept away, and what was remaining were the 36 rays of spiraling energy!

He initially thought, after absorbing all the energy, he could increase his level. But he did not think that it would actually produce 36 rays of spiraling energy, surprising him.

But Tang Tian could feel the benefits.

Not only were the 36 rays of spiraling energy interlinked with his mind, but it was also extremely congealed, far more than his current True Power.

Maybe I can do something about the spiraling energy…..

As though it had sensed Tang Tian’s thoughts, the spiraling energy in the dantian started to swim faster and faster, gradually, a whirlpool was formed in the dantian. It created a powerful suction that increased the speed of which the Void Dark Flames were being pushed in the meridians.

Tang Tian’s expression immediately warped.

Tang Tian’s meridians were completely tempered by the Void Dark Flames infiltration, quickly becoming transparent. The meridians that were originally recovering back to their actual size, were once again pulled wider. The hick pipe like walls, thin and transparent, were Tang Tian’s current meridians.

After one full day, the Void Dark Flames finally reached the dantian.

The surging fire pillar rushed into the dantian.

Tang Tian’s body froze, his mind went into a blank, and he lost consciousness.

The true power in the dantian was instantly vaporized, devoured cleanly by the flying spiraling energy. The Void Dark Flames seemed to be endless, continuously surging into the dantian, in the blink of an eye, the dantian was full.

Tang Tian’s dantian walls were slowly being burnt and transformed by the Void Dark Flames While the Void Dark Flames continued to surge in, the more the Void Dark Flames came, the wider the dantian walls were being pushed. Tang Tian’s dantian was like a slowly inflating balloon, becoming bigger and bigger.

The Dantian became bigger and bigger as it’s walls became thinner and thinner. Tang Tian regained consciousness and upon witnessing what was happening, became extremely shocked.

If this continues, my dantian will be forced to burst!

He had just fended off an evil wolf, but now a fierce tiger had come, Tang Tian simply wanted to cry, but he had no tears.

What do I do? What do I do?

Tang Tian clenched his teeth, and could only go in and go deeper.

The 36 rays of spiraling energy struggled downwards, entering the sixth level dantian pool, and began to lead the Void Dark Flames in. Upon entering Tang Tian’s sixth level dantian pool, the situation became somewhat better. But the sixth level dantian pool was much smaller than the seventh level, and quickly became full.

After being stuffed, the sixth level dantian pool also began to expand.

“Hey hey hey! Granddaddy Ocean Prison, that’s enough, that’s enough!” Tang Tian’s tone was polite and trying to curry favor, as though he had no choice but to bow and bend his knee. Tang Tian was crying in his mind, he did not wish to submit to it, but damn it, even the chance to submit was not given!

There was no reaction from Ocean Prison which was still in his hands.

The sixth level dantian pool was also expanded to it’s maximum, and being helpless, Tang Tian could only continue going downwards.

Tang Tian finally understood what a thirsty bird quenching its thirst was…..

At this time, no one could correct him with the proper saying: Quenching thirst by drinking poison.

(TN: it’s a play with Chinese words yet again. It is extremely difficult to translate to English. For the minute difference is like center and centre)

Human lives rose and fell very quickly, Tang Tian was grieving. His own road, was like a black string, wrapped around a black bead. Eh, Tang Tian suddenly realized, the distance between the adjacent dantian pools was much smaller. The lower level dantian pools that held the Void Dark Flames, were much more than what Tang Tian expected, their width of expansion was much bigger than the seventh level dantian pool.

This strange scene attracted Tang Tian’s attention.

Could it be…. That the lower level dantian pools actually have huge potential?

In the past, regardless of whatever mental cultivation techniques, they all had a clear characteristic, that every ascension of realm, the space of the dantian pool would increase by over 10 folds, and that showed the distinct difference and gap between each level of martial artists. But the result in front of him, caused Tang Tian to realize, that everything that he knew in the past, might possibly be wrong.

Or maybe, he was a special case?

Tang Tian already forgot about the danger, his mind was beginning to have many thoughts surface. Very quickly, he felt that it was no exception, although the Void Dark Flames were strange, but it could truly test the potential of every dantian pool.

That was right, Tang Tian figured that the biggest part of support was the potential of the dantian pool. Every time the dantian pool expands to close to its maximum, the spiraling energy would sense danger, and automatically dive down to the lower level dantian pool.

It was the first time Tang Tian witnessed such a scene, his pitiful knowledge could not explain the scene that was happening before him. But no matter how stupid he was, he could understand that he had reached a crucial juncture, that life and death was on the line. He racked his brain juice, and began to slowly think.

The biggest problem was the Void Dark Flames, where did it come from? It came from Ocean Prison, that’s right! Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, he thought he found the root of the problem.

Saint Sword Ocean Prison!

He once again went to take a glance at the unfamiliar sword techniques. He found the things that suddenly appeared in his mind were extremely complicated, and at the start he rejected it and tried to resist, and after Ocean Prison had saved his life, it once again pushed Tang Tian to the edge of the cliff.

This asshole!

After summoning Ocean Prison, what do I do? Tang Tian was focused, trying to find the answer from the unfamiliar sword technique.

Tang Tian struggled to find it and ignored the progress of the Void Dark Flames. It had already reached his first level dantian pool, and was pushing it to its boundary.

Ocean Prison suddenly trembled in Tang Tian’s hands.

Tang Tian trembled along with Ocean Prison, dong, Tang Tian who was being pushed to his maximum, finally lost consciousness.

But strangely, Tang Tian’s body did not explode.

After being quiet for a long while, Tang Tian slowly opened his eyes. His scary looking pupils had a grey color, and his mouth exposed a sneer. He caressed the sword blade of Ocean Prison and muttered lightly: “Thank you.”

But the voice was extremely bone chilling.

Ocean Prison buzzed in his hands, apparently joyful.

“An idiot also has his merits, his fortitude is strong.”

The cold voice was like a sword edge cutting through the air, cold and threatening.

The tyrannical Void Dark Flames in Tang Tian’s body became extremely docile. He noticed the situation in his body, and was taken aback. Each of his dantian pools were broadened to their maximum, anymore and his life would have exploded there and then.

That required extreme bravery and fortitude.

What he had invested, reaped an astonishing value; his harvest was plentiful.

But Tang Tian’s cold heart, thumped once, as though he was half a step late, and was played by the idiot. He realized he had to clear up the mess, which was something he loathed.

The Void Dark Flames in his body were gradually extracted out by Ocean Prison, and what was left in Tang Tian’s body were all the expanded dantian pools.

The original dantian pools were gone, and what replaced them were sparkling and transparent delicate dantian pool walls. The new dantian walls that had been tempered by the Void Dark Flames, were crystallized True Power. It was impossible at the seventh level with normal means to allow Tang Tian’s True Power to crystallize.

The seventh level was originally at the point where the True Power would liquefy.

To have the crystal dantian walls, the capacity was enlarged, the lesser expanded ones were bigger by 5 to 6 times, while the more expanded ones were bigger by around 10 times.

Tang Tian’s strength had suddenly soared, no one in the seventh level of True Power could compare with him. All of his Dantians currently could hold True Power much stronger than normal eighth level dantian martial artists.

Is this the Ultimate Seventh Level?

Tang Tian was slightly surprised.

It could also be considered fool’s luck.

He glanced at Crane and Ling Xu who were trembling beside him, without any intention to help them, he took up Ocean Prison and his gaze looked into the depths of the waterway.

His body moved, and like an arrow, he shot deeper in.

If Crane and Ling Xu were awake, they would definitely be overwhelmed with shock. Tang Tian’s display of speed was three times faster than what is was before. And, he was not even using Wind Concealment Steps!

Tang Tian shot forward without the intention to stop at all.

Suddenly, a black figure pounced on him like lightning.

Tang Tian did not stop, he flicked his wrist and the long Ocean Prison sword released a sword beam, the black figure did not even have the time to wail out, and was split in half!

The black figure was a star spirit beast, and was one of the eighth level.

The smell of blood immediately pervaded the air, and one after another star spirit beasts appeared from within the shadows. The purity of the energy inside was high, and after being sealed for so long without any disturbance, it was easy for star spirit beasts to reside and reproduce in there.

Without even blinking, Tang Tian rushed deeper in without slowing his speed.

The star spirit beasts were enraged as they were awakened. Tang Tian showed his scorn, and immediately stabbed into the nest. Countless figures all pounced towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s speed was still at it’s maximum, the extremely straight Saint Sword Ocean Prison pointed in front of him, like a cavalryman holding his lance straight.

Pushing forth with power beneath his feet, his figure instantly disappeared.

Almost simultaneously, he rushed into the crowd of star spirit beasts, his figure leaning about 30 degrees off the ground.

Extremely sharp sword auras shot out from the two sides of Ocean Prison.

The following scene was shocking.

Everywhere Tang Tian passed, the star spirit beasts would be perfectly sliced at the waist by a formless blade, not one star spirit beast could block it nor escape it.

The earth shaking roars of the star spirit beasts abruptly stopped, the black figures that covered the entire place were all wiped out.

Tang Tian’s expression was normal, without a single bit of fluctuation, as though what he was doing was a simple job.

Over 100 star spirit beasts, did not delay Tang Tian’s movements at all. Fresh blood spurted out all over the passage, dyeing the entire place with red and the stench of blood filled the air, but Tang Tian’s body did not even have one drop of blood.

Without looking at the corpses, he disappeared further into the passage.