Undefeated God of War Chapter 356

Chapter 356 – Angelina

Tang Tian leisurely strolled around the hall after killing countless star spirit beasts and destroying many traps without a single drop of blood on his body.

Facing the sunlight, Tang Tian squinted his eyes, his eyebrows frowned. He did not like the sunlight.

Glancing at the stars in the sky, Tang Tian judged his current position.

Andromeda Constellation.

He considered that he had plenty of time to move this time, and could do many things. If not, he would not be able to endure “his” low rate of efficiency which could piss anyone off.

But, he did not plan to change anything. When he reached Southern Cross Constellation, that would be the time to fight, and regardless whether it was him, or the other “him”, he was still not strong enough.

Although the other “him” was somewhat idiotic, he had to admit that “his” rate of growth was much stronger than his. He was always calm, living in hibernation and waiting, and to him, it was no different to fighting. He made the right judgement for himself, preferring to live in darkness.

The other “him” charged around violently, while he hid in the darkness, and when the opponent exposed a weakness, giving him the fatal strike chance, that was where he was best at. The plan, was the most suitable for the both of them to bring out their individual qualities, so from the start, he had never sought to seek control of the body.

But, he did not want to waste the chance he had obtained after much difficulty, to come out and take a breath of fresh air

Currently, the power of Void Dark Flames was too strong for Tang Tian, and “he” had suffered an intense attack this time. If it was in his normal state, “he” would faint for around 15 days, but to him currently, it was a rare chance that came by.

15 days of time, I better plan and use it well.

Tang Tian opened his left palm, and wiped his entire face, the Void Dark Flames transformed into a black flaming mask that stuck onto his face. Tang Tian’s body released a surging black flame, transforming into a cape that covered his entire body. The black flames, were like ordinary flames, without a trace of Qi from the Void Dark Flames. The Saint Sword Ocean Prison in his right hand burst out in flames, and it quickly retracted, becoming a black colored slender rapier.

Ocean Prison was too obvious, without a sword guard, it would be too impressionable. A rapier without a sword guard looked like a sharp and thin iron bar, which would look to be more ordinary.

Suddenly, he heard movement.

Tang Tian’s figure disappeared.

Tang Tian quietly stood on top of a tree branch, like an owl hiding in the night, the dense leaves covering his body. There were many people fighting, but no one felt that 20m away from them, there was a person hiding.

Angelina sat by the shore, propping her chin on her hands, her gold hair flowing down and landing on her beautiful shoulders. She had a high nose bridge, her blue eyes were as attractive as the ocean. Her dress dropped at her waist, accentuating her voluptuous chest to the extreme.

Her heart was sunk.

Her guards were falling one by one, the situation for her was getting worse by the minute. The enemy had already surrounded her, and she had nowhere to run.

“Your highness, please stop the pointless struggling, this will not change your situation.” Outside of the circle, a handsome young man said leisurely, his face had a thin smile, which was actually very attractive.

But in Angelina’s eyes, it was despicable.

But she knew that being angry was useless, her eyes had fear and panic, pitifully speaking: “George, we grew up together, are you truly going to hurt me?”

George was somewhat sad: “Angelina, this is master’s order. Surrender and I won’t hurt you.”

Angelina was distressed: “George, I do not wish to marry Zou Ning from Honorable Martial Group. If I go back, they will definitely force me to marry him. Zou Ning is Qiu Shan’s dog, I definitely will not marry him.”

George’s heart was extremely unhappy, he knew that Zou Ning was infamous, and he said gently: “Angelina, stop it. I will help you, with all of my capabilities, to prevent it from happening. But under Master’s order, we cannot go against it.”

“There is no more time, George.” Angelina’s tears started to fall: “The Honorable Martial Group’s people will arrive by tomorrow. If I am still at the palace tomorrow, they will definitely marry me off to Zou Ning. The Master will not stop it, I am only the third in the successor line.”

“He he, George, no wonder you can never be promoted!” A voice suddenly came out from behind George, ‘Woosh’, a group of people came out, surrounding all of them.

A big fierce looking person slowly walked out, his face full of ridicule: “Truly soft hearted! Alright, you can get lost now, I’ll handle it from here.”

Angelina stopped crying, her eyes already exposing despair. George and her grew up together, so she knew his personality, he was actually kind, if she kept pleading, he might actually let her go.

But Ba Fu was a true stone hearted and cold blooded murderer.

Pleading would only make him delighted and excited.

The guards that came out like a tide, were Ba Fu’s elite subordinates, all of them were strong, and George’s men were not their opponents.

George’s face turned green, Ba Fu scolded him for being soft hearted, making him speechless. Ba Fu held high authority in Andromeda Constellation, he was the Master’s chief imperial guard, and his strength was unfathomable. If he were to show a bit of hesitation, Ba Fu would not hesitate to kill him, even though he was the second seat successor to the Feng Ye family.

His eyes twitched, and he said hatefully: “Let’s go!”

George’s guards all were all relieved, they all knew of Ba Fu’s infamous name, it was a name in Andromeda Constellation that could definitely stop a baby from crying.

George’s troops left in a hurry.

Ba Fu smiled as he looked at Angelina, his eyes had a burning passion. He licked his lips: “Angelina, you’re finally in my hands. I have waited for this day for too long.”

Angelina’s face changed, she felt as if her heart was being clenched tightly, and started feeling breathless. She did not know her face was as white as paper, and said: “You dare! Ba Fu! I’m getting married to Zou Ning, and he will not tolerate it if you dare to humiliate me!”

It was as if Ba Fu heard a big joke, and started to laugh crazily, stopping after a long while, then suddenly said: “Brother Zou, can I play with her for two days?”

A evil looking reserved man came out beside Ba Fu, and chuckled: “Since Brother Ba likes her, it can be considered her good luck. Women are made to play with, and it’ll only be interesting if everyone enjoys them. I still have a few other fresh girls, and will send them to Brother Ba’s residence, all of them come from some backgrounds you know, all the famous sects, I would want Brother Ba to evaluate them.”

Angelina’s hands and legs started to turn ice cold, as though she just came out from the freezer.

She stared blankly at the evil looking man, her body on the verge of collapse.

“Angelina, serve General Ba well.” Zou Ning chuckled evilly.

Ba Fu was extremely pleased, and walked towards Angelina with a sinister smile.

Angelina was beyond despair, but she knew, any begging or crying would only make the enemy more happy. She puffed up her chest, her snow white fingers making her fringe proper, naturally touching her face in the process, and she began to speak.

“Ba Fu, you are collaborating with Honorable Martial Group. One day, you will die a tragic end.”

She looked at the two men, her eyes brimming with disdain.

“And you, Zou Ning, you’re only fit to be a dog.”

Somehow, her fingers had a blue gleaming needle, making contact with her skin.

Ba Fu’s eyes contracted, and he stopped walking.

This woman is truly scheming, she was lost and in despair just a second ago, and suddenly she was prepared to end her life.

“He he, what dogs love to do, is to hunt.” Zou Ning smiled sinisterly, and said proudly: “Miss Angelina, if you think that you can do such things in front of me, you are too inexperienced.”

Angelina’s heart jumped, and suddenly she realized she could not move her body, as though it was not listening to her.

“General Ba, please enjoy.” Zou Ning laughed evilly.

Ba Fu laughed out loud, losing something than regaining it, was the most ecstatic feeling. That despaired look, made him extremely aroused to the point that his bones shuddered. He strode forward, extended his hand, wanting to grab Angelina’s voluptuous breasts.

Angelina’s heart had died.

Suddenly, a cold long slender piece of metal on her neck, quietly pierced forth.

All the hair on Angelina’s body stood from the extreme cold intent.

As though Ba Fu’s hand was bitten by a snake, suddenly feeling the pain, he groaned, retreating backwards, he roared: “Who is it!”

Suddenly, an unforeseen event caused everyone to quiver.

A slender rapier at Angelina’s neck, suddenly extended out.

Everyone then realized, that a person was suddenly standing behind Angelina.

He was holding a black slender rapier, while slowly walked out from behind Angelina.

The black flame mask, covered his entire face, his grey eyes were cold without a trace of emotions, the flowing black flame cape, completely covering every inch of his body.
(TN: Imagine Kurosaki Ichigo’s final getsuga form)

The black rapier in his hands, caused everyone’s eyes to contract.

A rapier without a sword guard, looked like a straight metal bar, making the slender rapier lose all of it’s gracefulness, and left with it’s dangerous and fierce aura. Every single person was a martial artists who had been through over 100 battles, and had profound understanding of all sorts of weapons.

The rapier was originally a weapon that stressed fully on offense and ignoring defense, while the sword guard was it’s only and most minimal form of defense. Without it, it meant that the swordmaster was seeking for extreme offense, and completely ignoring any form of defense.

What kind of swordmaster would dare to use such an extremely dangerous rapier?

Who would blindly pursue offense, and neglect his own life?

Even for suicide warriors, they had to have absolute confidence in their offensive capabilities! Regardless of what person he was, it made Zou Ning have a bad feeling.

Tang Tian’s rapier quietly remained by his side, his body was as straight as a spear, the black flames skirting around his body, it was as though his entire body was shrouded by darkness.

The entire scene became silent.