Zhan Long Chapter 659

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Chapter 659 – Fighting Gong Zi Ying

Finally, the Zhan Long Office’s main team had met its match, [Prague]’s team. There wasn’t much more to say, and this situation did not bode well for them. All they could do was fight their hardest.

In the first round, Matcha was put against Yan Zhao Warrior. He was a level higher than her and he had quite a few pieces of better equipment. Yan Zhao Warrior had at least three pieces of Divine Tier equipment. Furthermore, his skills were a level stronger than Matcha’s and they were all explosive attacks.

“Shua shua!”

The two players were teleported into the arena. Yan Zhao Warrior politely smiled, “To meet [Zhan Long]’s top sixteen players in battle, makes it well worth the fight. There’s no other way, let us all fight our best!

Matcha didn’t respond and just lightly nodded her head.

As the countdown finished, Matcha raised her long sword and dashed out. Yan Zhao Warrior on the other hand dealt a [Flying Sword]. His blade broke through the sky and pierced right through Matcha’s chest, letting out a great damage number——



As expected, Yan Zhao Warrior’s attack power was extremely high. It was enough to break straight through Matcha’s defense. Furthermore, he used [Flying Sword] to whittle away her health. That was probably a move that Yan Zhao Warrior had been planning to use a long time before the battle actually started.

Matcha raised the shield in her hand as she accelerated forward. She was already activating [Assault].


“Sha sha…”



As expected, Yan Zhao Warrior dodged the skill by shifting his position. He struck Matcha with a sword that was imbued with energy. Matcha quickly turned around and waved her shield. “Keng!” The shield rammed into the sword’s blade. Afterwards, she stepped forward and threw a kick into Yan Zhao Warrior’s right side.


Yan Zhao Warrior was very clever and had already saw through Matcha’s moves. He suddenly charged forward. “Peng!” He rammed into Matcha’s shield, and interrupted Matcha’s own moves. The reason why it was broken was because she was too slow in the execution. The three moves had to be completed within 0.5 seconds, while Matcha’s maneuvers were at best second tier, taking her a whole second to complete. It was only natural that it’d be broken.



Yan Zhao Warrior raised his arm. A crimson colored energy began gathering at the center of his palm. “Pa!” He lightly tapped Matcha’s shoulder, activating a skill. [Crimson Chains]! They bound her for five seconds!

Then, this [Prague] guildmaster dipped forward and activated [Blade Rush] piercing his sword through Matcha. He spun around and activated [Combo]+[Combo]. Under the barrage of attacks, even if Matcha were to activate her [Phantom Holy Shield] she would still fall and die.

There wasn’t much suspense in the second round. The gap between battle tactics and maneuvers was just too big. Although Matcha understood all the theories by heart, she couldn’t apply them well in reality. Especially against someone like Yan Zhao Warrior who was ranked 20th in the CBN Battlenet rankings. Practically all of her Pulse Break maneuvers had been broken. Once they were broken, she was forced into a position that could only result in defeat.

0:2, Matcha couldn’t change the path of fate and ended up losing a point to Yan Zhao Warrior.

For the Second Match, it was Song Han vs Yayayayaya. This Six Ya was a special talent that Yan Zhao Warrior had spent a lot of effort to pull to his side. Naturally, she wasn’t some noob. She gripped her long sword and stood up straight on her side of the arena. She smiled at Wolf and said, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s brother, are you going to be spanked by Xiao Yao Zi Zai if you lose? That sounds scary….”

Wolf raised his dagger, “Stop acting cute and focus on the battle….”

And so, Six Ya got serious. She raised her arm creating a fire wall around her. [Wall of Dragon’s Breath], an S tier Defense skill. Afterwards, she smiled, “Come, youngster!”

Wolf went into [Stealth] mode. After successfully activating a [Backstab], Six Ya still had 70% of her health left. The defense effect of the [Wall of Dragon’s Breath] was just too OP. It was even stronger when she paired it with [Dou Qi Armor]. The second Wolf disappeared, Six Ya swung her blade, letting out a slash of Sword Qi. It slashed forward, forcing Wolf out of his [Stealth]. She then activated [Assault], stunning him. Energy burst from her and her S tier combo [Rapid Slash] activated. [Rapid Slash] was a skill that combined five quick slashes. “Ka ka ka!” the five cuts were thrown out and Wolf died under her attacks. Who knew that Six Ya would have such terrifyingly clear judgement. She was pretty much a nightmare to any jobs with low defense.


Wolf lost two matches in a row. Six Ya had the advantage in both class and skills. Even if she just stood there and let Wolf deal attacks, he still wouldn’t be able to break through her defense. On the other hand, Six Ya’s counter attacks were even more critical. Just one round of skills was enough to take away all 20,000 of Wolf’s health.


Over all, they had already lost 0:2 to [Prague]. Wolf’s little team was in a precarious position!



“Shua shua!”

The third match was Ran Min vs Traveler. This was a match of explosive power versus recovery power. Old K was a berserker that put all of his stat points into explosive power while Traveler was a knight with lots of health.

The match began with a series of ferocious pounding. Old K activated [Battle Axe Throw], [Flame Axe], [Burning the Enemy’s Boats], and [Wind Slash], quickly cutting down his opponent’s health. Traveler continuously moved across the arena and activated [Cleansing Rain] and [Circulation] to recover health. He was waiting for Old K’s health to drop to critical. He waited all the way until Old K only had 20% health. By then, he laughed, “Ha, you’re finished! Time for 3:0!”


He threw a [Skyshaker Pierce] + [Flame Axe]. Unfortunately for him, Old K didn’t die. Instead, he activated [Oppose the Heavens], increasing his attack power exponentially. He let out a hearty laugh and swept past traveler with a [Whirlwind Slash]. He then suddenly jumped up and swung his battle axe. “Kenv!” He smashed Traveler’s shield and cut through his shoulder. Like that, he killed Traveler in one slash.

2:0, he won both rounds. Traveler couldn’t break through Old K’s [Oppose the Heavens], resulting in his death.

1:2, Wolf’s team managed to clench their teeth and make a comeback!



In the fourth round, the two girls in the team went out to battle. Dancing Forest and Matcha went against Yan Zhao Warrior and Yayayayaya. Matcha was in charge of tactics She raised her shield and stood in the arena, protecting Dancing Forest. I couldn’t hear what they were saying in the team chat. However, I could see that Matcha was using [Assault] and [Heroic Ram], and [Divine Provocation] to control Yan Zhao Warrior. Furthermore, she used [Phantom Ray Slash] to support Dancing Forest in fighting Six Ya. In addition, right as Six Ya’s combo burst out, she quickly went into defense by gulping down potions and activated [Cleansing Rain] to take the attacks.

In the next moment, Dancing Forest activated [Meteor Shot], piercing through both players. Six Ya fell to her knees from that attack while Yan Zhao Warrior still had half of his health. Matcha was also reduced to critical health. She raised her blade to hold Yan Zhao Warrior off as he tried to pursue Dancing Forest. However, he was kited and ended up chasing after Matcha. Matcha dodged the attack, kiting him as well. And so Yan Zhao Warrior could only smile ruefully and fall to his knees.

1:0, they managed to take a point.

In the second round, Yan Zhao Warrior patiently bided his time while he and Six Ya discussed a plan. The Uncle and the girl’s team work finally resulted with an overpowering show of attacks. He used [Blade Rush] and [Assault] to dodge Matcha’s control. Afterwards, he activated two combos at the same time, killing Dancing Forest in an instant. Afterwards, it was easy for the two high level swordsmen to finish off a heavy armor knight.

Like that, they came back twice, resulting in a 1:2 score. Wolf’s team lost another round in the 2v2 event. The total score turned into 1:3, resulting in their defeat. However, they did pretty well in the fifth team battle. They lost 1:2. At least they hadn’t lost too badly.




Wolf, Matcha, Yan Zhao Warrior, and Six Ya all walked out of the arena. Since the two guilds remained allies, there wasn’t too much enmity between the two parties. Winning and losing wasn’t a big deal. What was more important were the values of friends.

“Don’t feel too down!” I patted Wolf’s shoulder.

Wolf nodded, “Yup, I know….”

Wan Er picked up her sack and smiled, “Let’s go. It’s the last battle for the top sixteen. Its our turn!”

Dong Cheng squinted her beautiful eyes, “Our opponents are the players from [Moonlit Lake]. It shouldn’t be too hard. No need to be so nervous.”

Li Mu laughed, “Look at Li Xiao Yao picking his nose. Does he look nervous at all?!”

I was stunned, “F*ck, when was I picking my nose… it was clearly Bai Qi…. he even flicked it onto Yan Zhao Warrior’s table….”

Yan Zhao glared at the table, “Hey staff, can I switch tables…..”



Our five member team entered the arena. Fei Er recognized Wan Er and I. She gleefully waved to us. Afterwards, she asked that we set up our teams. We kept our original formations. I was the first to battle while Wan Er and Dong Cheng followed after me. As for the duo battle, it was Wan ER and I. This way, our chances of winning were slightly better. [Moonlit Lake] sent out three girls and two young men for their team. One of the girls was the guildmaster Gong Zi Ying. She was a solid eight. She raised her bag, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s team… looks like we’ll only make the top sixteen. Oh well, the rewards won’t be too bad….”


Wan Er and I nodded with a smile. After a few seconds, the two team formations appeared on the big screen——

1v1: Xiao Yao Zi Zai LV 119 Dragon Rider VS Gong Zi Ying LV 115 Swordsman

1v1: Cang Tong LV 117 Hermit God VS Mu Xue LV 115 Mage

1v1: Cang Yue LV 117 Mage VS Xing Ran LV 114 Assassin

2v2 Cang Tong Lv 117 Hermit God & Xiao Yao Zi Zai LV 119 Dragon Rider vs Gong Zi Ying LV 115 Swordsman & Mu Xue LV 115 Mage

5v5: ALL vs ALL



The game’s transfer was very smooth. As soon as we entered the competition room, we were automatically teleported to the arena. Our five man team appeared in an area where we could watch the tournament on the side. After a few seconds, I was teleported into the arena. My opponent also appeared. It was Gong Zi Ying, the guildmaster of [Moonlit Lake]. She was a Level 115 Knight. From the looks of her equipment, she had 1-2 pieces of Divine Tier Equipment. It looked like she also had  Saint tier equipments. They were pretty good. However compared to me, her equipments were still a lower tier.

I waited for the countdown to finish to begin the battle!

There wasn’t anyone who didn’t want to win, and that theory applied to Gong Zi Ying as well. Even though she knew that there was a gap between the level of our skills, she still charged at me with all her power. She activated [Blade Rush]+Combo as soon as she got close to me. I parried her attacks with my [Wall of Dou Qi] and then activated [Great Realm of Desolation]+[Seven Star Fragment Slash]. After cutting her health down in half, I quickly grabbed her with [Hand of Purgatory] and killed her with a combo!

2:0 , I easily got a point. The gap between the two of us was just too great. I was ranked twelfth in the CBN Battlenet Rankings, while Gong Zi Ying was only two hundredth. In reality, the reason this girl’s guild was able to rise up in the rankings in Jiu Li City was because of her dream. It wasn’t solely because of her strength. Also, even though she was only 200th in the CBN Battlenet Rankings, she was still pretty strong in a small city.