Zhan Long Chapter 660

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Chapter 660 – Four out of Eight 

The second match was Wan Er vs Mu Xue, [Moonlit Lake]’s number one mage.

The battle was even more simple. Afterall, mages were already at a disadvantage against assassins. An assassin’s, [Backstab] and [Flying Dagger] was already enough to break through their [Mana Shield]. Furthermore, skills like [Twin Blade Harmony] could completely ignore the shield and kill the player. Even if the mage’s [Mana Shield] didn’t break, they would still die. To top it off, Wan Er was a top tier assassin. She only needed to successfully stun the player once, and she’d be able to pretty much kill her opponent in that small amount of time.

2:0, Mu Xue was instantly killed twice after being stunned. Wan Er had used a combo of [Blade of the Death God]+[Twin Blade Harmony]+[Flying Dagger]. In that moment, Wan Er had unleashed the full might of her 100 stat point strength, successfully killing her enemy twice and getting another point for [Zhan Long].

All in all, we quickly got a total score of 2:0. We were now at the third match of the round, Dong Cheng vs Xing Ran.

Xing Ran was [Moonlit Lake]’s chief assassin. Level 114, and eighteen years of age, it looked like she had pretty good equipment. The dagger she held in her hand glowed with a light green light. It was most likely a Saint tier Equipment, it should have a pretty good attack.

Dong Cheng quietly stood there with her staff in hand. She glanced at Xing Ran and smiled, “Pity, no goods….”

Xing Ran blushed and glared at Dong Cheng’s 34C and said, “I will defeat you!”

“Come at me!”

Dong Cheng chuckled at her own provocation. Her dainty posture was enough to make all the males present skip a beat.




In the end, Dong Cheng moved before Xing Ran even went into [Stealth]. She activated [Revealing Light], [Eagle Lightning Wave]+[Magma Lance], wreaking havoc in the arena. She had completely covered every inch of the arena, forcing Xing Ran out. Following that, she immediately threw a [Thunderbolt Finger]. Xing Ran grit her teeth and charged forward with [Absolute Step]. Then, with a flash of her dagger, she cut into Dong Cheng’s neck. Unfortunately, Dong Cheng’s health only dropped to critical. Dong Cheng quickly used a [Dimensional Leap], while she left a Holy Ghost skill in her wake——[Fire Beat Burst Raid]. Flame Beasts pounced onto the arena  and Xing Ran’s body trembled. And that was the end of it. As an assassin, Xing Ran couldn’t take so many attacks at once.

Like that, Dong Cheng won two battles in a row, earning [Zhan Long] another point and locking our victory.

In the fourth round, Wan Er and I went to battle side by side. We finished off the opponent with pure explosive power, getting another 2:0.

The final round was a team battle. [Ice Domain]+[Fire Beast Burstraid] had already turned into the best combo. As before, we swept through [Moonlit Lake]’s main team and won with a 3:0 score. This proved that a team could still enter the top sixteen with a 10:0 score. [Zhan Long]’s team was just too savage.



Once the battles were over, we walked out of the competition room. I looked up at the big screen. Right on time, the top eight matches appeared. The tournament was advancing forward on a tight schedule——

Area A: Team Q-Sword VS Team [Judgement]

Area B: Team Fang Ge Que VS Team [House of Prestige]


Area C: Team Jian Feng Han Vs Team Mu Xuan

Area D: Team Yan Zhao Warrior vs Team Xiao Yao Zi Zai




The quarterfinals. This time we were really going up against the strongest teams. Not one of the teams in the top 8 were going to be weak. Practically every match was going to be a focal point in the Chinese Servers. The first match was between [Hero’s Mound] and [Judgement] the two big guilds. Ye Lai stood up and lead his team of brothers onto the stage. He smiled, “Let’s go, teach a good lesson to those b*st*rds of [Hero’s Mound]!”

Not far away, I could see Q-Sword pick up his bag and say to Tang Qi, “Tang Qi, I will be able to get at least one point in the first three battles. Afterwards, in the 2v2 and the 5v5, I’ll be relying on your Hexagram Skill and your [Perspective] for control. As long as you cast it at the right time, then I’ll be able to obtain a win against [Judgement]!”

Tang Qi nodded, “Don’t worry Boss!”



Not long after, the two team formations appeared on the big screen——

1v1: Q-Sword, LV 117 Blacksmith Swordsman VS Jing Ke LV 116 Assassin

1v1: The Seventh Tang LV 116 Feng Shui Master VS Ye Lai LV 117 Flame Berserker

1v1: Sword Tears LV 115 Swordsman vs Babel Buddha LV 114 Wind Swordsman

2v2: Q-Sword LV 117 Blacksmith Swordsman & The Seventh Tang LV 116 Feng Shui Master VS Ye Lai LV 117 Flame Berserker & Babel Buddha LV 114 Wind Swordsman




Looking at the big screen, I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned against the LED ad that flashed on the wall and said, “This team formation isn’t very advantageous for [Judgement]. Tang Qi has too many control skills. I’m afraid Ye Lai won’t be able to hold him off. If that’s what happens, then they’ll be in trouble.”

Wan Er replied, “Yea. Actually, overall, [Judgement]’s strength is still slightly lacking. The only stable point is the solo round with Ye Lai.”

“That’s right….”

Not long after, the two went into battle.

In the first round, Q-Sword vs Jin Ke. There wasn’t much to expect from that. He had cleanly won 2:0. Furthermore, Jin Ke’s finishing skill had been successfully broken by Q-Sword two times in a row. That move had shocked the entire stadium. There were even quite a few female players that screamed. After all, Q-Sword was known as the perfect handsome man in the Chinese Server. He had quite a few female fans.

The second match was a highlight. Ye Lai VS Tang Qi. One was a Flame Berserker, while the other was a Feng Shui Master. They were both hidden classes. Ye Lai was more focused on explosive power while Tang Qi was an expert in control.

In the end, Tang Qi continuously used [Hexagram] and [Perspective] to control. He also continuously activated [Combo]s and [Curses] to decrease Ye Lia’s health. Pity for him, Ye Lai

S tier equipment was just too good. As a Berserker, he had at least 8000 base defense and 30,000 health. No matter what Tang Qi tried, he couldn’t budge him. On the other hand, Ye Lai’s [Battle Axe Throw]+[Consequence of Pride]+[Holy Flame Cut] practically instantly killed Tang Qi.

This continued for two rounds. Tang Qi could only bring Ye Lei down to 20% health before getting instantly killed. The reality was the Feng Shui Master class had already reached maturity. Its attack power was a little low and could only act as a support class for team members with higher attacks.

1:1, the two sides were even!

For the third match, Q-Sword’s little sister, Sword Tears, went against Babel Buddha

This time, Babel Buddha, the Wind Swordsman, started off by displaying explosive amounts of power. He utilized his [Wind Shield] and dodged attacks while activating [Wind Pulse] to stun her. He then used [Blade Rush]+[Sword Break]+[Combo] to deal a finishing blow. Against the second strongest swordsman in [Hero’s Mound], Sword Tears, however, he didn’t seem to have even a sliver of fear and actually won both rounds. Now the overall score was 2:1, and [Judgement] was in the lead.



“D*mn….” Tang Qi rubbed his nose and said, “So sorry, after I lost that point, we had actually lost our advantage. Sigh….”

Q-Sword smiled and comforted him, “No matter. We still have a chance. Besides, you were up against Ye Lai! Who’s Ye Lai? He’s a man that can make the entire Jiu Li City shake with a stomp of his foot. He’s fierce and courageous. In the game [Conquer], Ye Lai had charged into the enemy servers’ dens by himself multiple times during the country wars. Even the foreigners are cautious around this man. All in all, losing to Ye Lai isn’t something to be embarrassed about… however, now we must take the 2v2 and the 5v5 and prove that [Hero’s Mound] is stronger!”

Tang Qi nodded, “Yes sir!”

Very soon, the 2v2 began. Both sides countered each of the skills. Ye Lai had instantly broken Babel Buddha’s [Wind Shield] and carried out a barrage of furious attacks. Q-Sword didn’t sit around. He raised his sword and charged at Ye Lai. Tang Qi then used [Perspective]. “Pa!” he stunned Ye Lai. Afterwards, he immediately retreated and activated [Pentashield] and took an attack from Babel Buddha. He then used another [Perspective] and arrived right in front of Ye Lai in seconds and dealt a [Combo] at point blank range.

Ye Lai roared and activated [Divine Weapon Breaker]+[Consequence of Pride]+[Holy Flame Cut], killing Tang Qi right before he died. Q-Sword maintained his 40% health. He immediately turned around and rammed his sword into his opponent. He then threw a kick and successfully broke the skill. Babel Buddha’s [Wind Pulse] was actually broken. In that second, Q-Sword continuously dealt attacks and drained health from his enemy. At the same time, he gulped down a potion and whittled away Babel Buddha’s health!

The fight continued like this for the second round as well and the two teams were tied at 2:2. This round was too intense!



The last round was a team battle. Tang Qi acted as the controller in this match as well. He used [Hexagram] to stun Ye Lai, while Sword Tears and Sword Tan locked their [Assault] skills onto Ye Lai, controlling Ye Lai’s attacks. Q-Sword then killed off Jing Ke and Babel Buddha at once. By the time Ye Lai had escaped their control, he found out that only his healer and himself were left. Against four people, there was no chance of winning. He raced against time and killed off Tang Qi before his [Hexgram] cool down was finished. He then killed off Jian Tan before being killed by Q-Sword.


The second round was the same. [Hero’s Mound] relied completely on Q-Sword and Tang Qi to lock a 3:2 victory. All of the victories were close wins.

Like this, [Judgement] was pulled back to the top eight in the Chinese Server in the Hero’s Wing’s Cup. This year, they don’t have the opportunity to join in the Global Tournament. Luckily, Ye Lai is a rather optimistic person. He had already planned to drink the night away with Babel Buddha and the other team members. They had actually gotten a pretty good score, they had lost to [Hero’s Mound] 2:3 rather than 0:5.



The four out of eight round’s second match was starting. It was Team Fang Ge Que vs Team [House of Prestige].

Even though [House of Prestige] was strong, it was not on par with [Legend]. In other words, the team that Fang Ge Que lead right now had no shortcomings. They swept through their opponents with a 5:0. Fang ge Que, and Enchanted Painting dominated the 2v2 and the 5v5 with 2:0 scores in both categories. Only Lu Chun Yang had a score of 2:1 in his solo. In other words, of the entire [House of Prestige] team, only Swift Thunder managed to get a small point off of Lu Chun Yang. The rest were instantly killed. Bai Li Ruo Feng was unfortunately matched against Fang Ge Que, resulting in a 0:2 loss in that category as well. The gap between the server’s number one archer and the server’s number one mage was pretty big. After all, in the hearts of most players, Bai Li Ruo Feng was a man, but Fang Ge Que was a god!



After two of the four top teams were decided, the next area’s competition began.

Team Jian Feng Han vs Team Mu Xuan.


Both teams had their shortcomings. Now everything depended on how the matches were made——

1v1: Wild Beauty LV 115 Knight vs Simple LV 117 Mage

1v1: Wild Swan LV 114 Knight VS Jian Feng Han LV 117 Swordsman

Lvl: Mu Xuan LV 117 MAge VS Fallen Wolf LV 115 Berserker


2v2: Mu Xuan LV 117 Mage and Wild Beauty LV 115 Knight VS Simple LV 117 Mage & Jian Feng Han LV 117 Swordsman




In the end, Wild Beauty, and Wild Swan the two knights both gave Jian Feng Han and Simple a point. Mu Xuan got a point in the third round. In the 2v2, they lost once again to their opponent. Jian Feng Han and his sister’s teamwork was absolutely seamless. In addition, everyone knew Jian Feng Han’s strength. Wild Beauty was clearly not on his level.

In the end, Mu Xuan had lost 1:4. Her team was still not on par with Jian Feng Han’s. There wasn’t any other way. She needed another master level player. Mu Xuan on her own was not enough to carry the team the entire way. Besides, the opponent had Simple in the mix as well. In terms of mage strength, Simple does not lose to Mu Xuan.



After the two teams walked out, Qing Qian already lifted her bag and smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao, it’s our turn. Time to go against Uncle Yan Zhao’s team!”