Zhan Long Chapter 661

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Chapter 661 – Spring of Spirit Ruins

Not far in the distance, Yayayaya threw a fierce glance at us. Clearly she wanted to declare battle with our main [Zhan Long] team. Six Ya had recently entered [Prague], so she probably wanted to make some contributions to her guild. There wasn’t much left to do to prove her strength other than beating up [Zhan Long]

I stood up and picked up my bag. I brought Wan Er, Qing Qian, Dong Cheng, and Darling Duck onto the stage. This was the most critical battle. If we defeated [Prague] we’ll have the chance to enter the top four. Otherwises, we’ll be stopped here in the top eight.


On the stage, I stood before the gaming set ups. I was facing away from Yan Zhao Warrior. The two teams were lined up. After pondering for a second, I decided to send Wan Er as the first to battle, while I go after her. Dong Cheng would take the rear. As for the duo, Wan Er and I would fight side by side. Once I was done setting up the formation, I retreated a step. Yan Zhao warrior had also set up his team formation. The two team formations popped up onto the screen——

1v1: Cang Tong LV 117 Hermit God VS Yayayayaya LV 115 Flame Swordsman


1v1: Xiao Yao Zi Zai LV 119 Dragon Rider VS Yan Zhao Warrior LV 117 Swordsman

1v1: Cang Yue LV 117 Mage VS Traveler LV 116 Knight

2v2: Xiao Yao Zi Zai LV 119 Dragon Rider & Cang Tong LV 117 Hermit God VS Yayayayaya LV 115 Flame Swordsman & Yan Zhao Warrior LV 117 Swordsman





After we entered into the competition room, we logged onto the game!


Our virtual players appeared within the arena. The system had teleported us directly into the arena. Yan Zhao Warrior brought Six Ya and the others into the arena as well and stood in front of us. As we waited for the countdown for the first match to finish, Wan Er raised her dagger. She quietly looked at Six Ya and said, “This Flame Swordsman won’t be that easy to deal with….”

I nodded, “Yup. Furthermore, assassins are at a bit of a disadvantage against heavy armor players. But it’s fine. You have [Heavenly Armor], so your defense shouldn’t be too much lower than Six Ya’s right?”

Wan Er shook her head, “Not necessarily. [Heavenly Armor] does increase my health by 100%, but not anymore after that. On the other hand, Six Ya has [Wall of Dragon’s Breath] and [Dou Qi Armor], so in terms of defense, I definitely do not have the upper hand. All we can do is wait and see if there’s any other advantages I have over her. How much health does she have?”

Qing Qian blinked a few times and said, “According to someone close to her, Yaya without a mount has around 32,000 health. Sister Wan Er, keep track of your own health, otherwise you might get killed by her counterattack.”


Wan Er pursed her lips and smiled, “Don’t worry, I have faith in this match!”


Very soon, the two parties entered into the arena. The system already began the countdown.

Yaya raised her sword and smiled as she looked at Wan Er, “Cang Tong, you’re a legendary person… I never thought that I would come to this point and actually fight against an expert ranked in the top ten of the CBN BattleNet Rankings! On top of that, I will do all I can to defeat you!”


Wan Er grinned, “Then come at me! I’m waiting for you!”

At that moment, the countdown finished and the battle began!

In that first moment, Wan Er’s body suddenly disappeared into the air. However, this arena limited an assassin’s [Stealth] quite a lot. There was gravel scattered all over the ground and there were torches and trees all around. Leaves lightly fell all around the scenery. As long as an assassin touched one of those leaves, that would immediately notify Ya ya of their presence.

As expected, Ya ya didn’t make any moves at all. She quietly stood there as she glanced at the surroundings. She tightened her grip on her sword, causing flames to engulf the blade. She had already prepared all of her skills, all she was waiting for was Wan Er to show herself.

“Sha sha….”

One of the pebbles on the ground suddenly made a sound. “Pa!” a pebble flew up. Ya Ya didn’t hesitate for a second and immediately used [Haste]. She raised her sword and charged over. The sunlight flashed across the blade and she activated a skill—— [Sword Break]!


The gravel on the ground flew into the air, but the attack didn’t cut into Wan Er. Ya Ya was shocked and spun around. But it was all too late. A crimson light flashed and [Gouge] successfully hit. She was stunned for 1.2 seconds!

The pebble that flew up was something that Wan Er had left behind before she leapt up. In other words, it was a trap that she had purposely left for Ya Ya. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have fallen for it so easily.


She waved her daggers and immediately activated a slew of skills, [Backstab]+[Chain Attack]+[Twin Blade Harmony]. A chain of damage numbers flew up and Ya Ya’s health dropped to under 40%. There weren’t a lot of players now who could take a whole round of attacks from Wan Er.

After this round of skills, it had already used up Wan Er’s points. Afterwards, she would have to battle for at least seven seconds in order to recover a hundred strength points. Otherwise, there was no way she could use any other assassin skills.


Ya Ya’s blade twitched and was covered in flames. She had already activated [Flame Combo]. This was her time to shine.

However, who would have thought that Wan Er slid right past Ya Ya. She then spun the ring on her right finger, activating a special skill—— Ruins of Spirit Fragments. At that moment, a green light fell upon the two girls. The skill took up 60 points of Rage, instantly recovering a hundred points of strength. The dagger in her hand slightly shuddered and she used [Gouge] again, stunning Yaya. Afterwards, she followed the attack with [Blade of the Death God]+[Flying Dagger].

“Wu wu…”

Ya Ya cried out and fell to her knees. Before she could even attack, she had already lost a point to our beautiful little miss’ two rounds of attacks!



“D*mn….” Qing Qian’s eyes widened, “Sister Cang Tong’s attack speed is incredible….  So OP…..”

Dong Cheng grinned, “Wan Er’s extremely fast at killing people. Even me, the daughter of [Destiny] Mage’s can barely conceive of that power…..”

Darling Duck raised her staff, “Oh shut up. Isn’t [Destiny]’s son a swordsman? Area attacks, defense, speed decrease, speed increase and combos, aren’t those all combos for swordsmen?”


At that moment, the three girls looked over at me. I awkwardly smiled, “What are you looking at me for? That’s what [Destiny] set up. It has nothing to do with me….”



At that moment, the second round began, and it went just as the last one had.


Wan Er was just too good at tricking people while she was in [Sealth]. On the big screen, once she went into [Stealth], she lightly flicked her left hand, making a leaf in the distance move. She was using [Domain Control]. “Shua shua shua!” Several leaves suddenly moved on her own. This time, Ya Ya saw it and smiled, Cang Tong, this time I’ve got you!”

She swept out her sword, only to get another MISS. As before, she didn’t get Wan Er’s position.

Ya Ya furrowed her brows. She knew that she had fallen for another trap. She quickly turned around and threw a cut!



The sword rang against Wan Er’s dagger. However, Wan Er was even faster at attacking. As she was right before her enemy, she immediately switched her attack into a [Gouge]. Lady luck wasn’t on Wan Er’s side this time, and a big MISS popped up. The [Gouge] had not succeeded. Of course, between players who were of the same level and stats, the chances of success for a [Gouge] was over 90%. Wan Er’s luck this time around was just too bad.

Ya ya’s best opportunity was right before her, how could she miss it?

The blade began to glow and she threw another cut. She was too close however. The two girls were so close that they nearly touched each other. Wan Er wouldn’t be able to dodge even if she wanted. All she could do was pull out the Iron Umbrella behind her and parry the attack!




That wasn’t all. Ya Ya leapt up and rammed her shoulder into Wan Er. “Pa!” Wan Er was pushed back. This was the first move to [Flame Combo]. Once she pushed Wan Er back, she took the chance to deal three furious [Flame Cut]s. One after another, sparks flew off of the Iron Umbrella, bringing out large damage numbers——









Wan Er’s [Shield of the Mundane World] couldn’t hold against the attacks. She quickly drank a Level 11 potion, recovering 10,000 health. Afterwards, right at that moment, Ya ya suddenly rammed into her. “Peng!” the 32Cs wrapped in armor smacked against Wan Er’s 34Ds. She began gathering energy at her feet, activating another A tier [Combo]—— [Rapid Slash]!

After five slashes, Wan Er’s health couldn’t last. “Wu!” She fell to her knees, losing a point.




The beautiful little miss was teleported to our side. As she waited for the next match to start, she pouted her lip and stamped her foot as she angrily ranted, “I lost a point! I lost a point!”

I was speechless, “I saw it. Calm down, you were just unlucky….”


Qing Qian smiled, “Yup, you really were unlucky.Ya ya took the chance and killed you with two rounds of attacks. Sister, you saw it Ya Ya had practically used up the cooldown’s of all of her skills in order to kill you. Next time, you just need to block it once or twice. Or, if your ambush succeeds, then you’ll win.”

“Ok.” Wan Er nodded.



The third round was the deciding round.

This time, Wan Er didn’t even go into [Stealth] to begin with. She just raised her two daggers. Ice energy began to gather around the blades. She then activated [Absolute Step] and [God’s Dance] to increase her movement speed. [God’s Dance] had the ability to completely dodge physical attacks. Without another word, she charged right at her opponent before disappearing into the air.

Ya Ya was also particularly cautious. She gripped her sword with both hands and activated [Wall of Dragon’s Breath] and [Dou Qi Armor]. Afterwards she also charged forward. The moment that the two passed each other, Wan Er suddenly leapt backwards. She opened her hand and activated the AOE skill [Ice Pick Whirlwind], slowing Ya ya down.

“Oh no….”

Ice began collecting around her feet. Ya ya knew that she was in a bad situation. She glanced around and saw that Wan Er had suddenly disappeared into the wind. In the next second, A stun appeared above Ya Ya’s head. Wan Er had executed a whole set of skills within 0.5 seconds. Afterwards, with her [Absolute Ste], she slid forward. The [Gouge] effect had not even disappeared yet. Once her strength had recovered, she used another [Gouge] and then [Blade of the Death God]+[Flying Dagger], killing Ya ya in a barrage of attacks. This time she had won  with all of her health intact.

2:1, [Zhan Long] had taken the first point!

Even though we were in the game, we could still hear the thunderous applause. The fights between these two girls was addicting. They were just too explosive. Basically, if anyone made a single mistake, they would be killed off in battle. The explosive power lead to such a bloody battle. On top of that, the two girls had pretty good looks. Everything about that match was beautiful!



For the second match, it was my turn to fight. My opponent was [Prague]’s guildmaster Yan Zhao Warrior. This time was a fight between guildmasters!