Zhan Long Chapter 662

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Chapter 662 – A Tactic for Defeat

There was still 20 seconds until the battle began. Right as I was about to confirm the teleport, Wan Er suddenly grabbed my hand and said, “Pig, wait a moment first!”

“What is it?” I asked.

“Know yourself, know thy enemy, idiot…” Wan Er smiled, “I just received some first hand information. Apparently Yan Zhao Warrior has been collecting special equipment. On top of that, they’re all small skills that take less than 70 points of rage. He can use all of them in this Hero’s Wings Cup. Of them, there’s a [Shield Break Skill] that decreases the target’s defense by 70% and lasts for two seconds. There’s another called [Absorb Strike] that increases the user’s attack power by 10%. And he has a 100% [Drain] effect. So, you have to be careful as you fight to the death. Just one round of skills from him is already terrifying.”

“Ok, I understand….”

I nodded and confirmed the teleport. I suddenly appeared in the arena. Yan Zhao Warrior stood in front of me. He raised his broadsword and smiled, “Xiao Yao, it’s been a while. You’ve only been in Tian Ling City for one week and you’ve already created a ruckus . You really are…. A workaholic?”

I laughed, “It’s ok. Doesn’t this tournament have a rule to not chit chat before the match? We’ll talk afterwards!”




Once the countdown finished, the match began!

We were both swordsmen and so, Yan Zhao Warrior used [Haste] and charged at me with his sword raised. He probably knew all of my skills as well because after three spins, my [Blade Spin] was dodged as he ran in an S shape. I decided to not use [Binding Chains] and keep their cooldowns. I’ll give him a surprise later.

“Coming at you!”

Yan Zhao Warrior roared and raised his blade. He threw a [Sword Break] right at me. The [Sword Break] skill’s activation period was rather long. Just looking at his stance made my heart itch. Based on my reaction speed and judgement, I had at least 70% chance of getting a successful Skill Break. However, I hadn’t completely mastered the intricacies of the Pulse Break Technique. And so instead, I made a pivot and spun around, dodging the attack. I then threw an attack from the side and activated a level 11 [Combo], slicing into Yan Zhao Warrior’s shoulder.



Yan Zhao Warrior was slightly shocked. He didn’t think that I would be able to move so quickly. He opened one hand and activated an effect type skill, [Frozen Steps]. It decreases the target’s movement speed by 50% for three seconds. Heavy ice was already forming around my feet. This must be a binding type skill. There was practically no way I could rely on my movements to dodge the attacks. Motherf*cker, this skill is too annoying.

I knew that Yan Zhao Warrior wasn’t going to let these three seconds pass up. And so, I raised my two swords. Even though my movement speed had decreased, my attack speed was still normal. I’ll just have to take it head on!

Just as I thought, Yan Zhao charged at me. He leapt up and threw a normal cut!

I raised my Brilliant Fire Emperor. “Keng!” I parried the attack. However, once Yan Zhao Warrior landed on the ground again, he activated another A tier [Combo], [Peerless Strike]. A force pushed me over, making me lose my balance. [Peerless Strike] was a three hit combo that simultaneously landed on my chest armor. Sparks flew out ——







Luckily, I had [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor], so I wasn’t afraid of Yan Zhao Warrior’s attack. However, one of the strikes from his [Combo] was a kick. “Peng!” I had completely lost my balance. Right at that moment, Yan Zhao actually stopped the last strike and rammed his elbow into my shoulder, activating a [Break Shield] skill. After that, he struck with a level 11 [Combo]+[Holy Flame Cut]!

This was the attack I was waiting for. I watched as Yan Zhao Warrior’s [Combo] fell and couldn’t help but smile. Once Yan Zhao Warrior saw my expression, he hesitated, “Oh no….”


I swept out my Brilliant Fire Emperor, throwing out a special attack, [Grip of Purgatory]. It was my new binding skill. A pair of bloody hands burst from the ground and grabbed Yan Zhao Warrior’s legs, making him unable to activate the jump back. At the same time, I dipped forward and activated [Blade Rush]+[Strength of a Thousand Men]+Level 11 Combo. My twin swords rapidly threw out seven cuts at once. Yan Zhao Warrior spun around and threw an attack, [Absorb Strike]!





Unfortunately, even if he drained ten thousand of my health, he couldn’t block the burn effect from the [Halberd Flame]. Every second, he took the same amount of damage as a normal attack. Once I had the upper hand, I didn’t let up against him. Helplessly, he was burned to death by my halberd flame. As expected, there was still a difference between the tier of special skills.



Even though it was slightly dangerous, I still won. My equipment was stronger than Yan Zhao’s by at least 20%. That was the focal point of this victory. Otherwise, if I were to get hit by his speed decrease and defense decrease, plus a round of attacks, I might not have made it through the match.

In the second match, I had the advantage again. At first, Yan Zhao Warrior relied on the small skills and small special skills forcing me into a standstill. But, once I activated my [Halberd Flame], he couldn’t take it anymore. All he could do was glare at me and say, “This [Halberd Flame] is too unfair…”

I smiled, “It’s just a Saint Tier equipment. How about it, do Saint Tier Equipments have a future?”



Yan Zhao had done his best, and died with a smile on his face.



I got another precious point for [Zhan Long]. If we continue on like this, then we’ll have a multi point lead. At that point, Dong Cheng’s round would be easy to deal with.


I was teleported out of the arena. Wan Er smiled, “You b*st*rd, you really do have a pretty good success rate!”

Qing Qian smiled, “But of course. Brother Xiao Yao is a man who’s trying to become the MVP of players. From the beginning of the race to now, Brother Xiao Yao hasn’t lost once has he?”

I nodded, “Yup, sounds about right.”

Dong Cheng said, “Actually, the MVP is either going to Li Xiao Yao, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, or Jian Feng Han. In other words, as long as Brother Xiao Yao beats Fang Ge Que, then he’ll definitely get the MVP for the Chinese Server.”


I glanced at her and said, “It’s your turn. Your opponent is a knight, be careful….”

“Don’t worry!”



“Shua shua!”

Two figures appeared in the arena. Dong Cheng was standing, facing Traveler. Gunpowder was in the air.

Then, right as the battle was about to begin, “Ka Cha!” Traveler’s red armor suddenly switched to a light green heavy armor. Even the spear that he held in his hand had been switched to a deep green long sword!



Wan Er narrowed her eyes, “Switching gear right before battle? All of that equipment must be magic resistance type equipment. That… Isn’t he going to [Reflect] our Dong Cheng to death at this rate?”

Qing Qian was stunned, “Then what do we do?”

I said, “There’s no use panicking. Let’s see what Dong Cheng does!”

In the arena, Dong Cheng didn’t appear to panic at all. She quietly stood there with her staff in hand. This Blizzard spell decreased the opponent’s movement speed. As Traveler charged forward, she activated her first [Dimensional Leap]. She then activated [Thunderbolt Finger]. “Pa Ts!”, a [Magma Lance] activated right behind it!





Just as we had figured, he was completely outfitted with equipment that decreased or resisted magic attack completely. It even had a 10% or so [Reflect] effect.

Dong Cheng still did not panic. She continued her retreat. Since Traveler switched all of his equipment, he had completely given up on increasing his attack and health. However, he utilized his special skill [Circulation] to increase his recovery rate by 25%. Furthermore, he already had quite a bit of base health in the first place. And so, he picked up his spear and started slicing at Dong Cheng. The long sword even had a Frost type movement speed decrease effect. He clung to her, forcing Dong cheng to use another [Dimensional Leap] to pull away.

And like this, magic clouded the arena. Finally, when Traveler’s health had almost been completely whittled away, Dong Cheng gulped down a potion to recover all her health. Her [Mana Shield] still had 87% durability. She stood in place and killed her opponent with a [Flame Beast Burstfire].

The reality was, against a person with incredible magic attack power, even if you had a high magic defense, there was no use. You still wouldn’t escape the fate of defeat.

This continued on in the second round as well. Dong Cheng had KOed Traveler with a 2:0 score.

3:0, [Zhan Long] had entered the top four!

However, to fulfill the wishes of the players who purchased tickets, we went for another point and fought in the remaining two matches. We swept through the 2v2 and defeated [Prague]’s team in the final

team battle. The final score was a 10:1 resulting in our victory.



When we walked out of the competition room, the names and pairings for the top four was released on the big screen——

Team Q-Sword VS Team Fang Ge Que

Team Jian Feng Han VS Team Xiao Yao Zi Zai

The final Chinese Server final victor will arise from these four teams. Furthermore, the top three will obtain the qualifications for entering into the International Final Hero’s Wings Cup. That was just too precious of an opportunity. At the same time, there was an enormous reward that came with it. Whether or not one can bring back the Hero’s Cup was no longer important. As long as one could participate in the International Finals was enough proof of strength.

Feir Er walked onto the stage to make the announcement. The time for the lunch banquet had arrived. Afterwards, the four most exciting rounds of the tournament will be left until after two o clock. That gave the four teams the chance to get some rest. After all, everyone was tired.



After the meeting was adjourned, a large group of people picked up their bags and walked back towards their rooms through the hallway of participants.

Li Mu rubbed his nose and said, “Looks like for teams like ours who have been eliminated we’ll just freeload off of the plane ticket back and our stay at this five star hotel. Just thinking about it makes my heart sore…..”

Wolf said, “Exactly. However, Wang Jian that b*st*rd isn’t the same. I heard that he even managed to get a girlfriend….”

Wang Jian hung his head, “Not yet….”


Right at that moment, in the distant dining hall, a girl dressed in a red jacket stood up. She had an incredibly fierce look as she whistled to us. She raised her arm and smiled, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, General Wang Jian!”

I looked over. It was the beautiful girl in the short skirt from last night’s ping pong game. She was the Star Scar from the game.

Wan Er was stunned, “Pig, how does that girl know you?”

I scratched the back of my head, “I’m already in the top four. How many people are out there who don’t recognize Xiao Yao Zi Zai… Besides, Wan Er, there’s no reason to be jealous, she’s someone Wang Jian is crushing on….”

“Oh, I get it….” She giggled, “Wang Jian, you have good taste….”


Wang Jian was even more ashamed.