Zhan Long Chapter 663

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Chapter 663 – A Fight of a Million Dollars

That noon, a banquet was held in the great hall. Nearly 200 people were  in attending. It was because the tournament this evening was going to be pretty late, so the event planners even set up some shows. One of the shows was a cosplay event. A couple of muscular men with their faced brightly painted walked onto the stage with large battle axes.These were Destiny’s Barbarian Berserkers. Afterwards, a few female assassins wearing short fur skirts came onto the stage with daggers in their hands. Everyone carried an umbrella on their back. Their ears were pointy and their eyes were a beautiful deep purple. They were dressed up as moon elf assassins. Not after long, I could hear the sound of a horse whinnie. Wang Jian was so shocked that he dropped his chopsticks on the table. Three battle horses adorned in armor slowly walked into the hall. They were probably horses brought over from a horse show. Furthermore, each one had a knight carrying a spear on their backs. There were even soldiers standing in front of the horses with large shields.


I rubbed my nose and picked up the chopsticks that were dropped. I then wiped them clean on Dong Cheng’s sleeve and said, “Aren’t they afraid that these horses will poop on the stage…”

Dong Cheng grinned, “That won’t be a problem, we have little wolf here….”

Little Wolf was stunned, “Eh…  what does a battle horse pooping have to do with me….”

Dong Cheng sweetly smiled, “Monday morning is full of fog, Zhan Long’s Little Wolf likes to eat sh*t.”


Little Wolf was speechless.




Very soon, the cosplay event ended. Fei Er wiped her mouth and walked onto the stage. She picked up the microphone and smiled, “Alright, now that we’ve livened things up, I invite Q-Sword, the representative of the players to make a speech before the final round.”



Q-Sword stood up. He was dressed in a clean suit. He gave off a stern demeanor. He lightly smiled and said, “I’ll have to pass on the speech, you said that I just had to say a few words!”

Fei Er smiled back, “Participants of this tournament, no matter what the results of this afternoon’s battles, let us not judge a hero by their victory or loss. Either way, the four strongest teams in the Chinese Servers of the Hero’s Wings Tournament have been determined, Team Fang

Ge Que, Team Q-Sword, Team Xiao Yao Zi Zai, and Team Jian Feng Han. Q-Sword, as one of the players of the four top teams, you have brought honor and fame to [Hero’s Mound]. Do you not have something to say to everyone?”

Q-Sword smiled and said, “I want to thank my team, The Seventh Tang, Sword Tears, Jian Tan and the rest. I also want to thank my opponents. Strong rivals are one of the most precious treasures in a man’s life. Now that [Hero’s Mound]’s main team entered into the top four, I will fight with all my power to enter the top three and obtain the qualifications for entering the International Cup. At that point, I will do everything to bring back the 2017 Cup to our mother country!”

Fei Er nodded with a smile, “Well put. Then.. Q-Sword, who do you think your strongest rival is?”

Q-Sword looked down from the stage and said, “My strongest rival is naturally Fang Ge Que, aka “Magic God”. If my memory serves me correctly, the number of victories I’ve won against him do not go over 40%. However, the rival I want to battle the most is not Fang Ge Que.”

Fei Er was stunned, “Oh? Is there another story to this? Hurry up and tell everyone. Who is the person you want to fight with the most?”

Q-Sword grunted and looked at [Zhan Long]’s first table, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, the guildmaster of [Zhan Long].”

“So it’s the guildmaster of [Zhan Long]….”

Fei Er didn’t seem to notice anything was out of place and smiled, “How about you talk about it with everyone? Why do you want to fight against Xiao Yao Zi Zai? If I’m correct, not long ago, you recently dueled


Q-Sword glanced at me from a distant, his eyes filled with provocation and said, “The reason is simple. Xiao Yao Zi Zai has spent this last half year rising up as one of the top tier experts. Furthermore, he’s lead his [Zhan Long] against our [Hero’s Mound] several times. More importantly, Cang Tong and Cang Yue were originally [Hero’s Mound]’s vice guildmasters. Unfortunately, for the sake of Xiao Yao Zi Zai, they have left [Hero’s Mound]. I do not know for what reason they have left me, but I want to prove to them through a true contest of swords that who is the strongest close combat player in the Chinese Server.”


Fei Er smile and added a little oil to the fire, “If its like that, then in Q-Sword’s eyes, the only worthy close combat enemy is Xiao Yao Zi Zai? Are you saying that you don’t see either Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai, Yan Zhao Warrior, or Enchanted Painting as your rivals?”

Q-Sword chuckled, “MC, is there any need to push me into this heap? I never said that I don’t consider them as rivals. I just meant that the person I want to win against the most is Xiao Yao Zi Zai.”


Fei Er nodded and said, “Alright then. Well, you now have the perfect opportunity… not long ago, I received some news from the hosts. This afternoon at two o ‘lock, when the top four duel it out, Q-Sword, you may give an invitation to a friendly duel to any of the players. Victory or defeat will all be determined in one round. Are you willing to accept?”

Q-Sword was startled, “Really?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t trick you!”

“Ok….” Q-Sword gripped the microphone and stared right at me, “Li Xiao Yao, do you accept this friendly duel?”


I stood up and said, “A friendly duel, that doesn’t sound interesting at all!”

Wan Er looked up at me and smiled, “Pig, what are you trying to do?”

Fei Er was stunned as well, “Then what do you want?”

I took out a gold card and flashed it in my hand, “How about everyone here stay witness. During this friendly duel, Q-Sword and I will both take out 1 million RMB. The victor gets the loser’s 1 million. How does that sound? Otherwise, this friendly duel would not have any weight.”

Ye Lai smacked the table and smiled, “D*mn, you little b*st*rd. I really f*cking admire your daring character!”

Jian Feng Han smiled back, “Let us wait and see then!”

Fang Ge Que quietly sat there and didn’t look up at the stage. All i could see was the hint of a smile on his lips.




Sword Tears stood up, “Are you really going to accept a duel like that?”

Q-sword naturally did not admit to his doubts. After all, his eyes were filled with confidence. He smiled back, “Alright, I will accept your challenge. So what for a million. I just ask that everyone here bear witness to this bet. Don’t let him try and run away from this bet when he loses!”

I nodded with a smile, “That’s exactly what I wanted!”



And so, the duel was set with a million RMB on the line. It no longer seemed as simple as a friendly duel.

Meng Yao looked at me with worry in her eyes, “Brother, are you really that confident? That… that’s Q-Sword, who’s just mastered the Pulse Break Style. Are you sure that you can beat him?”

I picked out a piece of meat for Wan Er and put it in her bowl as I said, “Its no problem. A bet is a bet!”

Wolf face palmed, “D*mn, a bet is a bet? That’s a million RMB you’re talking about. Just as I thought, we really can’t compete against the tall, rich and handsome.”


Old K said, “It’s fine. Little Li has earned quite a bit from the Dragon’s Den. the number of players that use the teleportation there have just broken 100,000. He has enough money….”


I glared at him, “You think that I’ve been pocketing the money? I had earned all one million RMB from selling my potions. This is my blood and sweat. Just ask Fox!”

Fox hadn’t gotten the chance to enter the top 32 and was just here to freeload some food and watch some entertainment. He put down his chopsticks and calmly said, “I control all the books for [Zhan Long]’s Dragon’s Den and National Beauty. Furthermore, I’ve been watching all activity very closely. Little Li hasn’t pocketed any of the money. That, I can prove. Old K if you dare doubt Little Li about this again, be careful of Little Wolf and Matcha beating you up…..”

Old K rubbed his nose and said, “I was just saying. If you guys get more nervous then I’ll beat you guys up!”

Matcha smiled, “You can talk if you can beat up boss!”

Old K was speechless.



That afternoon at 1:30, the resting period was over. All of the players slowly entered into the arena and prepared to watch the final battle between the top four. This was also the chance to fight for a position in the top three and qualify for the international tournament. However, before this was a friendly duel.

Fei Er stood on the stage in her short skirt. After announcing the friendly duel between Q-Sword and Xiao Yao Zi Zai, a loud cheer erupted among the crowd. It seemed like everyone was looking forward to this match. After all, Q-Sword and I were both considered famous people among the Chinese players. On top of that, [Hero’s Mound] and [Zhan Long] have continuously been rivals. In a situation with so much tension in the air, it was no wonder everyone was waiting to see some excitement. More importantly, Q-Sword and I had a million RMB riding on this duel. This was something almost everyone knew about.

The big screen revealed our names and the match details. This raised the level of excitement in the room even more——

Q-Sword LV 117 Blacksmith Swordsman VS Xiao Yao Zi Zai LV 119 Dragon Rider




Wan Er tugged on my hand and gave me a soft cheer.

I smild to her and nodded. I picked up my bag and stepped onto the stage. Q-Sword was right beside me with his bag as well. We didn’t exchange any words. After all, this was someone who was destined to be my opponent, there were no words necessary.



We entered the game interface and were teleported into a separate dimension. The Hero’s Cup organizational committee had control over the software of the game, allowing them to set up separate dimensions for activities such as these.

We were teleported into a field. I stood on the stage facing Q-Sword. He was dressed in shiny and elaborate armor. He carried a mighty longsword in his hand. It was the Demon Harvest Weapon, the Nation Suppressing Sword. Probably, the most important reason why Q-Sword dared to provoke me was because of the Nation Suppressing sword in his hand? Whatever. Even though my Dragon Reservoir Sword didn’t have an overlay of the Kill for Blood BUFF, it still did not lose to the Nation Suppressing Sword. I’ll just use this live duel to avenge the humiliation I suffered from the Dragon’s Nest!


The two of us remained silent as the system continued its countdown——









The moment the countdown finished, I charged out. My two sword dropped and dragged across the ground as I charged straight at Q-Sword. The moment I got close, I suddenly swept out my Brilliant Flame Emperor and dealt a normal attack!


Q-Sword had successfully blocked it with his Nation Suppressing Sword. I then raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword with my right hand and dealt a cut!

Q-Sword immediately retracted into a defensive position. He then used his hilt to ram against my Dragon Reservoir Sword. At the same time, he slid his battle boot forward and threw a fierce kick at my leg.  “Peng!” I activated [Wall of Dou Qi] and put my left leg into a defensive position while I kicked my right foot out!


The impact of the blows resounded through the arena. Q-Sword lost his balance and he suddenly dipped forward. He then moved his leg. His left hand shot out like lightning and pressed against my shoulder. This North Pole Young Master had really good reflexes. This kind of reaction time wasn’t something that normal players could achieve.