Zhan Long Chapter 664

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Chapter 664 – Revenge

I suddenly shrugged my shoulders and ran in a zigzag, dodging Q-Sword’s heavy strike. It was like a real duel. I spun around, raising a knee and landed a heavy kick on to Q-Sword’s back. At the same time he also turned his head around and his sword clashed against my brilliant fire emperor. Both of us didn’t take much damage as we passed by each other and increased the distance between us.

“Hu hu…..”

It took a little concentration to calm my breaths. I looked at Q-Sword. we were both trying to feel out each other’s battle style. I didn’t use any of my skills. After all who knows how much Q-Sword has improved since last time. If I used a skill and was interrupted like last time I would immediately be at a disadvantage.

I slightly raised my hand and my Brilliant Fire Emperor flew into the air. It flipped in the air and turned into a whirlwind.  The effect from blade spin rushed at Q sword.  The long-distance type physical attack could not be interrupted successfully. The crucial point to my victory was to whittle down his health and to kill him in the end in one go. After all, it’ll be heartbreaking to lose a million RMB.

Q-Sword pushed off the ground and continuously shifted his position using an s-shape to dodge the attack from the blade spin.

S shaped movement, one of the most basic types of movement. Everyone knew that it was the best type of movement for dodging any straight line attacks. After all an s-shaped movement was very difficult for a straight line long ranged attack to follow.


I grabbed my sword from the air and  suddenly appeared in Q-Swords path. Flames fell down the Brilliant Fire Emperor.  “Keng”  the attack was blocked  however my Dragon Reservoir sword was already in position for another attack. Dou Qi  began to gather around me. even though the two attacks were just normal attacks they still had a burn effect. Within moments I activated a 7 strike combo!


Q-Sword raised his sword with one hand and was only able to block the first 5 attacks. as for the last two he could only take them head-on in a defensive stance. At that moment two damage numbers flew up






My attack power was just too high so there was no way that he could completely defend against it. Q-Sword has lost around 25% of his health. Looks like, in a situation without a mount, he still had around 30,000 health.  It wouldn’t be that easy to kill him.

His eyes had a chilling calm to them.  Q-Sword suddenly retreated several steps. He maintained the natural qualities of a top-tier expert by staying back. He suddenly raised his long sword. Flames begin to rise around the blade and he plunged his blade into the ground. A pack of enormous flame wolves suddenly appeared behind him. This was his S tier skill, [Destruction Wolf Formation].

I stomped against the ground.”Peng” A wave of frost energy suddenly poured forward, [Ice Domain]



Unfortunately, I didn’t seal Q-Sword in ice.


Taking on the attacks from the skill I continued charging forward like crazy. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. Right afterwards, I swung my two swords and activated [Sword Tempest]. The two of us had already begun an explosive match of AOE attacks.


After [Sword Tempest] was complete, I managed to pull closer to Q-Sword. The Brilliant Fire Emperor shot out. Q-Sword could only use his Nation Suppressing Sword to block. At the same time, an image of a fierce tiger appeared above the Nation Suppressing Sword. It was first moves of Q-Sword’s [Fierce Tiger Burst]. He roared, and activated the skill. However, at the same time, a crimson light flashed above his left arm. It was the effects from [Afterglow Slash]!


These past few days I’d been pouring over all of the recordings of Q-Sword’s battles. His average targeting time was 0.5 seconds. The attack had a 1.5 second stun effect on its targets. This was Q-Sword’s battle style. He would trick his opponent’s by starting off with [Fierce Tiger Burst] while the real critical attack was the [Afterglow Slash] that followed it!

I didn’t hesitate at all and took the attack head on!

My Dragon Reservoir Sword danced out with frost energy radiating from the blade. Right as the [Fierce Tiger Burst] struck my chest, my [Fierce Ice Blade] pierced through Q-Sword’s chest. Two damage numbers flew up instantly——







Fierce Ice Blade decreases the target’s movement speed by 50%. This also meant that his [Afterglow Slash]’s targeting period was now  0.75 seconds long. The most optimal period of time for breaking the skill was 0.52 seconds or so. Furthermore, Q-Sword had just stepped into a stance. It was the standard horse stance*. His center of gravity was focused on his lower body while his strength came from his right arm.

In that split second I made my decision. I sprinted forward and in that 0.52 second time period, my Brilliant Flame Emperor rammed into the tip of his Nation Suppressing Sword, decreasing the force behind the [Afterglow Slash] by at least 40%. At the same time, I raised my right leg. “Pa!” I dug it into Q-Sword’s left ankle. The second he lost balance, I cut through and sliced into his right arm!


A blue light flashed around us and three big words flew up——

“Successful Skill Break!”



“What? How is that possible!!?”


Q-Sword’s expression turned ugly. His body had now entered into a short stun period from the successful skill break. I took the chance to pull close and deal two [Blade Rush]es into Q-Sword’s body and finally dealt a level 11 combo!


At the same time, Q-Sword awoke from his stun state. He quickly dashed to the right, dodging the [Combo]. At the same time, he swept out his sword. “Keng!” He had slammed it right into the center of my sword during the final attack of the [Combo]. At the same time, he dipped forward and rammed into my right arm!


“Successful Skill Break!”

What stunned me was that even with a skill like [Combo] that had such a fast rhythm, Q-Sword was actually able to break through it. This type of reaction time and judgement was something only a master player would have

Taking advantage of my sluggish movements, Q-Sword threw a [Hawk Slash]. Light began to rise from his feet and he used a [Combo]——[Six Directional Thunder]



Heavy hits smacked into my body and my health plummeted. I quickly activated my Halberd Flame] special skill during my sluggish movement. I was putting it all on the line now. For a short time, I couldn’t activate [Hand of Purgatory]. Q-Sword’s attacks were so fierce that it would be impossible to lock on any sort of special attack. However, I could clearly see all of Q-Sword’s attack patterns. [Six Directional Thunder]’s first five attacks took a total of 0.7 seconds, while the last 0.7 seconds was the targeting time for the sixth attack [Flame Axe]. That was the most powerful attack in the [Combo].

I glance at my health. There was only 11,000. There was no time for a [Cleansing Rain].

Without any hesitation, I dashed forward. Before Q-Sword activated [Flame Axe] I had been waiting for the opportunity. I swept out my Brilliant Flame Emperor. “Keng!” it rammed into the Nation Suppressing Sword. At the same time, the hilt then rammed into the center of Q-Sword’s arm. I was using both swords. With incredible speed and precision, I struck out both swords and knocked them into Q-Sword’s right arm.


A blue light burst forward and three big blue words appeared——

“Successful Skill Break!”



This entire duel had three Successful Skill Break’s. While Q-Sword was in his sluggish state, I opened my hand and activated [Hand of Purgatory]!


A bloody arm broke through the ground and grabbed Q-Sword’s leg. I didn’t give him the chance to use his [Hundred Smelted Sword]’s attack and quickly locked [Great Realm of Desolation] on him!



Like this, even if Q-Sword were to gulp down a Level 11 Potion, he would only have 5000 health recovered. [Great Realm of Desolation] decreased all healing effects by 50%. This unique effect was very demonic.

I sprinted forward and pierced forward with my Dragon Reservoir Sword!

“Ka Cha!”






System Notification: Congratulations Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai on obtaining a win!



I won! I was immediately teleported out of the stage. I could hear the thunderous applause from outside. Everyone had truly broadened their horizons after witnessing that match. This was a fight between two close combat players using the Pulse Break Style. Furthermore, the success rate was a shocking 100% on skill break attempts. One could just imagine the excitement of watching us duking it out.

I raised my helmet and walked out of the competition area. Q-Sword walked out at the same time. The MC Fei Er told me to wait as she smiled, “Let me first congratulate you, Xiao Yao Zi Zai on winning a million RMB! Then… Q-Sword, now that you have unexpectedly lost, I ask, is there anything you want to say to your fans out there?”

Q-Sword embarrassingly smiled, “Losing and winning is a common thing. There isn’t much else to say. However, I did not expect that Xiao Yao Zi Zai would actually be able to learn so much about the Pulse Break Method in such a short time. Looks like… the Pulse Break Method will very soon become a trend among close combat players.”

Fei Er nodded, “Xiao Yao Zi zai, do you have anything to add?”

I picked up my bag and said, “I’m thinking, how should I spend this one million….”

The audience all heartily laughed.



After getting off the stage, I opened up my phone and saw that I had received a million in my bank from Q-Sword. As expected, these North Pole practitioners really aren’t lacking in money!


Wan Er, Dong Cheng, Li mu and Wolf all ran up to congratulate me. I had also expressed that I would treat everyone after we had finished the matches today.

Not long after, Fei Er announced that the main tournament was about to begin. Q-Sword and Fang Ge Que both stepped onto the stage. Once they had confirmed their team formations, they entered into the arena. I still felt that [Hero’s Mound] still had a chance for victory in this match——

1v1: Enchanted Painting LV 116 Swordsman VS Q-Sword LV 117 Blacksmith


1v1: Fang Ge Que LV 121 Spirit Master VS Sword Tears LV 115 Swordsman

1v1: Xuan Yuan Feng LV 116 Knight VS The Seventh Tang LV 116 Feng Shui Master


2v2: Enchanted Painting LV 116 Swordsman & Fang ge Que LV 121 Spiritmaster VS Q-Sword LV 117 Blacksmith & the Seventh Tang LV 116 Feng Shui Master





The weakest Sword Tears had been matched up against the strongest, Fang Ge Que. Tang Qi should be relatively confident in his match against Xuan Yuan Feng. The final deciding factor would be the 2v2 and the team battle.

“Guess, who do you think will win?” Wolf asked.


Ye Lai joined in and said, “I bet a hundred bucks that Team Q-Sword will win. He’ll escape from the danger and win big.”

Mu Xuan then said, “I actually think, [Legend]’s team will win.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

Mu Xuan smoothed out the furs on her chest and said, “That’s because, as long as Fang Ge Que is going out to battle, he’ll always be able to win a point. Fang Ge Que goes out three times, that’s three points. Its very simple actually…”


“Let’s go!”





At that moment, the duel was about to begin. The first match was Q-Sword VS Enchanted Painting. Q-Sword was a master level player and he had just recently learned the intricacies of the Pulse Break Style. Enchanted Painting on the other hand was the sister of the founder of the Pulse Break Style. So naturally it was going to be an incredible battle!


In the first round, Q-Sword’s [Fierce Tiger Burst] had been successfully interrupted. However, the [Afterglow Slash] had blocked Enchanted Painting’s attack. He quickly gulped down a potion to recover. The second time, he used a [Flame Axe] to rick Enchanted Painting into using a skill break. At the last second, he switched tactics and made Enchanted Painting’s attempt to break his skill fail. As a result, she was stunned by Q-Sword’s [Afterglow Slash] and killed after a round of attacks.


In the second round, Enchanted Painting revealed her strength and successfully broke his skills three times in a row. Q-Sword tasted defeat and lost a point.

In the third round, Q-Sword didn’t use any skills and relied solely on his prowess in strength. He forced Enchanted Painting to use her attacks, resulting in Enchanted Painting’s [Thunderclap Slash] to be broken. Afterwards, he hacked her down in moments.



2:1, this was proof that experience was still more fierce. Q-Sword’s control over the entire match was not something that a little girl like Enchanted Painting could fight against. Besides, this battle also allowed the Battle Reflux Style players to see hope in a match between Battle Reflux and Pulse Break Style.