Zhan Long Chapter 666

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Chapter 666 – Simple’s Taunt

“Ah Ah Ah…….”

After Dong Cheng was defeated, she was teleported out of the arena. She was so furious she stomped her foot.

Wan Er looked at Jian Feng Han as he stood on the stage and said, “Clearly, our intelligence reports aren’t precise enough. Jian Feng Han actually has a skill as powerful as this [Force of the Primordial Spirit]. It instantly breaks the shield and stuns. That’s the greatest reason for Dong Cheng’s defeat.”

“How does she break it?” Qing Qian asked.

I picked up my Dragon Reservoir looked p at the stage and said, “Jian Feng Han will definitely rely on the [Force of the Primordial Spirit] in order to catch up with Dong Cheng in terms of explosive power. And so, that skill is the key. There’s a hand movement before the skill activates. Slivers of red energy would gather around Jian Feng Han. On top of that, it’s targeting period is at least 0.5 seconds. Jian Feng Han will move as quickly as he can to conceal this 0.5 second time period. But no matter what he tries, it is still there. Furthermore, the attack appears to be a surge type and so it takes a moment to respond. Next time, Dong Cheng, don’t panic. When he uses [Force of the Primordial Spirit], you should use [Lullaby]. Activating [Force off the Primordial Spirit] will keep Jian Feng Han occupied for the moment, so he wouldn’t be able to dodge your [Lullaby].”

Dong Cheng nodded, “Ok!”

The second round was about to begin. This time, Dong Cheng started off by kiting Jian Feng Han like before. She continuously pulled away from him and then used small skills to attack, slowly whittling away Jian Feng Han’s health. Jian Feng Han on the other and used [Freedom’s Wings] to chase after her and then [Corrupt Wolf Edge]+[Through the Cloud Slash] to force Dong Cheng into retreat. A red energy suddenly began to envelop around him.


“Now!” I gripped my fist.

Dong Cheng raised her staff as soft music began to arise around the arena. In the end, [Lullaby] fell, successfully trapping Jian Feng Han. At the same time however, Dong Cheng was also stunned by [Primordial Spirit]. Luckily it wasn’t urgent. [Primordial Spirit] only lasted 2 seconds, while [Lullaby] lasted for seven!

“This time it’s my turn…..”

Dong Cheng smiled and waved her staff, activating [Flame Beast Burst Raid]. At the same time she was already activating [Thunderbolt Finger]+[Indigo Sea Arrow]. Three damage numbers flew up from Jian Feng Han’s head——









Moments later, Jian Feng Han knelt to the ground. He originally didn’t have full health before taking that round of hits, he never would’ve been able to stand against this explosive round from Dong Cheng

1:1 the first round was a tie!

In the deciding round, Dong Cheng and Jian Feng Han were both teleported into the arena. This time, Dong Cheng was very careful as she shot her attacks. She also made sure to keep [Lullaby]’s cooldown. She knew that this skill was the key to controlling Jian Feng Han for a moment. That would be the moment for victory.

This time it seemed to play out just as before, but there was one unexpected move. This time, as Jian Feng Han activated [Primordial Spirit], he suddenly spun the ring on his finger, activating a special skill. A green shield formed around his body and a battle notification appeared, “Player Jian Feng Han has activated the special skill [Shield of the Magic Bunny]. It gives a 100% success rate in dodging all magic effects. Uses up 30 points of rage!


Within that moment, Dong Cheng’s [Lullaby] failed. At the same time, she was trapped by the [Force of the Primordial Spirit] and everything went wrong. Jian Feng Han charged forward and threw a round of attacks, killing our beautiful mage. 1:2, Dong Cheng had lost this first point in this round.

Now the entire round was 0:1, a big disadvantage for [Zhan Long].



Dong Cheng was teleported out of the arena. She stood in front of Wan Er and I and pouted her lip as she looked down and mumbled, “I’m sorry… I couldn’t beat Jian Feng Han. His special skill was just too lowly….”

I smiled to her, “That’s fine. It’s normal that you can’t beat Jian Feng Han. After all, he is ranked fifth on the CBN Battlenet Rankings, and you…. Are you even 18th?”


Dong Cheng helplessly bit her lip, “Are you abandoning me now…”

Wan Er picked up her dagger and stuck her full chest out as she confidently smiled, “Don’t worry Dong Cheng, I will get your point back! Don’t feel bad!”

Qing Qian blinked a few times, “Sister Cang Tong, your opponent is Simple. Don’t be careless…”

Wan Er smiled, “Don’t worry, I will get this point!”




“Shua shua….”

After two rays of white light fell, two beautiful figures appeared on the stage. Wan Er stood facing Simple. One was the vice-guildmaster of [Zhan Long] while the other was the vice-guildmaster of [Hero’s Mound]. It was an inevitable battle. So long as we were in the Chinese Server battles, they would eventually meet. There was only one champion spot and it can’t hold more than one king level guild. This was a fight to be number one.


Wan Er’s beautiful eyes turned to her opponent. Her cape fluttered in the wind and she suddenly dipped down. She disappeared into the autumn wind. Simple squinted her eyes, “Huh?”

She raised her staff and roared. Lightning eagles struck the ground from her head, creating small tornados. At that moment, all of the leaves in the air began to dance. This was the wisdom of a top tier mage. She did not release the skill yet, but rather used the wind to figure out her enemy’s location.

“Hu hu….”

The leaves danced in the air. Right at that moment, a “Pa!” sounded throughout the arena. A beautiful figure sprinted through as the leaves outlined by the shield around it. The shape was charging straight towards Simple. Wan Er had already activated [Absolute Step].

With a light wave of her hand, a shapeless energy created an enormous net over the sky. The leaves in the air were suspended and even Simple’s body was suppressed for a short moment. This was Wan Er’s [Domain Control] skill. She swept out her dagger. “Pa!” Her [Gouge] passed through Simple’s [Mana Shield] creating a stun effect. Both of her daggers then swept out, decreasing Simple’s [Mana Shield] to 10% durability in seconds. However, by then, Simple already reacted. She used an [Eject] and leaped 20 yards away. Furthermore, her [Magma Lance]+[Lightning Eagle Formation] had descended!

“Peng Peng….”





Wan Er quickly switched to a defensive potion using her Iron Umbrella and didn’t suffer the most damage from the magic attack. Her health still slid to  half. Without hesitation, she activated [Arrival of the Hermit God]. “Shua!” She rushed towards her opponent. Halfway there, she activated [Flying Dagger]. The second Simple raised her staff again, Wan Er’s dagger suddenly clashed against the gemstone on the staff. She then swung her iron umbrella. “Peng!” a blue light flashed and three big words fly up——

“Successful Skill Break!”

Simple’s movements turned sluggish for a short period and she couldn’t activate any of her skills. Wan Er instantly threw a [Blade of the Death God]+[Twin Blade Harmony], killing Simple!

1:0, She cleanly obtained a small point.



Very soon, the second round began.

Qing Qian looked up at the stage and smiled, “Looks like Sister Cang Tong is well on the way to winning this round with a 2:0!”

I furrowed my brows and shook my head, “Not necessarily. It’s obvious that Simple didn’t use all her strength in the last power. She’s probably saving it for later.”

“Oh? If she saves it for any longer, she probably won’t even get the chance to show it off.”

On the stage, the battle continued. Wan Er quickly caught up and broke Simple’s Mana Shielc, making her even more furious. Furthermore, she didn’t dare use any of her [Dimensional Leaps]. The three [Dimensional Leaps] were basically the lifelines of mages. After they were gone, a high level player like Wan Er was bound to kill her.

“Sha sha….”

Wan Er’s leather shoes brushed against the ground. Wan Er carefully watched her opponent, looking for any mistakes. Once she takes advantage of it, she’d kill her opponent in one wave of attacks. She suddenly noticed that Simple stood there and suddenly raised her staff. Frost energy suddenly began to rise around her as she shouted, “Come out!”


A blizzard of snowflakes swarmed around her and an enormous animal suddenly appeared before Simple. It was a leather armor bear. It was a summoned beast with unknown battle potential. It wasn’t a pet so it was something that could be used for victory.

“Peng!” the bear left a deep indent in the ground as it stomped. Lightning ran along its fur as it threw an attack. Wan Er took the electrical shock. Closely after, the bear swung its sharp claws, dealing a [Taunt] at her. In the end, Wan Er’s beautiful eyes suddenly turned clouded as she walked towards the bear.

Simple took the chance and raised her left hand. A fire ball began to form and she shot it seven times in a row right at Wan Er. Within a second, the beautiful little miss wailed and knelt to the ground.

1:1, a tie.

Qing Qian furrowed her brow, “Eh…. the situation doesn’t look so good now. We won’t end up losing another point to them will we?”

I looked at Wan Er as she was teleported out of the arena and said, “an SSS tier skill, [Bear Summon]. This is the finishing attack that Simple has been hiding. There’s also the S tier attack [Fire Ball Combo]. It deals a chain of seven fire ball attacks at the target. After you were hit by [Taunt] and lost the ability to control movements, she would use that skill to kill you.”

Wan Er grit her teeth, “Then how should I break it?”

I smiled, “If I remember correctly, you have a [Mirror Lake] skill in your wrist guard…. It instantly purifies all BUFF effects on you. You should be able to [Purify] the taunt. Then, while Simple is careless, activate [Shield of the Mortal World] to dodge her fireball attack. Once you do that, you can go for the win through an explosive barrage of attacks. However you have to keep an eye on your strength points. After you use [Mirror Lake], then you won’t be able to use [ Ruins of Spirit Fragments] to recover all of your strength points.”

Wan Er nodded with a smile, “Yup, I got it. I have to break Simple’s [Mana Shield] and kill her with only 70 points of strength. I know how to fight now… thank you pig. So you really were smart after all!”

I rubbed my nose, “Is that a compliment?”

“Of course!”

“Then, thank you….”




In this deciding round, Wan Er stepped onto the stage. Simple’s battle tactics were the same as before. She whittled away Wan Er’s health by dragging the distance. However, once Wan Er activated [Absolute Step] and [Blade of the Death God], she stopped trying to kite. That would result in her own death.

And so, the second that Wan Er activated [Absolute step], Simple used [Bear Summon]. With a roar, the bear descended upon the arena. Simple was five meters away from Wan Er when she activated her [Fireball Combo]. Wan Er’s beautiful eyes turned clouded once again as she walked towards the bear. But after walking two steps, a white light suddenly fell and the [Purification] was a success!


She dashed forward and stunned Simple, interrupting the [Fireball Combo]. Wan Er then slid behind Simple and dealt a chain of attacks. Simple’s health plummeted and she was soon at the bottom. She quickly used [Eject] but was locked on by Wan Er’s [Flying Dagger]+[Ice Pick Whirlpool] and killed from a distance!

2:1, the beautiful little miss brought a point back for [Zhan Long]!



The most frightening aspect of Jian Feng Han was the fact that he had such a strong sister that supported him so loyally.