Zhan Long Chapter 667

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Chapter 667 – The Final Three

“Alright, we’re at 2:1 now….”

I raised my hand and pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and smiled, “I’m confident about my point….”


Not far away, Fallen Wolf raised his battle axe with killing intent in his eyes, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, don’t be so arrogant!”

Simple frustratedly looked at him and said, “Alright now. Let’s be real here. Xiao Yao Zi Zai used to be a healer, and has an advantage in the Battle Reflux Style. Now he’s learned the essence of the Pulse Break Style. So… it is easy for him….”

Fallen Wolf rubbed his nose, “Guildmaster Jun, don’t put us down too much, I should just prepare as I usually do….”

“Alright then, I’ll be waiting on your performance….”



In the next moment, the two of us were teleported to the stage. I looked at Fallen Wolf from afar. One after another, I activated my buffs. [Turmoil Sword], [Dragon’s Whistle of Thunder and Lightning], [Wall of Dou Qi], and [Frost Armor]. My attack and defense power quickly rose. Fallen Wolf roared and activated [Rage] and [Enrage] buffs.


Fallen Wolf charged towards his opponent. He clenched his teeth and shot a [Battle Axe Throw]!


I raised my Brilliant Flame Emperor and blocked the attack. I took 3000 damage, which barely even scratched my health. I raised my Dragon Reservoir and hacked at Fallen Wolf. In the end, something I had never expected occurred. Fallen Wolf roared and wind started to rise up around him. Energy suddenly exploded around him and my attack reflected back onto me. A tornado swirled around. This skill was too familiar to me——[Whirlwind Slash]!

I quickly raised both swords and landed on my feet. “Keng keng keng!” I defended against the three attacks from the skill. This was probably Fallen Wolf’s finishing attack? After all, against a normal expert, these three axes would scare them to death….

I dashed forward and Fallen Wolf raised his battle axe to parry the attack. I dealt a heavy strike with my Brilliant Flame Emperor. “Keng!” I pushed away Fallen Wolf’s battle axe. A level 11 [Combo]’s light started to glow on my Dragon Reservoir Sword. Six damage numbers suddenly flew up. I then threw another [Wind Blade]. “Ka Cha!” my Dragon Reservoir Sword basically cut Fallen Wolf’s body apart. Hot blood splattered against the ground and with a grunt Fallen Wolf fell to the ground and died.

1:0, As easy as I thought!

In the second round, everything went as I expected. Fallen Wolf basically couldn’t block any of my fierce attacks. I rapidly threw two cuts. Within one minute, I won the battle. The overall score was now 2:1. After Dong Cheng had lost her point, Wan Er and I both won a point to make up for it. The round now entered the 2v2 stage. In this round, Wan Er and I were going to fight side by side. The opponent was Jian Feng Han and Simple.



Standing on the stage, I raised my bloody Dragon Reservoir Sword. I lightly swung it, letting the blood splatter onto the rock. I smiled at Simple and Jian Feng Han. He clenched his teeth as he looked at me. To be honest, Jian Feng Han truly despises me. From the beginning, we’ve been enemies all the way up until now. Jian Feng Han’s position as an honored guildmaster in the Chinese Servers was brought down by me. Even now, he felt that he couldn’t push me down, nor can he stop the rise of [Zhan Long]. This would naturally cause him to be furious.

Simple raised her magic staff and quietly looked at Wan Er. She suddenly said, “This round, if our [Vanguard] loses, I ask, of this entire Chinese Server, besides Fang Ge Que, who’s power rivals that of [Zhan Long]?”


I was stunned, “What are you saying? [Zhan Long] is in no way that strong yet.”

Jian Feng Han raised his long sword and smiled, “I will personally witness just how strong [Zhan Long]’s guildmaster and vice guildmaster are!”



Wan Er slowly pulled out her two daggers and softly said in the team chat, “Dear, Jian Feng Han has [Force of the Primordial Spirit] while Simple has her [Taunt]. How should we deal with these two skills?”

I took a deep breath and said, “I’ll use [Halberd Flame] and charge at the front. [Force of the Primordial Spirit] is a stun type skill. You can use [Awaken] to help me get rid of it. As for Simple’s [Taut] you can [Purify] it. Once I get close to them, I’ll seal them in ice with [Ice Domain]. The closer I am, the higher the chance that the seal will succeed. Once the seal succeeds, the rest we’ll act based on the opportunity!”


As I said that, I activated all of my BUFFs. I then charged out and activated [Halberd Flame]. Flames wrapped around me while Simple activated a [Dimensional Leap] to dodge my [Assault]. Jian Feng Han picked up his sword and charged forward. [Gale] increased his movement speed such that it was even higher than mine. “Sha sha” his feet slid against the ground. Once he found the perfect position he threw a [Through the Cloud Slash] that passed between Wan Er and I.

I used a [Blade Rush] to dodge the attack while Wan Er defended with her Iron Umbrella. She then activated [Absolute Step] to charge forward. She sped towards Simple. Right at that moment, Jian Feng Han activated his [Force of the Primordial Spirit]. His target was actually Wan Er as though he had already guessed that Wan Er would use [Awakening] to unseal me.

“Oh no, what do we do?” Wan Er said into the team chat while she was stunned.


With that one word, I charged forward. I swept out my sword and stomped against the ground. “Peng!” [Ice Domain] exploded. As expected, I had sealed the two. Simple immediately summoned her bear and used [Taunt] against Wan Er. It was like this that they were planning on killing this super assassin.




The flames on my body from the [Halberd Flame] continued to burn. I continuously attacked Jian Feng Han and Simple’s [Mana Shield] at the same time, I used [Hand of Purgatory] and locked it onto Simple’s feet. The bind successfully activated. I then used a [Binding Chains], and controlled the movements of the two people. Wan Er couldn’t help but smile and say, “Victory is ours!”

I charged at Jian Feng Han, taking the attacks from the bear and the lightning strikes. I then threw an entire round of skills at him. Jian Feng Han couldn’t strike back under the [Binding Chains]. All he could do was raise his blade and defense. In the end, he had lost all of his health from my barrage of attacks. With a grunt, he fell to his knees. Behind me, Wan Er also managed to break Simple’s shield and kill her while she was bound by [Hands of Purgatory]. In one minute, we had won the match!


Outside the arena, Qing Qian twisted her dagger and smiled, “They actually were planning on controlling Sister Cang Tong, but not Brother Xiao Yao. Isn’t that just trying to die? Brother Xiao Yao’s control and explosive power is just as strong….”

As we continued on to the next round, this time Jian Feng Han tried to control my movements while Simple dealt with Wan Er. They held a tight grip on both of us and within two seconds, they threw a rain of attacks upon us. One round of [Combo]s and spells had killed our beautiful little miss. However, the second that they had instantly killed Wan Er, I had managed to break Simple’s [Mana Shield] and kill Simple. The entire stage had turned into a 1v1 of me against Jian Feng Han. Furthermore, I had the advantage, since Jian Feng Han’s [Combo] was on cool down, while I still had them available.


With a cold glare, Jian Feng Han picked up his long sword and charged at me. He had activated [Sword Break]!


I stepped forward. This was a skill I could deal with!


I rammed my Brilliant Flame Emperor against the tip of his sword. I then side stepped and cut both of my swords towards the fulcrum of Jian Feng Han’s pivot. Right at that moment, Jian Feng Han revealed a smile. He suddenly spun around and completely canceled his [Sword Break]. This meant that my Pulse Break Style move would fall into thin air, naturally causing me to fall out of rhythm. How could Jian Feng Han miss an opportunity like that? His blade shot out like lightning, dealing a level 11 [Combo]+[Corrupt Wolf Edge] right onto my chest plate.

I immediately activated [Halberd Flame] to parry the attack. My sword burned each time I dealt an attack as I countered all of his strikes. Jian Feng Han, this battle flow master’s health was pushed down by me. I could see the hatred in his eyes as he regretted not being able to use his [Force of the Primordial Spirit]. He quickly retreated but was locked down by my [Binding Chains]. He raised his left hand and chased after me with a [Blade Spin].

Jian Feng Han’s maneuvers were indeed very strong. I swung my two swords, blocking three of the [Blade Spin]’s attacks. The skill had sucked away too much of his focus and I dashed behind him, launching an ambush that resulted in his death.

2:0, [Zhan Long] had obtained victory with a 3:1 and was entering the next round!



I could hear the thunderous applause from outside. It was enough to tell that [Zhan Long]’s fans were not in the minority.

The last round was a 5v5. Jian Feng Han and Simple seemed to have already reached a silent agreement. They sparsely defended themselves and gave the 5v5 point to us.

4:1, [Zhan Long] against [Vanguard] and we had gained victory!


To be honest, the main reason was because [Vanguard] had a soft spot. If Fallen Wolf was someone else, for example an expert like Drunken Spear, we may not have won. As for Jian Feng Han and Simple, they were truly top tier players. There was no doubt about that.



When we walked out of the arena, Fei Er smiled and said into the microphone, “Congratulations, Team Xiao Yao Zi Zai. You, like Team Fang Ge Que, have obtained the rights to enter the finals in the Chinese Server Hero’s Wing’s Cup. Actually, at the same time, you’ve also obtained the precious rights to participate in the International Cup. Next will be the battle for third, since there are three spots for the International Cup!”


I took Wan Er, Dong Cheng and the other girls off the stage. There was another thunderous applause as we left.

The final team listings for the bronze medal showed up on the screen. Team Q-Sword vs Jian Feng Han. This was a duel between two masters——

1v1: Q-Sword LV 117 Blacksmith Swordsman VS Simple LV 117 Mage

1v1: The Seventh Tang LV 116 Feng Shui Master VS Jian Feng Han LV 117 Swordsman

1v1: Sword Tears LV 115 Swordsman VS Fallen Wolf LV 115 Berserker

2v2: Q-Sword LV 117 Blacksmith Swordsman & The Seventh Tang LV 116 Feng Shui Master VS Simple LV 117 Mage & Jian Feng Han LV 117 Swordsman






This time I was an observer, so I was much more relaxed.

In the first battle, Q-Sword won against Simple with a 2:1, but it took quite a lot of effort. There was no other choice. Simple had recently fought against quite a few swordsmen and knights, and her control over them was just too strong. With just a single [Blizzard] she could decrease their movement speed by 30%. It was like he was being hypnotized. Chasing after her was just too difficult. Q-Sword gulped down another potion and used a special skill to recover his health. Only then could he regain control of the battle rhythm. Otherwise, it would’ve resulted in a 0:2.

In the second battle, Tang Qi lost to Jian Feng Han in a 0:2 battle. His attacks lacked in strength and so naturally he wasn’t Jian Feng Han’s rival.

In the third round, the weak spot appeared. Sword Tears won against Fallen wolf in a 2:0 battle.


2v2, Team Q-Sword relied on his savage stun to kill Simple. They won, 2:1.

5v5, Jian Feng Han’s team revealed their true strength and won a point with a 2:1. However by then, it was all too late. They had already lost 2:3 against Team Q-Sword.




The big screen revealed the line of words: Congratulations, team Q-Sword for winning third place!

The final three teams from the Chinese Server was now finalized. There was one from each city, Jiu Li, Ba Huang , and Fan Shu, reflecting the state of the China Server’s layout.