Zhan Long Chapter 668

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Chapter 668 – Another Tactical Battle

“Sha sha…….”

Jian Feng Han and Simple quietly sat in the participant’s’ corner as they waited for others to leave the arena. Jian Feng Han lightly placed his bag at his side while he faced the big screen. His eyes were slightly red, seemingly about to break down into tears.

Despite having participated in the Hero’s Wings Cup many times, Jian Feng Han had unfortunately let a great opportunity slip this time, just missing the last three places to participate. As a player and as a virtual reality tournament contestant, I could just imagine his pain. Simple was whispering to her brother at her side as if she was consoling him but it was to no avail. This pain can only be settled by oneself.



On the stage, Fei Er held the microphone as she joyfully announced, “Next up is the final moment everyone has been waiting for. Team Xiao Yao Zi Zai versus Team Fang Ge Que! Who exactly will be crowned the first in China? Who exactly will be the winner of the Hero’s Wings Cup held in China? We’ll just have to see these 5 matches. Can we please invite the two teams up on stage to prepare as we keep our eyes peeled to witness who exactly will be the Chinese Server champion of the Hero’s Wings Cup 2017!”

I lifted my bag and I said, “It’s the last match, let’s go. Our opponent is Fang Ge Que yet again…….”

Wan Er followed closely behind me as she laughed, “How do you think we should arrange our line-up in order to have the highest chance of winning?”

I muttered to myself uncertainly, “I’m not sure……. However, whoever meets Fang Ge Que will highly likely lose. At the very least, we stand a chance against Lu Chun Yang and Enchanted Painting. If we are able to win our 2v2, then we pretty much can win the entire tournament.”

“En. You can do it!”




Walking up to the stage, I chose 3 teammates for the 1v1 fights: Wan Er, Dong Cheng and I. I then mixed up the order and randomly assigned our fights. Fang Ge Que was also arranging the order of the fights as he sat on his wheelchair. It wasn’t long before the big screen had some flickering as both team’s line-ups were freshly announced —–

1v1: Xiao Yao Zi Zai LV 119 Dragon Knight VS Enchanting Painting LV-116 Swordsman

1v1: Cang Yue LV-117 Mage VS Fang Ge Que LV-121 Spiritmaster

1v1: Cang Tong LV-117 Hermit God VS Lu Chun Yang LV-116 Swordsman

2v2: Cang Tong LV117 Hermit God & Xiao Yao Zi Zai LV-119 Dragon Knight VS Enchanted Painting LV-116 Swordsman & Fang Ge Que LV-121 Spiritmaster




Looking up to get a look at the big screen, I raised my eyebrows and chuckled, “Seems like……. Our draw doesn’t seem to be too poor…….”

Qing Qian then commented, “We’ll just have to see the outcome of the 2v2 match. The first 3 matches are all 50-50…….”

“En! Let’s go, we can win this!”

As a group of people entered the tournament room, the game data similarly read the players and updated the data online.


Once we were teleported into the arena, the system prompted: Congratulations, you have entered the Hero’s Wings Cup Chinese Server Finals. Wishing your team all the best in obtaining the championship!

A row of 5 people were delivered to the edge of the arena. Fang Ge Que, Enchanted Painting, Lu Chun Yang, Xuan Yuan Feng and another could be seen in the distance, on the other side of the tournament arena. All of them were currently whispering among themselves, discussing their strategies.

The first match, it was my fight against Enchanted Painting. After a bright flash, both of us were sent into the arena.

Enchanted Painting carried a long sword which was suffused with bright lights emanating from the many gems on the handle. She look at me and laughed, “I heard that three months ago, your CBN Battlemaster Ranking in China was below the 300th place but who would have thought that in this short period of not up to six months, your ranking would have risen to the top 20 in China. This is truly frightening. Also…….. You have actually learnt the Pulse Break Style which was the sole creation of my sister. Could I ask who exactly taught you this?”

I unhurriedly unsheathed my Dragon Reservoir Sword as I smiled, “ The internet is filled with various types of teachings. Isn’t it easy to learn a simple Pulse Break Style?”

“What do you think?”

Enchanted Painting pursed her red lips as she said, “The various teachings of Pulse Break Style on the internet are nowhere close to the true essence of the school. They don’t even offer a success rate of 5%. Q-Sword’s Pulse Break Style learned his moves from a retired expert Pulse Break Style user called ‘Ghost’. ‘Ghost’ is second only to my sister in the usage of Pulse Break Style and was once my sister’s best friend. Yet you, where exactly did you steal these teachings of Pulse Break Style?”

I narrowed my eyes as I asked, “Where’s your sister, Little Demon? Why isn’t she appearing even though [Legend] is under so much pressure? With the relationship of Little Demon and Fang Ge Que? Surely she wouldn’t ignore your plight?”

Enchanted Painting raised the corners of her lips as she chuckled, “My sister is tired of all the fighting happening in this game due to various disputes. She has already flown over to Australia and settled down there. I haven’t even seen her in over a year and don’t you dare tell me that she was the one who taught you! I’ve just spoken to her yesterday on Q!”

I was left speechless. “Then why don’t you just take it as though as I learnt it from the teachings online!”

Enchanted Painting gracefully raised her eyebrow as she responded, “Well, okay then. Why don’t you let me inspect exactly how strong your heretical style then even Q-Sword is no match for!”







After all the chatter, the countdown ended and it was time to fight!

In the span of a few seconds, I applied all my buffs unto myself and raised the Brilliant Fire Emperor horizontally in front of my chest while I let my Dragon Reservoir Sword fly. Immediately, I rushed straight towards Enchanted Painting and activated a [Great Realm of Desolation] from afar. Unsurprisingly, it was easily dodged by Enchanted Painting. Without giving me a second of respite, she rushed directly towards me as her left hand in a glove curled up towards my chest while her other hand which was holding onto the longsword stored up power.

The Brilliant Fire Emperor moved downwards slightly as a loud “Keng” sound was heard, causing not only her left hand to vibrate rigorously but me too. Enchanted Painting retracted her arm which was left shaking from the impact caused by my power. Her eyes showed a hint of astonishment. She clearly did not expect for my strength to be even higher than Q-Sword’s. Raging flames slowly appeared on the longsword she held on her right hand as she rapidly used a [Flaming Axe] in my direction.

I could see it very clearly and I didn’t dare to receive it directly. I slid towards the side a little as the fiery axe flew past my right side, causing the [Flaming Axe] to miss. I hastily swung Dragon Reservoir Sword at Enchanted Painting’s back, inflicting two wounds.

“Keng Keng…….”

Enchanted Painting turned around swiftly as her eyes held a look of provocation, “What? Why don’t you continue attacking?”

As she said so, six golden hexagrams appeared on the blade of her sword once again as a golden hue enveloped her entire body suddenly. This was the prelude to an 11 hit combo! She’s baiting me to break her combo. She must be very confident that she is able to disrupt my attacking momentum. En, I certainly can’t be too careless. This match of mine is way too important to the team.

My body trembled a little as raging flames emerged and surrounded my body, blazing bright and fiercely. I did not plan to use the Pulse Break Style to fight but instead activated my [Halberd Flame]. Since she was Little Demon’s younger sister, then I shan’t act like a fool and display my measly skills in front of an expert. I shall just use my unique fighting method and beat her!





[Halberd Flame]’s burn effect was rather painful as Enchanted Painting hurriedly retreat upon one glance at it. Helplessly, I quickened my pace as I rushed forward. Every second, an attack would be launched in her direction, causing her health to be slowly whittled down. After a few seconds, Enchanted Painting was forced to down a health potion while I did not need to use any skills nor did I allow her to use any skills. It was just my Twin Sword Style reducing her health slowly.

At this point of time, Enchanted Painting’s cheeks were red with anger and helplessness. Suddenly, it was one armor piercing attack from her that landed on my Hidden Dragon Armor causing a fiery spark to burst out. My defense was greatly reduced while my health dropped below the halfway point from her attacks. Immediately, Enchanted Painting’s sword had a glow of thunder around it. It was the effect from the ability [Thunder Clap]!

I looked at it carefully, analysed its cooldown and immediately leaped in to attack. I raised my Brilliant Fire Emperor rose to parry her sword while the … “Bang”, I landed a hit on the shoulder of Enchanted Painting. As her upper body was trying to regain her balance after that hit, I used my Yuan Rong Combat Boots to give her a kick towards her shin. Instantly, she lost balance totally.



Strong winds gathered around my dual blades as my [Wind Blade] has just been used towards the shoulder of Enchanted Painting. This was merely my first attack!


“Successful Skill Break!”

However, in the process of breaking through, wind surged beneath the feet of Enchanted Painting as she made use of the consecutive hits of the combo to land 2 hits on my chestplate with unimaginable speed. Not planning to allow for any delays. she followed up immediately with a [Gorgeous Charm Dance].

Her body drooped a little as she caused the outline of some little white rabbits to appear in front. The [Gorgeous Charm Dance] was truly used appropriately.

However, her health was close to the bottom. I smiled as both of my swords stabbed across into the bosom of Enchanted Picture, surrendering both of my swords to cause utter devastation. Instantly, her health was depleted.

1:0 Seeing i got the first point, Enchanted Painting seemed so angry with the result that she was stomping her feet by the side of the arena. Fang Ge Que merely carried his staff and said to Enchanted Painting something without any form of laughter. This immediately calmed her down.

The second round started very quickly. Enchanted Painting lifted her sword as she stood in front of me. She did not say a single thing but her eyes seems to be radiating more fire than before. She seemed to be unconvinced by her previous loss to me.

I too didn’t wrangle over much as I just lifted my dual swords and rushed forward. I raised the Dragon Reservoir Sword above my head and the hue effect from the [Seven Star Fragment Slash] skill appeared. This skill had a long cast time and was easy to stop but that did not seem to matter.

As expected, Enchanted Picture wouldn’t have given up such an opportunity. She leapt up and threw a [Provocation Slash]. Her body rammed into my pelvis. At the same time, she swept out her swords. Even though the angle wasn’t the same, it still created an interruption effect. Besides that, this was the most frightening part of this girl. The entire chain of moves was extremely smooth and accurate.

“Successful Skill Break!”

In that moment I went into a sluggish state……. Enchanted Painting hurriedly lifted her sword to kill me with [Gorgeous Charm Dance] about to activate.


She dealt a [Combo] right onto my shoulder armor. Afterwards, right as I turned around and my left arm swung from out of my cloak, I had already began to accumulate frost power within my palm. Enchanted Painting shouted, “Oh no!”


[Ice Domain]! Receiving the skill effect from an extremely close distance, Enchanted Painting’s legs were both frozen. She had been too focussed on breaking my [Seven Star Fragment Slash] but she forgot that I was only attacking with a single sword. My left hand was already prepared to activate [Ice Domain].

Singlehandedly. I cast [Hand of Purgatory] to grab onto Enchanted Painting’s legs, immobilizing her. I then activated [Halberd Flame] and rushed towards her. Sharp rays of light rose around my legs as I activated my combo, [Strength of a Thousand Men] on her. The whole combo was able to send Enchanted Picture out.




Not failing my mission, I had succeeded in clinching the first point





After being sent out of the arena, Wan Er giggled as her beautiful cheeks seemed to colour with praise for me, “Not too bad. Beating Enchanted Painting didn’t seem to be too hard…….”


Qing Qian said, “Brother Xiao Yao is so smart! He did not even engage her with Pulse Break Style but instead used Drunken Sword Style to target her weak points! Hei Hei…….”


I looked towards Dong Cheng by my side and said, “It’s yours now, girl!”

Dong Cheng lifted her staff as her face was filled with helplessness. “Oh well, my opponent is Fang Ge Que.. Time for Dong Cheng to deliver her life…….”