Zhan Long Chapter 669

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Chapter 669 – Brutal Battle

Dong Cheng VS Fang Ge Que, we could already imagine how the round was going to end. At least for now, there wasn’t a single mage in the Chinese Server that could get a victory against Fang Ge Que. Even if Dong Cheng was [Zhan Long]’s number one mage, the end result would still be the same.

After two rounds, Fang Ge Que won against Dong Cheng 2:0. His thought process was just too foolproof. There wasn’t a single moment that Dong Cheng had the opportunity to counter. He had complete control over the length of his skills and the flow of the battle. He forced dong Cheng to use all three of her [Dimensional Leaps], practically finishing the battle right there.


Once Dong Cheng was teleported out of the battlegrounds, she was so angry that she stomped her foot with a frustrated look. Of course, meeting a high level expert like Fang Ge Que was unfair. There wasn’t even a single chance to counterattack!

1:1, we were now tied. The tournament had come to the third round. This time, it was Wan Er VS Lu Chun Yang. This round was in [Zhan Long]’s favor. After all, Wan Er’s ranking in the CBN Battlenet Rankings was much higher than Lu Chun Yang’s.

“Shua shua…”

Two bright flashes lit up the arena. Wan Er and Lu Chun Yang were both teleported into the arena. Lu Chun Yang was a rather modest man. I had met him a few times in reality. He was Fang Ge Que’s old friend. Furthermore, there’s rumors that he’s an admirer of swordplay in real life. Most importantly, even though he’s been controlling his breath in the tournament area, I could still feel the power within his body. He was a beginning trainee in the Royal Air level. Tang Qi and Q-Sword could probably tell the same, just nobody said it aloud.





Lu Chun Yang raised his long sword and looked at Wan Er with a smile, “Beautiful Cang Tong, nice to meet you!”

Wan Er sweetly smiled, “Thank you Uncle Lu for your minute….”

Lu Chun Yang’s face turned green, “F*ck….”

The battle began. Lu Chun Yang really did have good swordplay. His moves were both precise and face. A few times, he had even forced Wan Er into a corner. However, Wan Er’s game expertise was still higher. Furthermore, she had the advantage of her mind reading. Multiple times she successfully gained the upper hand and stunned Lu Chun Yang. Over time, she finally decreased Lu Chun Yang’s health. Afterwards, she used a [Flying Dagger]+[Ice Pick Whirlpool] and successfully killed him.

She won two rounds in a row. As expected, with a beautiful 2:0 finish, she gained victory against this sword master.


I continued to watch from the sidelines. Even though Wan Er had beaten Lu Chun Yang, Fang Ge Que remained calm. He seemed to have a little smile on his lips. He quietly watched the battle. The Chinese Server’s strongest player was just too terrifying. In terms of strategy and battle power, Fang Ge Que was already at the top of the Royal Air Tier. Unfortunately, his legs were paralyzed. Plus, I couldn’t feel any unnatural power in him. He was just a regular person. Or rather, a frail normal person.



2:1, due to the hard work of the beautiful little miss, [Zhan Long] was now leading, 2:1.

It was time for the fourth round. 2v2. Wan Er and I went out to battle against Fang ge Que and Enchanted Painting.

In the team chat, Wan Er pondered for a moment before saying, “Pig, we’re facing a very annoying problem… how about we kill Fang Ge Que and take Enchanted Painting’s attacks? It won’t be that easy to kill us. If we don’t kill him, then Fang Ge Que can deal enough damage in ten seconds to kill the both of us….”

I nodded, “Let’s use the [Ice Domain] then, try to catch them off guard. We’ll freeze Enchanted Painting and then work together to kill Fang Ge Que. Then we’ll work hard and kill off Enchanted Painting….”

“Ok, we’ll do that then….”



Within the battle arena, the autumn breeze blew up the leaves. Wan Er disappeared from my side as she entered [Stealth]. One after another, I used my BUFFs. I then charged forward with my long sword. This wasn’t the time for feer. Otherwise, all would be over once Fang Ge Que released his power.

Fang Ge Que quietly stood there. He waved his staff, and activated [Ice Rock Blast] under my feet, sending me tumbling. As I activated [Assault] to charge into him, I was met by a [Fire and Ice Storm]. At that moment, my health plummeted twice——





This hurts too a lot. Furthermore, this was a small skill!

I activated another special skill——[Halberd Flame]. The first [Halberd Flame] attack was a surge that rammed against Fang Ge Que’s [Black Tortoise Shield]. I then transitioned right into a [Sword Tempest]. After two attacks, his [Black Tortoise Shield] dropped to 47%. Looks like i need to activate 4-5 skills in order to break his shield. At that moment, Fang ge Que used a [Dimensional Leap] and [Spiral Ice Dance]. Ice spontaneously formed under my feet.


I quickly dipped down and used a [Blade Rush] to break from the [Spiral Ice Dance]’s bonds. At the same time, I felt a [Combo] hit my back from Enchanted Painting. I gulped down a health potion and activated [Cleansing Rain] and [Heal] to recover my health. However, under the flames of [Halberd Flame], Enchanted Painting was probably not comfortable either.




A crimson light flashed and Wan Er’s ambush had finally begun. But nobody could imagine that Fang Ge Que’s reaction was so quick. He practically finished the move in seconds, causing Wan Er’s [Gouge] from the back turned into a fully frontal attack. In the end, he managed to dodge the attack. However, Wan Er decided to change the direction of her attack and cut the [Black Tortoise Shield], trying to break it!

I raised my long sword and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] at Fang Ge Que. Kill!

Afterwards, right as my blade was coming down upon him, I felt several blows against my back, distracting me. Motherf*cker, I took the effect from Enchanted Painting’s [Gorgeous Charm Dance]. My whole body changed direction and walked towards her. I gave up pursuing Fang Ge Que. As I thought, leaving this girl alone wasn’t going to make this any easier.

The fifth attack of [Gorgeous Charm Dance] was [Flame Axe]. Before Enchanted Painting could activate her [Flame Axe], I used a [Ram] to interrupt her [Flame Axe] effect. AFterwards, Enchanted Painting case a stunned glance as she charged at Fang Ge Que. I then threw a [Blade Spin] at him. “Peng peng peng” it struck his [Black Tortoise Shield].

Right at that moment, frost power began to gather around my body and I cast [Ice Domain]!


The force of the skill swept through the arena, locking Fang Ge Que in ice.

“D*mm*t!” Enchanted Painting shouted.

There was no way Wan Er would miss out on a chance like this. She raised bother her daggers and dealt a [Blade of the Death God], killing Fang Ge Que. I then turned around and cut Enchanted Painting’s health down to critical. Then, with a [Sword Tempest], I killed her!


Nobody would have ever imagined that we would be the ones to get the first point. As long as we won again, then we would be the champions of the Chinese Server!



Outside the arena, we could hear the thunderous applause. Even if this was in the game, I could still hear Li Mu and Old K shouting, “Go Li Xiao Yao! Kill Fang Ge Que! You are [Zhan Long]’s champion!”

The second round quickly began.

This time, we stuck to the same battle plan. Wan Er and I released a barrage of attacks. The battle proceeded just as it had the last round. However, it was clear that this round, Fang Ge Que was not going to let us easily win again.


Right as my [Seven Star Fragment Slash] was about to wreak havoc, Enchanted Painting used [Gorgeous Charm Dance] once again.



My mind went completely blank. I could hear Wan Er saying in the team chat, “Pig, be careful, Fang Ge Que’s going to control you…”

But it was too late. Even if Wan Er could use [Mind Read] to figure out the enemies tactics, Fang Ge Que had already cast [Lullaby] from afar. Enchanted Painting then canceled the following two attacks, letting me slip into sleep. Furthermore, I couldn’t dodge while I was under the [Charm] effect. With that, I was bound by the [Lullaby] for seven seconds.

Wan Er quickly charged over, using [Flying Dagger] to awaken me. Unfortunately, Enchanted Painting charged ahead and “Peng!” pushed Wan Er back, “Don’t even think about it!”

Fang Ge Que released his spells and they were all kill shots aimed at one target. At that moment, the beautiful little miss fell to her knees while I remained in my drowsy state.

Fang Ge Que didn’t give me any chance to retaliate either. He bound me with [Spiral Ice Dance] and dealt finishing blows on me one after another I couldn’t hold against the attacks and knelt to the ground.

1:1, we were now tied. It was time for the third round. Each battle was a match point. As long as we could win one more battle, we would be champions. Then again, it seemed as though everything was within Fang Ge Que’s control.





In the third round, Wan Er and I both charged forward to battle, preventing any one of us from getting hit by [Lullaby] afterwards, we focused everything on forcing Fang Ge Que to use his three [Dimensional Leaps]. The poor little miss had to use her iron umbrella and block Enchanted Paintings attacks while she pursued Fang Ge Que with her dagger.

Right as Wan Er and I broke his [Black Tortoise Shield], we only needed two attacks to kill Fang Ge Que!

But right at that moment, he raised a hand and a red energy activated. My [Wall of Dou Qi] spontaneously disappeared and a Battle Notification appeared: Please Note, the player Fang Ge Que used the spell [Pilfer], moving your [Wall of Dou Qi] to himself.



In the end, the round of attacks from Wan Er and I was not enough to kill Fang Ge Que. Rather, we ended up taking more damage instead. Fang Ge Que plunged his staff into the ground and roared, “[God of Fire Formation]!”


In seconds, everything within a 50 yard radius was ravaged with fire. Wan Er and my health plummeted. This was a SSS tier skill and the burn was extremely painful!

I clenched my death and charged forward using [Haste]. I swung both swords, and dealt three normal attacks and killed Fang Ge Que while Wan Er died amidst the fire. I then turned around. Enchanted Painting still had 70% health. With a [Break Armor Slash]+[Thunderclap], she cut my health down to critical. Then, with a normal attack, we lost.

2:2, the round was a tie. Next, the last team battle would determine the victor!




I was teleported out of the arena. Wan Er and I were both frustrated. Qing Qian smiled and consoled us, “It’s ok, we still have a chance. Let’s kill them in the 5v5! That way, the championship is ours!”

I nodded, “Yes, let’s do this!”




In the next moment, the five of us were teleported into the arena. Our opponents also appeared in front of us.


Chang Sheng Jue, Level 116 Healer. He was [Legend]’s number one healer. With a single wave of his staff, he gave himself a [Anti-Magic Shield]. It was simple, that b*st*rd wanted to use that spell to break my [Ice Domain].